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What I do is I... try not to think about me. I have people I care about. I focus on them. And the rest, it works out.

–Sidney to her cousin

Sidney Prescott is the original protagonist of the Scream franchise. Throughout the series' single continuity, Sidney's survivability and strength are tested against a variety of Ghostface perpetrators and their accomplices. She evolves from victim to local celebrity survivor and matures from a teenage girl with unresolved trauma to a hardened adult woman and mother.

In the original four films directed by Wes Craven, she is Ghostface's primary target; in the fifth entry reboot by Radio Silence, she takes on a vengeance-seeking vigilante role against Ghostface. She is the daughter of the first pre-series Ghostface murder victim, Maureen Prescott and widower Neil, niece to Maureen's younger sister Kate, wife to a homicide detective, Mark and mother to his children, as well as maternal family member to Ghostface killers, Jill Roberts (her cousin) and Roman Bridger (half-brother).

She proved herself as a survivor when she defeated original Woodsboro killers, her mastermind boyfriend Billy Loomis and fellow high school friend, Stu Macher, his accomplice. At college, a horror movie had been made about her life, Stab, which developed into a franchise. Billy's mother (under an alias) sought revenge for her son's death in a real-life sequel, hiring contract serial killer, Mickey Altieri to pose as Sidney's college friend to help commit their copycat killing spree.

Sidney was later lured out of seclusion by her half-brother Roman, starting a killing spree against the cast of a cancelled Stab film, revealing his responsibility for starting the series in the conclusion of a real-life horror trilogy. For a book tour a decade later, she returned to her hometown, hoping to empower readers to overcome their traumas as she had. She was forced to stay as evidence was planted in her car, framing her for a new series of killings. The Remake Massacre was planned by her fame-seeking, jealous cousin, Jill, alongside secret boyfriend, Charlie. After stopping the remake, she reconnected with Mark and they had three children.

No longer the primary target this time, she reluctantly returned to Woodsboro on the near-25th anniversary of the original massacre to avenge fellow franchise survivor Dewey Riley's murder against psychotic fanatics of the original Stab film desiring a real-life reboot.


Early Life

Sidney was born to Maureen and Neil Prescott on Wednesday, March 14, 1979. She was a normal teenage girl who grew up in a small, affluent town, Woodsboro, California where she lived her entire life.

Kincaid's File Young Sidney

Sidney, as a child, as seen in Mark's detective file. (Wes Craven revealed that Neve Campbell lent a personal photo from her childhood to be used.)

Secretly, she was not her mother's firstborn child. In her past, she bore a son, who grew up to be Roman Bridger. Despite this, Sidney was raised an only child. When she was 14 years old, her aunt, Kate who worked as a realtor, became pregnant with Sidney's cousin, Jill.

Sidney, however, lived at a much more affluent area with her parents in the smalltown, 34 Elm Street, likely due to her father's success as a workaholic businessman.

Sidney began attending Woodsboro High School in 1993, alongside close childhood best friend, Tatum Riley, a feisty, popular girl who undertakes an after-school curricular (cheer, band or another type of sport).

In her sophomore year (1994), the 15-year-old started a romantic relationship with fellow student, Billy Loomis. During this same timeframe, her aunt Kate gave birth to Jill. Through Billy, she met his best friend Stu Macher, and the group soon befriended Randy Meeks, who was the singleton of the group as well as a horror movie lover.

The Woodsboro Murders: A Real-Life Horror Movie

Maureen Prescott's Murder (1995)

In September 1995, one year into her relationship with Billy, 16-year-old Sidney returned home and found her 44-year-old housewife mother, Maureen, brutally murdered in her bedroom. For a multitude of reasons, she believed it to be a neighbor, Cotton Weary, Maureen's not-so-secret lover. Though, Sidney at age 16, was oblivious towards this.

Maureen Murder Stab 3 Re-Interpretation

Murder on Elm Street: The 44-year-old housewife and mother of a 16-year-old is found dead.

The Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro set-redesign of 34 Elm Street paints an image of the night of the murder. Piercing out from the window of her mother's bedroom at night, she recalls in Scream (1996) that she saw "Cotton" leaving the premises of her house.

Scream 3 (2000) implicates Sidney observing this detail from her mother's bedroom window, after finding her stabbed corpse, where the killer marched forward away from the house, wearing the coat. With this angle in mind, she was unable to see his face.

Gale corrects her, stating she saw "someone" leave, wearing the bloody coat, the "same someone" who "planted it in Cotton's car, framing him". Gale's assertion is correct on the first part.

Though given we later discover Stu is also responsible for killing Maureen, he may have been the one to stash the coat in Cotton's car later after he returned to his house drunk (as we later discover Stu's ability to carjack through stealing Neil's vehicle and abandoning it nearby his house on Turner Lane).

Sidney Looks at the Window of Maureen's Room

Sidney sees Billy (who she identifies as Cotton) leave the premises, wearing Cotton's bloody coat.

From behind, unbeknownst to her (as well as the police, and the audience at the time), Sidney actually saw her boyfriend-of-one-year, Billy Loomis, who had a near-identical haircut to Cotton, leaving while wearing his bloody coat.

Gale also points out that Cotton left his coat at Maureen's, after she seduced him, hence how the killer was able to acquire it and frame him.

Later, the bloody coat was planted in her car by Billy or his accomplice, Stu. Sheriff Burke, her best friend Tatum's 24-year-old brother, Dewey, and the Woodsboro Police later retrieved this for evidence.

Maureen Smiling Photo

Sidney's mother.

Her involvement with the trial made her a national figure. At Cotton's trial, Sidney's key eye-witness testimony nailed Cotton down as the killer, testifying that she saw him leave wearing the coat. This was protested by Cotton's lawyer and defense team, who correctly stated the killer wore the coat after he absent-mindedly left it behind due to being drunk.

Cotton on TV

An innocent man on death row: Cotton gets canned.

Evidence also confirmed Maureen's injuries included sexual penetration. Being a married woman with her husband out-of-town, this was assumed to be rape. With Sidney's eye-witness account, Cotton was convicted for rape and murder.

Not all were convinced, however. Sidney became the subject of interrogation by Top Story reporter Gale Weathers, who believed Sidney mistook Cotton for someone else.

She wrote many stories about Sidney, stating she falsely identified him, and wrote a book about it, Wrongly Accused (published 1996), after many prison visits to hear his story, where he never changed it once. Cotton admitted to sleeping with Maureen and leaving his jacket behind, which was then used to frame him.

According to Roman, "everybody knew about" Cotton, and this appears to be backed up by the Cheerleader in Bathroom who called it a "common fact".

As a result of her mother's murder, Sidney had a lot of repressed feelings and trauma, believing herself to be "sexually anorexic", much to the dismay of Billy.

The One Year Anniversary (1996)

What's the matter, Sidney? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Billy as Ghostface taunting Sidney, Scream

Closing on the one year anniversary of Maureen's murder, Sidney is a typical 17-year-old high school teenager, yet still pretty withdrawn due to the trauma of the murder.


