Sidney and Randy Relationship
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Portrayed by Jamie Kennedy and Neve Campbell
Intimacy Close friends
Level: Close friends
Started Dating:

Never Dated

Dating Status: Never Dated

The Sidney and Randy Relationship is the relationship between Randy Meeks and Sidney Prescott.

In the first film, Randy has a crush on Sidney and is unable to bring himself to admit this, and has on several occasions discussed this with his friend, Stu, while Sidney isn't aware of how Randy feels about her and likely does not share the same feeling. Randy does not consider Billy, Sidney's boyfriend in the original a friend. He is quite jealous and holds a certain enmity towards him as he even guesses correctly that he is the killer. When Randy is shot by her boyfriend, Billy, she is surprised. She tries to get Randy help, but, when Randy's alive, she is surprised and happy.

In the second film, nothing has changed between the two, as Randy is still in love with Sidney and she looks at him as a close friend. He is also very jealous of the relationship between her and Derek. Despite that, he never suspects Derek of being the killer considering it to be too obvious. However, he does consider that many people would suspect Derek of being the killer. After Derek and Sidney kiss in front of him, he is clearly upset, unbeknownst to Sidney, and remarks to himself "Get a room..." He later to Dewey pronounces himself as Sidney's 'unrequited love slave'. Later on, Randy is tragically killed by Ghostface (Mrs. Loomis). His death was particularly heartbreaking for Sidney and affected her more so than any other death in the series.

In the third film, when his film is shown by his younger sister, Martha, she holds back emotion in seeing him saying "Oh my God...", showing she still misses Randy greatly. Her eyes water as the video goes to static.


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