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Stab 5
Official movie cover.jpg
A fanmade poster for Stab 5 with the subtitle Clock of Doom.
Directed by Unknown
Produced by Sunrise Studios
Written by
Music by Marco Beltrami
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) Unknown
Running time
Language English
Gross revenue
Preceded by Stab 4 (2007 film)
Followed by Stab 6 (2009 film)

Stab 5 is a 2008 film-within-a-film, set in the Scream-universe. It is the fifth instalment in the Stab film franchise, and the second fictional Stab film (the previous being Stab 4), not based on true events.

Time travel was an element thrown into the film. Sidney Prescott's fictional Stab character self, Sidney (originally played by Tori Spelling) appeared in this film in some capacity under a different name to avoid legal action by Sidney herself.

According to Jenny Randall, before the release of Stab 8, it was "by far the worst" Stab film. Richie Kirsch later stated that the franchise "went off the rails" by Stab 5.


It was likely produced in 2007, before the release of Saw 4 mentioned in Stab 6. It was then released in early 2008.


It was negatively received by Stab fans and critics. It was often regarded as the worst Stab film, at least before Stab 8 (2021) directed by Rian Johnson.

Behind the Scenes


The Scream 4 props department created an idea for the film. Based on Gale Weathers' book, Clock of Doom, the plot of the book based on it stated:

  • "Ghostface goes back in time to eliminate the bloodline of Ashley Prescott, his victim that got away. What ensues as a chilling game of Cat and Mouse as the maniacal killer ends up in year 1865 where he has only one goal; Find and terminate Mary-Anne Prescott, Ashley's Great-Great-Great Grandmother."




  • Like Stab 4, the events of this film are completely original.
  • Jenny Randall, who was a big fan of the franchise, said that this film is the worst Stab in the series. She also states that it involves time travel.
  • Richie Kirsch also said the franchise "went off the rails" with Stab 5.
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