Sidney in Scream, age 17.

After reporters widely publicize the nighttime deaths of her schoolmate acquaintances, 17-year-old Casey Becker (who sat next to her in Mrs. Tate's English class) and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Steven Orth, Sidney begins to think about her mother's death, as familiar feelings return with the news reporters all around.

After getting home from school, Sidney gets ready to spend a few nights at her best friend, Tatum Riley's, house since her father, Neil will be out of town on business until Sunday.

She is on the balcony of her house and on the phone with Tatum planning the stay at the Riley Residence. As she hangs up, she looks over the horizon of her house with a feeling of unease and potential lack of safety. As such, she locks the door behind herself.

In an attempt to kill time waiting for Tatum's practice to be over, she tries to watch TV, but the news report by Top Story journalist, Gale Weathers recalls what happened to her mother. She flicks the TV off and goes to the other room to rest. She looks at the clock and at a picture of her with her mother. With all of this on her mind, she finally decides to take a power nap.

Normal scream 059

Sidney talks to the Killer on the phone.

Because Tatum's practice runs late, Sidney is not picked up as scheduled. Tatum calls to apologize, which wakes Sidney up from her nap at 7pm, promising she's on her way. During this time, Ghostface calls Sidney at home and harasses her before attacking her. She defends herself and races up to her bedroom. Blocking the killer from entering the room by using her bedroom and closet doors, she contacts the police through her computer. The killer mysteriously disappears and Billy comes to her rescue through her window, as he did the previous night when the murders occurred.

Attacks Sid

Ghostface attacks Sidney for the first time.

As she goes to him for comfort, a cell phone slips from his pocket. This causes Sidney to believe that it was Billy who called her and, assuming that he tried to kill her, she runs downstairs to find Dewey Riley outside the front door along with other police officers behind him. Billy is hauled off by the police as a suspect and is questioned. Sidney, extremely traumatized by the evening's events, is taken in by the police to explain what happened and find the whereabouts of her father.

Normal scream 049

Sidney and her mother Maureen.

When it is time to leave the Woodsboro Police station following questioning, Gale snoops around with cameraman Kenny Brown, and finds Sidney from the backdoor exit, and presses the issue of what happened that night. Tatum rebukes her on sight and pushes the microphone from away Sidney saying, "She's not answering any questions, Alright? Just leave us alone." Sidney feigns politeness and states she is "just doing her job", though Gale does not pick up on this.

After saying she will look for her upcoming book, Gale says, "I'll send you a copy," causing Sidney to right hook punch her into Kenny's arms. Gale holds her face and looks up in surprise to see the disdain in Sidney's eyes. After Tatum praises her for the punch at Mrs. Riley's home, The killer calls her once more at Tatum's house and reveals to her that she has "fingered the wrong guy... again!" Then he promises she will find out who he is soon enough and hangs up. Before school the next day, she sees Gale and they discuss Cotton Weary, the man convicted of raping and murdering her mother. Gale picks up on Sidney's doubts, and she apologizes for punching her in the face.

After she and Billy have a fall out about their mothers, Sidney overhears a cheerleader gossiping about her to a friend. After they leave, she is attacked by the killer. The school is then announced closed and classes are suspended until further notice; a 9pm curfew is also put in place. Stu, Tatum's boyfriend, then arranges a party for "intimate friends" (even though, it seemed like he invited more).

Sidney and Tatum 2

Sidney talking about her deceased mother with Tatum.

Sidney's best friend, Tatum, proposes her mother's "unhappy" marriage, led to her having an affair. Sidney suspects this means her mother's killer is still out there, but Tatum redirects her mind to "boogey" instead, with the party approaching. At the party, Stu asks Tatum to get more beer for the party, where the killer ambushes and kills her. Sidney is unable to find Tatum when Billy arrives to have a talk.

Sad Sidney

Sidney in shock after witnessing Billy's "Death"

Soon after, Sidney and Billy have sex while the partygoers leave following news of Principal Himbry's death causing everyone to disperse. Billy is "killed" and Sidney is chased once more by the killer. She sees her best friend Tatum dead, Gale's cameraman, Kenny Brown's death, and Randy in danger with Ghostface in view of the camera Gale planted to record the events of the party. Sidney looks for Dewey's help. She finds him stabbed in the back by the killer and the killer right behind him.

Sidney's Chase

Kill...Kill...Kill...Ghostface Chasing Sidney

Sidney tries to escape in Dewey's police car, but, unfortunately, the killer took Dewey's keys. She locks up the car to prevent the killer from entering and uses the police radio quickly to report the killers (whether this was received is unknown). The killer comes in through the trunk and Sidney once again narrowly escapes with the killer mysteriously disappearing again. Randy then hysterically calls for Sidney so they can escape together, accusing Stu of going mad, while Stu follows along and accuses Randy. Sidney trusts no-one at this moment as she points Dewey's pistol at both before shutting them out of the house. Sidney then sees her surviving boyfriend fall downstairs, and rushes to his side. She hands him the gun after he asks for it, as Randy rushes in exclaiming, "Stu's flipped out! He's gone mad!" Billy's tone changes, and replies, "We all go a little mad sometimes..." before shooting Randy.

Normal scream 253

Sidney is shocked that Stu and Billy are the killers.

Soon after, Stu has found his way in the back. Sidney goes to him for help, but Stu pulls out the killer's voice recorder and says, "Surprise Sidney". It is revealed that Stu and Billy are the killers and they have held her father captive in order to frame him for the murders. After they try to kill her, Gale interrupts the killers, but forgets to remove the safety from the gun, overpowered by Billy. Sidney swiftly hides herself and her father (whom they were going to frame for the murders) in order to buy time. She dresses as Ghostface and schemes against them. Billy hysterically looks for her. As he comes to the closet Sidney rams him into the wall with the umbrella which makes him release the gun. Then stabs him once more to knock him momentarily unconscious.

Confronting gf

Sidney transforms from innocent and she to ready to kill. Here, she confronts Billy with a gun.

Stu, bleeding out from Billy's stabbing, then pursues her, saying "I always had a thing for ya, Sid!" Sidney smashes a vase over his head, subduing him and then throws a TV over his head, electrocuting him to death. She finds Randy surprisingly alive, but is attacked by her surviving boyfriend who has woke up from unconsciousness.

Billy attempts to strangle her as he says, "Say hello to your mother". Sidney uses her finger to impale his stab wound further by the umbrella. He tries to stab her to death only to be shot by a conscious Gale Weathers.

Sidney, Gale and Randy gather around Billy's body, as Randy warns them he may return to life. Billy opens his eyes and lets out a grunt. Sidney shoots him to death in the head. Her father leaps out of the closet, and Sidney unties him. Sidney, Dewey, Gale and Randy survive and Gale does a report in the morning telling the events of the previous night, which would make Sidney famous.

The Windsor College Murders: A Real-Life Horror Sequel

Yeah? Well, you're forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis. I fucking killed him.

