Portrayed by Lucy Hale
Location Woodsboro, California
Occupation High school student
Status Deceased (only in Stab 6)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown

Scream 4

Stab 6

Sherrie is a character in Stab 6, who makes an appearance in "Scream 4". She is portrayed by Lucy Hale.

Scream 4

Stab 6

Sherrie is with her friend Trudie. The two are getting ready to watch Saw IV. Trudie says she hates the film but Sherrie defends it saying she likes the Saw movies. Sherrie then gets a phone call and the man on the other end tells her that he's gonna cut her throat open if she hangs up on him. She tells Trudie the phone calls for her. Trudie is scared by the man and the two go make sure the door is locked. While they are there Trudie is stabbed by Ghostface. Sherrie tries to escape out the front door but another Ghostface pops out and slits her throat.
Sherrie's death

Sherrie's slit throat


  • "The more impatient version of the person you just spoke to." Answering Ghostface.
  • "Eat me!" to Ghostface.
  • "Well, I like Jigsaw. I think he kills people very creatively." Referring to the Saw Franchise
  • "It could be anyone we know. Lisa, Bailey, Wayne. Or the hopeful long shot, Channing Tatum."
  • It's for you... To Trudie
  • "There's nobody out here." To Trudie

Behind the Scenes

  • The script describes her as "A young girl of 17. Sweet. Innocent in that scrubbed clean way. Looks like a virgin. Probably not."
  • It was believed that the description of Jenny (listed as Patty for the description) was for Sherrie. This was proven false after the film was released.
  • She heavily references Casey Becker from the original Scream with several gestures made in her role.
  • Sherrie's surname is possibly Blake.
  • Sherrie is 17 according to the script.
  • Originally fans believed her name to be Patty Marconi. Patty was later revealed to be Jenny Randall, likely meaning that Marconi was fake.



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