Sidney and Tatum

Sidney and Tatum

Sidney Prescott and Tatum Riley were best friends and Tatum was very protective of Sidney as if she was her sister. Unfortunately, Tatum was killed by Ghostface in Scream. Her death affected Sidney very much and also affected her brother Dewey.


Tatum was introduced talking to Sidney about Casey Becker and Steven Orth's murders that happened last night and rewmarks that Dewey state its the worst crime they've seen ever since her mother's murder.

When the gang was infront of the Water Fountain and all of them started talking about Casey and Steven being gutted, Sidney asked them how can you gut someone. There was a moment of silence and Tatum looked at Sidney with a sad look. 
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Sidney and tatum at school

Sidney was talking on the phone with Tatum about spending the night at her house because her father was going to be out of town. Tatum promised she would be there after her practice was over. Tatum called and told her that her practice ran late. However, when she was stopping by the video store before coming to get her, Sidney was later attacked by ghostface.

After Sidney was attacked by Ghostface, Tatum immediately ran to Sidney who was in the police van and said she was sorry about what happened. When Gale asked Tatum if that was Sidney in the van she told her to leave Sidney alone and that it was "None of her damn business".

When the two of them exited the police station and were found by Gale when she tried to get some information from Sidney, Tatum told her that she won't answer any of her questions and that she could leave. Tatum witnessed in astonishment as Sidney right hooked Gale and bragged about it when returning home.

At Tatum's bedroom, Tatum ask Sidney, "Do you really think Billy did it?" Sidney replied calmly, "He was there, Tatum." Tatum reluctantly replies, "He was destined to have a flaw. I knew he was too perfect." A phone call rings and Mrs. Riley enters the room summoning Sidney for the phone. Tatum asks, "Who is it?" Sidney wonders if it's her dad. Mrs Riley say, "I don't think so." Tatum quick wittedly replies, "Take a message." and then Sidney halts on that and decides to answer the phone. It is the killer on the phone and Tatum rushes to Sidney's side telling her to hang up the phone.

The next day at school, Tatum accomplanies her through a bunch of insensitive classmates. She halts Tatum when she sees Gale. After a confrontational conversation with Gale, Tatum summons Sidney because the bell for their first period has rung. Tatum tells Gale as Sidney begins to become emotional over what Gale has said, "Just stop, alright?". Tatum insist that Sidney meets her by their locker after class. A classmate pranks them by going down the hallway making Sidney jumpy. Stu laughs at the joke, but is shoved by Tatum to stop. Tatum calls for Sidney to come back as she runs down the hallway, upset, and runs right into Billy.

After classes where dismissed, she accompanies Tatum home and get ready for Stu's party. Sidney relunctantly agrees to go because Tatum wants to. They change clothes and go to the store with Dewey for food, and head to the party. While at the store, Tatum and Sidney have "girl talk".

When Gale Weathers shows up at Stu's house with her older brother, Dewey, she becomes uptight for Sidney's sake. She tells Dewey, "Leave, and take your media mouth with you." She decides to get beer in the garage like Stu asked to avoid being around her where she is later discovered by Sidney, dead.


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