–Sidney Prescott, Scream 2

Moving to Windsor College

Sidney Prescott at College

Sidney attends college, two years later.

After completing their high school educations (or receiving early compassionate release with a GED), both Sidney and Randy relocate from Woodsboro and out of the state of California, to enroll at and attend Windsor College, Ohio as freshman students in the fall of 1997.

Between the conclusion of the previous murders and the events of Scream 2, Sidney's life story has again been recaptured through a book written by Gale Weathers titled The Woodsboro Murders (published 1997).

Sidney majors in theater and starts a new relationship with a pre-medical student, Derek Feldman. Her roommate, Hallie McDaniel, also becomes a close friend of hers. It is unknown how Derek met Sidney, though given Hallie, Sidney's assigned roommate's sorority affiliation to Delta Lambda Zeta, and Derek being a member of the Omega Kappa Beta fraternity, this may have been where their paths crossed.

She also becomes close to Mickey Altieri, a film student like Randy, who is close to Derek. This essentially recreates her group from Woodsboro High, though unlike Tatum and Stu, Hallie and Mickey are not a couple.

The Stab Movie

Scream 2 Sidney Promo Bob

Sid's new look for college, two years later. Promotional image for Scream 2.

Two years since the original bloodshed began, the 18-year-old college student receives yet another prank phone call. This time it is by a Canadian, Cory Gillis. Sidney repeats legal jargon, before he simply hangs up.

Her roommate and best friend, psych major Hallie asks if it is time to change numbers again. She says "no, it's opening weekend, it'll die off". She is referring to Stab, based on The Woodsboro Murders by reporter and author, Gale Weathers. The film stars Tori Spelling, a sign of Sidney's unfortunate luck, with her having predicted this in the previous film.

Hot Hallie Cold Sidney

Sidney and her roommate, Hallie at the co-sponsored Acid Rain mixer for Delta Lambda/Omega Beta Zeta sister sororities.

Sidney is reluctant to attend a sorority mixer, co-hosted by the heads of Delta Lambda, Lois and Murphy, but Hallie insists, given her isolationist behavior. According to the television which Sidney watches, Windsor seniors, Maureen and Phil have been brutally murdered at a midnight sneak-preview screening for the film, from the previous night.

As press surround Sidney for questions about the case, she tries to find Randy, having followed her to enrol at the same college, being her "unrequited love slave".

The now-film major is in denial, while Sidney points out that the press assumed it was a publicity stunt. Shortly after, Sidney's pre-med boyfriend, Derek approaches them and comforts her. Randy is shown clearly jealous of their relationship. Among the press swarming her on campus is Gale Weathers, who Sidney credits with saving their (including Randy)'s lives, as well as the mysterious Debbie Salt.

Sidney is shocked and angered by wrongful convict and exonoree, Cotton Weary's re-appearance on campus, where Gale led him to believe they would be having a one-on-one sit-down interview, leading Sidney to strike Gale again.

History Repeats

Sidney's Second Big Call

"You know I knew this was coming? I knew this wasn't over."

After a sorority girl is killed at Omega Beta Zeta, Sidney is called by Ghostface yet again, asking "Hello Sidney, remember me?", suggesting a voice from her past has come back. While seeming metaphorical as anyone can wear the killer mask, it later turns out to be literal. After an attack at the house, her boyfriend overhears her screams, and is wounded with a slice on the arm as he goes inside the house.

Sidney is placed under protection with Officers Andrews and Richards, while discussing with her acting teacher, Gus Gold whether she should star as Trojan priestess, Cassandra in the Agamemnon play.

Gale identifies the first three murders as copycat killings due to the names matching her mother and the first two victims from her high school. The victims' names are identified as Maureen Evans, sharing her mother's forename, Phil Stevens, resembling Steven Orth's surname, and Cici Cooper, Cici being short for "Casey", sharing Casey Becker's forename.

A Survivor Perishes

After the seemingly duplicated murders, the killer goes for Sidney, signifying the ultimate goal is finish what Billy and Stu started. After a phone call from Ghostface and an attack at a sorority party, Sidney is placed under the protection of two detectives.


Parallax Ghostface attacks Sidney in a Drama Class.

In a rehearsal for the show opening in two days, Ghostface tries to kill Sidney, but he fails. Sidney appears suspicious of her boyfriend, Derek, as Mickey was previously assigned to be on watch-duty during the rehearsal, but they "swapped", according to Derek.

Sidney Climbing

Sidney escaping from a crushed car

Shortly after that, Randy is brutally murdered by the killer in Joel's news van. She expresses deep regret, believing it should have been her, not Randy. She plans to call his mother, but Derek says he already had it covered. Hallie and Dewey comfort her, but Sidney assures she will not break. Despite Cotton's aggression to get his fifteen minutes of fame from Sidney at the library, he is subdued by the cops. Later that night, Sidney and her "therapist", Hallie are transported away via car to a planned undisclosed location for secrecy reasons, Ghostface catches them at a red light, killing both officers but injuring himself along the way. Hallie is killed after she and Sidney escape, and Sidney leaves to unmask him back at the car, where he already left to stab Hallie.

Normal scream-2 229

Sidney crying after watching her best friend Hallie get killed.

Copycat Killer Unmasked

Sidney rushes back to the deserted campus where she sees the lit theatre building still open. She finds Derek tied up, revealing Hallie is dead. Ghostface appears, turns off the voice changer to reveal he is Mickey, her college friend, claiming Derek as his partner. Despite Derek's protests, her PTSD gets the better of her to refrain from untying him, leading Mickey to shoot Derek in the heart. He says, "I would have never hurt you" before dying.

Sidney Kiss

Sidney and Derek's kiss.

Mickey taunts Sidney and mocks her, highlighting Derek's innocence, and explaining his motive is infamy through a trial to blame the movies, before Nancy Loomis (Billy's mother) emerges from the backdoor of the stage, as the second killer and mastermind.

The conwoman, having posed as reporter Debbie Salt following weight loss and cosmetic work, holds Gale at gunpoint. She betrays and shoots Mickey, who then shoots Gale by accidental reflex.

After a final one-on-one battle, where Nancy blames Sidney's mother for ruining her marriage, then Sidney herself for killing her son, declaring her copycat reasoning as "good old fashioned revenge", Cotton Weary interrupts them and plays devil's advocate, before Sidney agrees to his Diane Sawyer interview.

Debbie vs Sidney

Sidney is shocked that Billy's mother is one of the killers.

He then shoots Nancy, leaving her for dead. Sidney delivers the final gun shot to the head, before Mickey re-emerges, prompting a risen Gale (whose bullet grazed her ribcage apparently) to shoot him together until he perishes.

Later, Sidney is swarmed by reporters again. However, this time she gives Cotton what he wants and tells them that Cotton is the man they want to interview, as well as the hero. They rush over to Cotton, who shows genuine surprise at the gesture. Following this, Sidney marches off campus into obscurity.

