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Stab 5: Clock of Doom
Official movie cover.jpg
Stab 5: Clock of Doom film poster
"Sometimes It's time to Die"
Directed by Fred Rifkin
Produced by
  • Bob Weinstein
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Stuart M. Besser
Written by Will Kennison
Music by Marco Beltrami
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 2005
Running time
Language English
Gross revenue
Preceded by Stab 4
Followed by Stab 6

Stab 5: Clock of Doom is the fifth instalment in the fictional Stab film franchise.


Ghostface goes back in time to eliminate the bloodline of Ashley Prescott, his victim that got away. What ensues as a chilling game of Cat and Mouse as the maniacal killer ends up in year 1865 where he has only one goal; Find and terminate Mary-Anne Prescott, Ashley's Great-Great-Great Grandmother.




  • Like Stab 4, the events of this film are completely original.
  • Jenny Randall, who was a big fan of the franchise, said that this film is the worst Stab in the series. She also states that it involves time travel.
  • The poster of Stab 5 is seen at the Cinema Club at Woodsboro High School during Scream 4.
  • Stab 5 is most likely a parody of the Terminator films (specifically the first one), seeing how Ghostface goes back in time to kill off someone's bloodline. 


Directed By:

  • Fred Rifkin

Written By:

  • Will Kennison

Music By:

  • Marco Beltrami

Edited By:

  • Patrick Lussier

Production Designed By:

  • Bruce Alan Miller

Director of Photography By:

  • Mark Irwin, A.S.C, C.S.C

Co-Produced By:

  • Dixie J. Capp

Executive Producers:

  • Bob Weinstein
  • Harvey Weinstein

Co-Executive Producer:

  • Stuart M. Besser

Fan Script

A fan script was written for Stab 5: Clock of Doom. You can read it here!

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