Sidney-Jill Relationship
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General Information
Level: Cousin
Started Dating: Never dated
Dating Status: Enemies
The Sidney and Jill Relationship is the relationship between Sidney Prescott and Jill Roberts.


Sidney Prescott is the main protagonist in the Scream series. She was the main character in the original trilogy and in Scream 4 . Sid once again returned to Woodsboro on the 15th anniversary of the Woodsboro Murders. However, when Sid returns, the killings suddenly begin again. Sid is subsequently forced to seek refuge in her aunt's home while protecting her younger cousin, Jill, whom Ghostface is also stalking in order to get to Sid. The relationship between Sid and Jill is arguably one of the most in depth throughout the entire Scream series. Scream 4 is currently the second highest rated in the series on IMDB and part of this reason is because of the sheer depth and shocking nature of the storyline. Jill is apparently a simple, ordinary girl who is just trying to make her way in life living the regular teenage life until Ghostface appears. However, there is a much more sinister reason for the sudden batch of killings, and a much more sinister motive in Jill’s mind.

Jill wants to be Sid. She has been jealous of Sid for the last fifteen years because Sid is the main celebrity of Woodsboro and now as an acclaimed author, Jill wants everything that Sid has, but she knows that Sid has to be dead so that Jill can take her place. While Sid sees Jill as her younger cousin, Jill sees Sid as a target that needs to be eliminated. It is no coincidence that the Ghostface murders start again when Sid comes back to Woodsboro because this time, it is Jill that causes them. Jill is the Ghostface killer this time around and she is out to kill Sid, all in the name of fame.

This is a very realistic relationship that discusses and showcases the issues of sibling rivalries, sibling jealousy and sibling favoritism in the family. This is a subject that many will be familiar with, but Jill pushes it to the utmost extreme in a perfect way and when she is revealed as the killer towards the climax of the movie, nobody saw it coming. It came out of nowhere, especially considering she has been the victim for the majority of the film just as the young teenage Sidney was in the first movie. Jill killed all in the name of fame and glory, because she wanted to be the most successful, richest and most famous member of the family and she had a genius plan to be the sole survivor of the latest batch of Ghostface killings that resulted in the tragic death of Sidney Prescott.

Jill, however, failed, because as the climax of Scream 4 reveals; “You don’t mess with the originals”. Viewers of Scream 4 should pay attention to the relationship between Jill and Sid the second time around to actually pinpoint the tell-tale signs of jealousy and to see the plot unfold the second it begins; the first time the Ghostface Killer returns. It is all there, you just have to find it.

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