Hollywood Murders and "Return to Woodsboro": A Real-Life Horror Trilogy

Psychos can't kill what they can't find.

–Sidney Prescott, Scream 3

Moving into Isolation


Sidney in Scream 3.

After the events of the 1996 Woodsboro and 1998 Windsor College Murders, Sidney received an honorary Theatre/Acting diploma/degree after the murders, two years earlier than her expected Class of 2000 graduation.

She later went into hiding, presumably after agreeing to Cotton's sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer, which gave him fame and a talk-show.

Between 1998 and the beginning of 2000, she relocated to the mountainous region of Monterey, California, to avoid being attacked again. She legally changed her name to Laura and adopted a dog, Cherokee. For employment as "Laura", she gained a telephone job for the California Women's Crisis Counselor hotline. In one scene before the murders are known to her, Sidney is heard comforting an 18-year-old girl who is being abused by her boyfriend.

Cotton Weary's Murder

Cotton Weary, who has since become a controversial talkshow host with many enemies, receives a call from a new Ghostface who believes that he knows where Sidney is hiding. The killer lures Cotton home and then murders Cotton and his girlfriend, Christine Hamilton, which draws unwanted attention to Sunrise Studios who is producing the third Stab movie, a fictional sequel not based on the events of the previous two films (Stab, Stab 2) named Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro (2000).

The night after Cotton's murder, Neil Prescott delivers groceries to Sidney, having come for a visit. Neil urges his daughter to come home. He expresses concern for her, saying the only people she speaks to don't even know her real name, as if she doesn't exist. Sidney smiles, and says, "That's the idea, psychos can't kill what they can't find". Later, Neil leaves, and Sidney dreams of her mother haunting her as a ghost from the window. She then imagines Ghostface breaking in to attack her.

Rina Reynolds

The next day, or possibly the same night after Neil leaves (as Sidney is wearing the same outfit), Sidney speaks to a woman over the phone who is upset because she killed someone. Sidney asks the woman to be certain, and then she confirms it. Sidney then urges her to ring the police as they will help. But the woman insists it is only "Laura" she needs to have a conversation with.

Scream 3 Sidney On Phone

The voice (actually actress Lynn McRhee who portrays Maureen) imitates Maureen, Sidney's mother, and Sidney speaks to the caller, saying, "I'm sorry, your voice...", almost about to say it sounds familiar. The voice (Roman) says, "It's mother, Laura". Immediately, Sidney begins to suspect Cotton's killer is speaking to her. She says, "You're not my mother, how did you get this number? Who is this?"

The voice of "Maureen" tells her to turn on the news where she sees news reports stating "And with the second cast member murdered, Stab 3 has been officially shut down prompting those involved to hope that these killings may be over". Ghostface's voice changes to the familiar one (portrayed by Roger L. Jackson) and says, "Just one question: Do you think it's over, Sidney?! Do you?!" She then immediately races to her drawer and loads her gun, showing that despite her vulnerability, she has come prepared this time around, as her earlier nightmare is now a reality, as she suspected.

Later, after Dewey and Gale are attacked at Jennifer Jolie's house, she is reunited with them at the police station where she meets Detective Mark Kincaid who has been trying to locate her whereabouts. She discovers Detective Kincaid has pictures of her mother as evidence for the murders.


Sidney Scream 3

Sidney watching the Randy tape.

She agrees to go with them to the studios where the pictures were taken twenty-eight years ago. They run into Martha Meeks, Randy's younger sister. She came to deliver a tape for Dewey, and is surprised to see Sidney. Randy predicts his own demise, and discusses the rules of a trilogy. After the video and goodbye to Martha, Gale goes on to get more answers, while Dewey and Sidney wait outside.

Sid Meets Anglina

Sidney chatting with Angelina Tyler, who was going to play her in Stab 3.

Sidney uses the bathroom briefly and hears a close noise. As she bends down and sees somebody's black boots, she turns around as if she's walking out but spins around and kicks the stall door open. She sees Angelina Tyler, who was meant to portray her in the cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro. She sees a creased Ghostface mask on the floor, as well as a phone. She picks it up but Angelina tells her she took it as a souvenir as it's unlikely she'll ever win a role like this and says she wishes it would have worked out.

Angelina leaves the bathroom but Sidney notices she's left her hairbrush (possibly by intention). She grabs it and calls her name and walks out of the bathroom. From the bathroom, she walks into the studio which is an exact replica of Woodsboro. Sidney sees the dog flap bringing back horrid memories of Tatum and the past. She goes inside her set house into her staged bedroom.

Sidey attacked by Ghostface

Sidney is distracted by one person attempting to enter the room, as another Ghostface grabs her from behind. This is one of the many cases a second killer is alluded to in Scream 3.

Inside her "bedroom", the front door swings wide open randomly after being previously shut. Sidney, looking away, is unsure if it is the closet door or the exit door. The person who opened the door now has it locked. She checks the closet door, and it is seemingly empty. She keeps it open and keeps it attached to the exit door, and walks away from both doors at a distance, anticipating a confrontation. Both doors now creak from the exit door.

In the same timeframe, she is dragged out of the window by someone from the other side (obviously forgetting Billy once snuck through her window before) of the bedroom onto another set-piece where she engages in a fight with Ghostface. As she scuffles with Ghostface, she runs from the left side attack to the right, shouts for Dewey and goes back to the house, re-entering it as if it is her own real house.

As she locks the front door, the other Ghostface comes from the right side of another door (the one who creaked the door open), and attacks her from behind. She is chased up the stairs, as she throws plant objects and other set equipment stalls over Ghostface, She tricks this Ghostface into going to her bedroom, where she throws them over. After this, she screams Dewey's name again. The shortness of this Ghostface implies this to be Angelina Tyler.

Then immediately after, she hears a noise from another room, revealed to be Maureen's voice again saying "Psst. Sidney. Come in here. Come here,". She is frightened by the voice of her mother yet again, whispering to her. It says, "Yes, mother will protect you from the boogeyman. Come into the bedroom." She sees her mother's bedroom once again, as the voice says in an excited tone, "Hide in mommy's bed."

Sidney and Dewey

Sidney and Dewey after Ghostface's attack.

The voice then echoes in Sidney's head as a manifestation of guilt saying, "I lied, Sidney. I can't protect you at all. You don't deserve to be protected. You didn't protect me". Sidney then hears the voices of Billy Loomis and Stu Macher mocking her mother in her head, making her feel guilty. Dewey then shouts, "Sid, where are you?!" causing Sidney to rush to set-Maureen's bedroom window.

She looks out, then "Maureen" (Roman, who ran up the stairs after she scuffled with him) appears as a bloodied body bag and says, "Give mommy a kiss and we'll make up" as he walks towards her, as if to give a hug. This is a nod to Psycho, as Anthony Perkins' character also impersonated his dead mother, and moved in similar mannerism to his prey. She screams, "No!" then "Maureen" (Roman) shouts, "Sidney!" as Sidney risk-jumps out of the window, and survives the landing. The loud landing thud causes the production to light up the set.

