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Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro
Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro film poster
Directed by Roman Bridger
Produced by John Milton
Written by Will Kennison
Music by Dante Paltrow
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) Unreleased
Running time
Language English
Gross revenue
Preceded by Stab 2
Followed by Stab 3: Hollywood Horror

Stab 3 Return to Woodsboro (Mock-up DVD Spot - HD)

"Stab 3" redirects here. For the in-universe released film, see Stab 3: Hollywood Horror.

Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro was intended to be a fictional film-within-a-film, appearing in Scream 3. However, following the studios' cancellation of production and due to the murders of the film's cast (Except Barry Barclay), the girlfriend of one of the cast members, a bodyguard of another cast member, and one of its executive producers, John Milton, another version of the film was released: Hollywood Horror. The movie's based on the book "Hollywood Horror", written by Gale Weathers.


Three versions of the script are known to having been written.

The film starts out with Cotton Weary appearing as himself, getting murdered by Ghostface early in the movie. Next, Candy Brooks was brutally murdered before taking a shower, similar to Casey Becker in the first Stab installment. Gale, Sidney and Dewey reunite to find the killer and put an end to this killing spree. In one of the script versions, Gale was murdered next by Ghostface.

Ricky Wafford joins the group, being an homage to Randy Meeks, but dies getting stabbed in the head by a pair of scissors. According to Jennifer Jolie, Gale is the murderer in Stab 3; if that claim is true, it's unknown whether this applies to all of the script versions or only the one she possessed.

Final version

Stab 3 was likely rewritten after the events of the third movie, as Jenny Randall mentions the original Stab trilogy to be based directly on Sidney Prescott's life, while the rest were fictional.


The actors listed below were to play their roles during the original filming of Stab 3, directed by Roman Bridger. However, all of them ended up killed and the movie was likely rewritten to fit the events of Scream 3, being shot with a different cast.


Executive Producers:




Technical Advisor:


Behind The Scenes

  • Casting started November 1999.


  • On the fake website, the film's tagline is: "The first one hurt. The second one hurt worse. This one's really gonna hurt!". This is a parody of obnoxious and stupid horror film taglines. 
  • In Scream 3, the only lines from the movie that were known were only Sarah Darling's character, Candy Brooks. One of them are:
    • "We are not in any danger."
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