Dewey and the detectives come to her aid. She breaks down claiming she saw her mother in the house. She is taken to the police station for protection. She cries, "I heard her voice, I saw her duty". She repeats, "He was in there, I swear, I swear". Wallace reports nobody is upstairs, while Angelina is later questioned for stealing the Ghostface mask. She then is furious at Mark's denial saying, "No, he was there. I'm not crazy, I am not dreaming. He was there in Woodsboro!" Mark then utters, "That's not Woodsboro, Sidney". She rolls her eyes, and says, "You know what I mean, but 'he' or 'she' or whoever this is".

The Half-Brother


Sidney being trapped by Ghostface.

After that, she remains at the police station with Mark Kincaid. Meanwhile director Roman Bridger is having his 30th birthday get-together with the former cast that remains alive at horror producer, John Milton's residence. Gale and Dewey decide to go there because "she" told them she was going to meet John and get the truth about her mother. They go there to find out she

Idney Gunshot

"Think again! It's your turn to scream asshole!"

actually is not there and find it strange. Roman claims Sidney is there, pointing to her actress Angelina. However, Jennifer in frustration says, "Not "Sidney" Sidney, like I'm "Gale", and she's Gale". Roman then realizes she means Sidney Prescott, and says, "Oh, I'd never invite her".

Dewey and Gale discover it to be a setup and Sidney's voice was used to deceive them. The killer strikes, killing cast members, Tyson, then Roman's body is found and lastly Jennifer, after Angelina ("Sidney") agreed with Roman for everyone to split up. Angelina is also attacked and stabbed, though her stabbing is hidden from the camera and she is dragged away after she is seemingly killed.

Dewey and Gale are captured and held captive by Ghostface. The killer calls her at the police station using Gale and Dewey as bait. She goes to John Milton's house to confront the killer and save her friends.

Sad face

Sidney defeats Roman

She takes two guns, throws one in the pool while the other is used against Ghostface. She is also secretly wearing a bulletproof vest. After a short chase scene that leads Sidney to a hidden theatre in the mansion. She again hears "the voice", and Maureen's body bag presence looms again.

It is not a hallucination, as Ghostface rips it off. Then, they rip off part of their costume, showing their bulletproof vest, and finally unveil their second cloaked identity. It turns out to be Roman Bridger, having faked his previous off-screen death (the franchise's first) and also hiding his pulse from beating.

The director of the cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, and Sidney's long lost half-brother from her mother's side, he reveals his directorial skills to motivate her boyfriend, Billy to kill her mother with the footage he filmed of her affairs back in 1995.

From this anecdote, he reveals his birth mother slammed the door in his face back in 1995, 4 years prior when he tracked down, and her rejection sparked rage in him. Knowing of her true nature, he convinced Billy to kill her with a plan, including a partner to sell out in case he got caught (also possibly alluding to his own partner, Angelina).

He is therefore responsible for the chain reaction of everything that has happened to her in the previous two films. He also reveals how he plans to frame her for these murders and be the star instead of her, while killing John Milton, the man who participated in her gang rape. After that, they fight to the death.

Following a grueling battle and with some scars, Sidney defeats him, and surprises him when she reveals she has worn a bulletproof vest just like him. She remarks, "I guess we think alike", before stabbing him seemingly to death. However, he rises in adrenaline at the last minute so Sidney orders Dewey repeatedly to shoot him directly in the head. He finally perishes.

Moving On

Sidney Smiles

Leaving the door open: Sidney leaves to join engaged couple Dewey and Gale as well as future husband Mark after the events of Scream 3.

With Roman now dead, and the original Ghostface motivation gone, Sidney begins the process of recovery more freely. She begins to return to a normal, non-reclusive life, intentionally neglecting her elaborate security system at her house in Montero.

The final scene shows her walk back to her house in the mountains with her dog, Cherokee and she now has Dewey, Gale and Detective Mark Kincaid over. Dewey and Gale are now engaged.

Mark has a broken wrist, and casually comes out from her living room area to tell her they are getting ready to watch a movie. Sidney asks what kind. He responds back that she will have to wait and see. She no longer keeps her house under lock and key, even showing no fear to the door opening mysteriously by itself, likely caused by the window. She gives a smirk and walks on.

Over A Decade of Recovery (2000—2011): Authorship and Story Ownership

Bridging the Gap

Sidney Prescott Trilogy Epilogue Scream 3

Sidney in the trilogy epilogue.

Over the next eleven years, Sidney continues to recover from her traumas. Much of her personal life is unaccounted for during this time period. It is assumed her dog Cherokee passed away during this timeframe and she relocated from the mountains (to be closer to her father, who wanted her to go home with him), who would later pass away. The fourth film implies Sidney has banned the use of phones, that while she is recovering, she is still being smart.

Based on the fifth film, it is likely she began dating Mark Kincaid shortly after the epilogue of Scream 3, before breaking up sometime within the eleven year span to Scream 4.

Owning Her Story

Self-Help Author Sidney Scream 4

Sidney owns her story with a book.

Somewhere along this over-decade long period in the 2000s, she began writing her self-help book called Out of Darkness, which is eventually published in 2011 by Random. It is also implied Sidney began taking martial arts classes in this decade long time period, due to her self-defense tactics in the fourth film.

During this time, she hires a young, opportunistic publicist named Rebecca Walters. A book tour is arranged for Out of Darkness, with the last stop being her infamous hometown of Woodsboro, California. Kirby Reed describes the promotion for the book tour as "very dramatic" as Sidney is on the "last stop" of her book tour and "first stop" to her "road to a new life".

However, this eventually turns out to be exactly true, as Sidney does move on, despite the circumstances and near-death experience she faces in the eventual fourth film.

Threats to Sue Sunrise Studios

During this decade, Sidney begins the process of defending her public self-image from the "victim" label, which was also a motivation for writing her book. She threatens to sue the producers of the Stab sequels for using her story sometime after they created a new version of Stab 3. (After the second Stab entry, it is unknown if Tori Spelling returned for Sidney's appearance in the new Stab 3, the final non-fiction Stab based on "true events" (Scream 1-3) or its sequels that the fifth film describes the Stab-version of Sidney as being in).

Sidney Moving On Scream 4

Sidney promoting Out of Darkness in an interview with Nancy O'Dell.

Due to the motive declared in the fifth Scream (2022), it appears as though Sidney's threat to sue (mentioned in Scream 4) is over a story publishing rights dispute.

In effect, it is possible, with the fifth film's revisionism (Sidney suing no longer being about a Life Rights Agreement), Sidney won and bought the rights to the original events of Stab in media entertainment form, which would conflict with Sunrise Studios' desire to remake and "modernize" Stab along with traditional horror remake trends at the time (2000s decade), hence the reason Stab had endless fictional sequels rather than cashing in on this trend.

It is likely she bought the entertainment media licensing rights to adapt (if she wanted to) her self-help book, Out of Darkness to film. (Which was in the process of being written).

Suing Motivation and Fiction-Based Stab Sequels

Jenny Says Sidney Threatens to Sue Scream 4

Woodsboro native Jenny fills in the gaps of Sidney's story between 3 and 4.

According to Jenny Randall in Scream 4, Stab 4-7 are not based on her character anymore, unlike the original Stab trilogy, based on "true events" (Scream 1-3). The fifth film reveals the Stab version of Sidney still appeared as a character in these four Stab sequels, however, and it was the infamous Stab 8 (2020 film, 2021 digital release), simply known as Stab directed by Rian Johnson that the Stab version of Sidney was conspicuously absent from. It is possible the fictional role shifted from a protagonist to another dynamic.

Continuity: This differentiates from the deleted (therefore, non-canon) fountain scene in Scream 4 at Woodsboro High. Kirby states the fictional Stab character version of Sidney has been gone since Stab 3 rendering her expendable to the new murders occurring.

While this deleted scene is technically non-canon due to being unseen in the theatrical release, it was assumed to be the case regardless due to its connection to Jenny's comment in the theatrical cut of Scream 4.

Due to the fifth film's retroactive use of continuity, this changes the motivation for why Sidney threatened to sue, from a Life Rights Agreement issue to possibly a story/publishing dispute, as Sidney possibly won the rights to tell the original story in entertainment media form, possibly to adapt her self-help book, Out of Darkness to film.

The True Return to Woodsboro: A Real-Life Horror Remake

You forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill. Don't fuck with the original.

–Sidney Prescott, Scream 4

Out of Darkness (2011, published by Random) Book Tour

Scream 4-00 30 59--20131101-194140-2-

Sidney is now 32.

In Scream 4, Sidney is a single 32-year-old self-help author. Her 2011 book, Out of Darkness is a best-seller with rave reviews. Now over a decade older, she agrees to finally return and visit the real Woodsboro again at last on the 15th anniversary of the infamous Ghostface killing spree to promote her book. She is relatively unfazed by the popularity of the Ghostface mask, chuckling as she says, "Kids".

As a last stop to promote Out of Darkness, she reads aloud in a book store her pathway to ending her fears and her self-reconstruction, having exchanged the idea of herself as a victim for survivor.

However, the murders of two teenage girls happen the night before she arrives. Material evidence planted in her car forces her to stay in the town. So she reunites with her estranged maternal family, the Roberts residence household consisting of her seventeen-year-old cousin, Jill, and her aunt, Kate.

15th Anniversary Remake Murders (September—October 2011)

Sidney Moves On From Derek Greek Letters

Sidney, left to right, in Scream 2, 3 and 4. She has emotionally recovered from the loss of Derek. (2011)

Jill and her friends, Kirby Reed and Olivia Morris, are on their way to school on the morning of the 15th anniversary of the original Ghostface killing spree, committed by Billy and Stu. This is when Olivia asks Jill if she has seen the "Angel of Death", or "The Grim Reaper", a nickname she has given to Sidney. Jill makes a comment that she does not really know her cousin. After this, Olivia states, "Wherever she went, people died. Other people, it was never her. I mean, Stab is the wrong franchise for her. It should be Final Destination" (implying Sidney is the Death persona).

Hello Sidney Preview3

Sidney is happy to see Gale again.

While promoting her book, the police trace a phone to the trunk of Sidney's rental car, where they find the blood of the teenaged victims, Jenny and Marnie, the first murder victims in Woodsboro in 15 years, since Kenny Brown.

That night, she is staying in her aunt, Kate's house, the Roberts Residence, which has police protection. As she reads a book, she hears Jill and Kirby screaming from Jill's room and rushes to it, looks out the window, where she sees Ghostface attacking Olivia next door.

Sidney hesitates for only a moment, horrified at the fact that this is all happening again after she is finally moving on, then runs outside to get Deputies Hoss and Perkins, her assigned 24/7 watch duty. She sees they're not in their car, so she breaks into Olivia's house with the intention of helping. However, she realizes that she is too late when she gets upstairs to Olivia's room, because her brutalized body with blood and guts is on display with the killer having fled the scene.


Sidney with her cousin Jill.

Hello Sidney Preview2

Return of the Ghostface "Welcome home, Sidney, preview of coming events."

The killer then takes this opportunity to call Olivia's phone from her room, knowing Sidney will answer. He informs her, she's part of his new idea of a remake and she will die, when he wants her to.

After the call, Jill comes in looking for her, but Sidney prevents her from seeing her friend's dead body. With watery eyes, Jill said to Sidney, "She said you were the Angel of Death." Right after, Ghostface comes out from a room behind Jill and attacks them, having still been in the house all along. He slices Jill's arm before Sidney pounces on the killer, sending them both down the stairs. She manages to fight him off and knock him to the ground but when Hoss and Perkins enter the house, he disappears out the back door.

The police and ambulance finally arrive. She is verbally attacked by neighbors while standing outside Olivia's house, with people telling her she is just like her mother and it is her fault that the murders are happening. Jill apologies for her poor choice of words and asks her, if she wants to get her wounds checked out.

Hello Sidney Preview14

Sidney telling Rebecca she is fired.

After going to the hospital, Sidney's publicist, Rebecca, abruptly and inconsiderately makes her offers while ignoring the reality of her situation. Offended, Sidney fires her instantly. In bad karma, the killer calls Rebecca and asks for Sidney. Rebecca says Sidney is unavailable and that she's screening her calls. The killer cleverly harasses her in the hospital's parking garage before finally attacking and killing her.

A 21st Century Remake?

Throughout the movie, Gale attempts to solve the murders in order to both have something to report and save as many people as possible. She and Sidney go to the Woodsboro Cinema Club to figure out how much this generation's horror films have changed from the originals. Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer inform them they are living through a real-life horror movie remake, with new rules.

Hello Sidney Preview10

Sidney is shocked that her aunt Kate got stab by Ghostface.

Jill is put on a strict curfew by her mother, which she eventually disobeys and goes to Kirby's house after the infamous Stab-a-thon party is cancelled. Sidney gets a call from Ghostface, who tells her it's the family ties that cut deep, and immediately goes to check Jill's room only to find it empty. She sees an instant message on Jill's computer saying Kirby is picking her up. Kate comes in and after Sidney informs her that Jill is gone, they go to leave the house. The killer attacks them and claims Kate's life. Sidney runs into Deputy Hicks and tells her of the causality. Deputy Hicks sees the body and reports it over her police radio. As she attempts to apologize about the casualty of her aunt to Sidney, Hicks realizes she is gone.

Sidney arrives at the front door of Kirby's house to get Jill, and behind her, all three of including Kirby noticed Robbie standing with multiple stab wounds as he warns them to run before falling to his death. Ghostface appears and chases Sidney and Jill and they retreat upstairs. Sidney is grabbed by Ghostface and she kicks him back downstairs in defense. They attempt to lock themselves in Kirby's room with him in pursue.

Sidney hastily tells Jill to hide under the bed which she does. As Ghostface breaks in, he find a seemingly empty room, but Jill is quiet under the bed. Sidney, acting like Jill is with her outside on the roof shouts for Jill to "run and get help". Sidney is pursue on Kirby's rooftop briefly as she makes a call to Dewey letting her know to come right away due to Ghostface's multiple attacks. She is knocked down by Ghostface and forced to jump from the roof.

Hello Sidney Preview 11

Sidney and Kirby hopelessly watching Ghostface attacking Charlie.

Sidney goes back in the house for survivors and find Kirby. They lock themselves in the basement until they hear Charlie knocking at the sliding door. They see that he has blood on his hands. Sidney, remembering her experience with Stu and Randy, tells Kirby, "If you can't trust him, don't open the door." In a split second, Ghostface appears behind and attacks Charlie , and he is bound and tied to a chair where Kirby and Sidney hopelessly watch. Sidney leaves to find Jill so they can be in the same place while Kirby is left of the phone with Ghostface.

Sidney grabs a knife and searches the house with not trace of Jill. She hears faint noises downstairs, in the basement, where she and Kirby locked themselves in. She shouts for Kirby, and then is grabbed from behind by Charlie with a knife revealing himself as one of the killers. She pleads with him about Jill's whereabouts and breaks free to run for the front door only to be stabbed in the stomach by Ghostface. As Sidney tries to recover quick, she looks at the killer only to unmask herself as her cousin, Jill.

Cousin Dearest

Jill Billy Point Knife at Sidney

Round 2: Sidney is knife-pointed and cornered in the kitchen.

In the climax of the movie, it is revealed that Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker are the killers, a secret couple. The former wanting to gain fame and wealth by appearing as a survivor and the latter a nerdy, psychotic killer in love with Jill.

Hello Sidney Preview8

Sidney is shocked that the Ghostface killer is her cousin, Jill.

Their plan was to set up Trevor, Jill's ex-boyfriend, as the killer and create a real-life horror movie remake of Stab and the events of Sidney's life in the first film. In Charlie's eyes, he is the remake of Randy Meeks and Jill is the remake of Sidney, but with a twist —the geek gets the girl. In the end, Charlie is betrayed by Jill and she kills him. Her version of the remake was to have Trevor and Charlie as "Billy and Stu" since "everybody really loves a sole survivor".

Jill tells Sidney her ingenue days are over and stabs Sidney twice in the stomach. Sidney immediately collapses. Believing Sidney to be dying and no longer a problem, she mimics the wounds of a victim, similar to Sidney, then rests next to her, both arms raised opposite another.

Jill's Fifteen Minutes

Hello Sidney Preview5

Sidney shoots Jill in the chest, killing her.

Sidney is placed in the Intensive Care Unit, with her survival being possible. Dewey informs Jill at Woodsboro Medical Center that Sidney might survive. Jill then sneaks out and Sidney is attacked again by Jill while recovering from her injuries.

Hello Sidney Preview6

Sidney lies down next to her cousin's corpse and says, "I don't know about you but I feel a whole lot better."

After an epic battle between Jill, Sidney, Dewey, Gale and Judy, Sidney manages to kill Jill with fully charged defibrillator paddles to the head, thanks to Gale distracting her, and shooting a single bullet into her chest. Sidney tells Jill that she forgot the first rule of remakes "don't fuck with the original". Sidney lives, and Jill's remake is a failure.

Gale goes to get doctors to help Dewey and Sidney while Sidney lies down next to her cousin's corpse and says, "I don't know about you but I feel a whole lot better." The movie ends with journalists outside the hospital misreporting Jill as the survivor and hero of the Woodsboro Massacre Remake. These news stories fulfill Jill's goal briefly. She is given the brief fame she killed for, until Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and Judy inevitably tell everyone the truth.

Marriage and Motherhood

Following the events of 2011, Sidney recovers from her injuries in the ICU. She continues to live far away from Woodsboro. No Stab films were made for a near-decade following the controversial Remake Massacre.

Sidney Prescott Starts A Family

Feeling a whole lot better: Sidney in possession of a phone again, and married with three children.

Within almost a decade of time between the events of the fourth and fifth films, she completely moves on, adhering to the words of her book, Out of Darkness. Sidney, during this decade, becomes in possession of a phone again, as Dewey is able to directly call her during the 2022 Legacy Killings.

She reconciles with and eventually married Detective Mark Kincaid. By 2015, she has at least two daughters (as they are noted as grade-school age in late-2021; the youngest daughter, if not a twin, is born in 2015, and the elder is born in 2013 or 2014). Her third known, and youngest child is an infant (born 2019-21).

2022 Woodsboro Legacy Murders: A Real-Life Horror Legacy Sequel

I'm Sidney-fucking-Prescott, of course I have a gun

–Sidney to Dewey

Warning Call


Hearing from an old friend.

When a new series of Ghostface attacks start in Woodsboro ten years after the previous attacks, Sidney is called by her estranged surrogate big brother figure, Dewey Riley, whom she hasn't spoken to in a while. He informs her about the attacks, warning her to stay away which Sidney says she already has no intention of ever returning to the town again.

When Dewey asks if she has a gun, she assures him she does as she's Sidney Prescott. She tells Dewey she is glad the people there have him to protect them, but also tells him to be safe, as she knows him.

Vengeance Visit


Sidney comes to comfort Gale, and seek justice.

When Sidney finds out that Dewey has been murdered by Ghostface, she makes the decision to return to Woodsboro for revenge and she reunites with Gale, who is now mourning the loss of her ex-husband. Sidney requests help from Billy Loomis' illegitimate daughter, Samantha Carpenter to stop the killer, however she declines and leaves.

Unbeknownst to Sam, Sidney left a tracker on her car so she and Gale could follow her and they follow her to 261 Turner Lane. Gale and Sidney ready their guns and are greeted by Amber Freeman who is screaming for her life, however Sidney senses the trap and Amber reveals herself as the Killer to them, shooting Gale in the process.

Sidney puts all her past trauma behind her and steps into the house. She doesn't waste anytime searching the house and firing bullets into any room that's closed, eventually shooting Richie Kirsch in the process. Sidney tries to help him but Amber (under the Ghostface costume) jumps out behind her and flings her off the staircase to the ground below.

Derivative Act 3


Sidney is unimpressed by fanatical Richie.

As Sidney fights Ghostface, she is met by Sam who comes downstairs and Richie approaches her and stabs her with a hidden knife, revealing himself as the other killer. Amber and Richie take Sidney, Sam and Gale to the kitchen, to replicate the ending of the original Stab.

They reveal their motive is to create a "Requel" following the catastrophic Stab 8, in order to please the fans and also to bring back the franchise on track. The pairing reveal they needed Dewey to die "to make it real" and not a "run-of-the-mill cash-in sequel", and they also plan to frame Billy's daughter, Sam.

Billy's Daughter Sam and Sidney

Legacy guide: Sidney and Samantha survive together.

Sidney is stabbed by Amber. But she and Gale muster up enough energy to seek revenge and set Amber on fire for killing Dewey, seemingly killing her, and Samantha stabs Richie countless times until he dies and then shoots him further.

Amber rises for "one last scare" before she is shot in the head by Tara, Sam's younger sister. Outside the house, reporters start dishing on the murders and Gale reveals she won't be writing about what happened, instead she will write about Dewey and the man he was.

Samantha thanks Sidney and Gale for their help. Samantha asks Sidney if she will be alright. Sidney knowing she will endure similar things she went through replies to her with a slight smile saying, "Eventually."

The New York Ghostface Murders

S6 0481

Drawings of Sidney, as seen in the Ghostface Shrine.

Shortly after the beginning of the New York Ghostface Murders, Samantha and Tara encountered Gale. Gale explained to them that Sidney, Mark and their children had gone someplace safe, with Gale and Samantha agreeing that Sidney deserves to be happy. When the latest targets of Ghostface discovered the Ghostface Shrine, drawings of Sidney were included in the collection of items found within.

Kill Count

The following is Sidney's Ghostface kill count:

StuDeath Stu Macher High-voltage electric shock and head trauma to the skull Scream (1996)
BillyDeath Billy Loomis Shot in the head Scream (1996)
Sidney Finishes Mrs Loomis Off Just In Case Nancy Loomis Finished with a head shot (after a shot in the chest by Cotton Weary) Scream 2
MickeyDeath Mickey Altieri Shot repeatedly to death (alongside Gale Weathers) Scream 2
JillDeath Jill Roberts Defibrilated to the skull then shot in the chest Scream 4






Roberts Family Tree Scream


  • "Why can't I be in a Meg Ryan movie? Or even a good porno?"
  • "Would you settle for a PG-13 relationship?"
  • "Ah, come on, you know I don't watch that shit."
  • "Is your brain leaking? My mom was killed! I can't believe that you would bring that up!"
  • "Are you alone in the house?"
  • "In your dreams!"
  • "Oh, Stu, Stu. What's your motive? Billy's got one, the police are on their way, what are you going to tell them?"
  • "Not in my movie."
Sidney Battle of Troy Play

Scream 2

  • "It's happening again"
  • "Hallie, you know me and organized religion..."
  • "Billy was a sick fuck just like you!"
  • "You did a BANG-UP job, Mrs. Loomis."
  • "Yeah? Well, you're forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis. I fucking killed him."
  • "And ABANDON him? Isn't Mickey supposed to be dead?"
  • "Just in case."

Scream 3

  • "Psychos can't kill what they can't find."
  • "The killer's in the house, Dewey. He's upstairs"
  • "Think again! It's your turn to scream, asshole!"
  • "Oh, why don't you stop your whining and get on with it?! I HAVE HEARD THIS SHIT BEFORE!"
  • "You know why you kill people, Roman? Because you choose to! There is no one else to blame!"
  • "Why don't you take some fucking responsibility?!"
  • "It's your turn to scream, asshole!"

Scream 4

Scream4-Sidney's quote

Scream 4- Sidney's quote

  • "I sat down and began to write a new role. A role for a woman who could leave the walls of fear behind. And step out into the sunlight. Out of Darkness."
  • "I try not to think about me. I have people I care about. I try to focus on them. And the rest, it works out."
  • "You forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill. Don't fuck with the original."
  • "I don't know about you, but I feel a whole lot better."
  • "Why don't you come for me? You got the balls for that?"

Scream (2022)

  • "I'm Sidney fucking Prescott, of course I have a gun."
  • "I've been through this. A lot."
  • "I tried running too. It always follows."
  • "You might be the most derivative one of all. I mean, Christ, the same house?"
  • "I'm bored."
  • Sam: "Am I gonna be okay?" Sidney: "Eventually."


Script Notes

  • She was described as "a young girl of 17... Sharp and clever with deep, lonely eyes" in the Scream script.
  • She was described as "Two years older has brought a maturity to this beautiful young woman. Her face poses a survivor's edge. Stronger and more determined, she appears to have weathered the storm" in the Scream 2 script.
  • She was described as "the stoic, survivor. Now 24" in the Scream 3 script. The age is a mistake.

Character Notes

  • She dislikes organized religion. (Scream 2).
  • She fought all the killers in the Scream movies.
  • In all five films, the killer reveals him/herself their motive always comes to Sidney, her mother, or the famous movies tied to her life.
  • Sidney struck Gale twice in the face.
  • Sidney's first human kill in the franchise is Stu Macher.
  • Sidney's father Neil's fate remains uncertain after Scream 3. A non-canon deleted scene in Scream 4 reveals he died (presumably natural causes). It is unknown whether this will be revealed on-screen in canon or if he relocated off-screen.
  • Sidney's first explicitly premeditated murder target is Amber Freeman in the fifth film.
  • Sidney was given a necklace by her boyfriend, Derek Feldman, in Scream 2. After his death, in Scream 3, she still wears his necklace. In Scream 4, she no longer wears it, signifying she has or is ready to move on. The Greek ritual in Derek giving the necklace is known as lavaliering, when a fraternity member bestows a necklace with Greek letters onto an important sorority woman in his life.
  • Scream 3 Sidney also appears in very similar attire and hair styling to the previous film, indicating she is trauma-frozen.
  • In the first four Scream films, Sidney is the ultimate target. She is no longer the ultimate target in the reboot, taking on a more vigilante role instead. However, she is still a target, as they needed to kill Dewey Riley, so she could return and fulfill their dream of a true legacy requel (Sidney was absent in Stab 8).
    • The fourth film initially sets up a red herring that Sidney is no longer the target and Jill, in line with "remake rules", is the new target as the "remake" Sidney. In actuality, Sidney is yet again the target, and Jill is the killer.
  • Sidney once wore the Ghostface costume in Scream to fight Billy.
  • Sidney said that she and Roman think alike as both wore a bullet-proof vest protecting themselves from gunshots to the chest.

Survivor Notes

Behind the Scenes

  • Sidney has the most screen time of any character in the first four Scream movies. Even in Scream 3, where Neve Campbell's contract stated that she could only be on set for twenty days due to other professional commitments. Though Sidney is not connected to the other targets like the previous two films and is reclusive for the film's first fifty minutes.
  • Sidney wearing Derek's Greek letters necklace in Scream 3 was a creative choice made by actress Neve Campbell.
  • 80s staple actress Molly Ringwald was offered the role of Sidney. She turned it down, stating at the time that she wasn't about to be a 27 year old playing a high school student.
  • Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon also turned down the role of Sidney Prescott.
  • Actress Brittany Murphy was considered for the role of Sidney.
  • Drew Barrymore was originally cast as Sidney Prescott, but Barrymore insisted that if she played Casey Becker, it would make the audience think that anything could happen.
  • Melissa Joan Hart, Alicia Witt, Melanie Lynskey and Melinda Clarke all auditioned for the role of Sidney Prescott.
  • Neve Campbell did not return to Scream VI due to a pay dispute.[2]


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