The Shallow Grove Slasher is the identity given to the main antagonist of the Season 2 episodes, Halloween and Halloween II.

Originally conceived to be the ghost of Anna Hobbs haunting Shallow Grove Island, the Shallow Grove Slasher was later revealed to be Tom Martin, a young man who lured the Lakewood survivors to the island because he was in love with Emma Duval.


Alex Whitten Stabbed repeatedly Halloween(off-screen)
Sid Slashed with garden shears Halloween
Billie Fields Stabbed with garden shears, choked, shoved through a glass door Halloween
Sheriff Carpenter Several fingers cut off, beheaded with garden shears Halloween
Jeremy Blair Stabbed in the stomach and shoulder with garden shears Halloween II


  • The killer's signature weapon is the Garden Shears.
  • With 5 victims, the Shallow Grove Slasher holds the second highest franchise killing spree as a solo killer, with the first being Roman Bridger from Scream 3.
    • Piper Shaw and Kieran Wilcox do not count as solo killers as they were partners, only with separate killing sprees.
  • The Shallow Grove Slasher is inspired by Leatherface, the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (overalls, bulky build) and Jason Voorhees (one-eyed burlap sack mask, gardening tool for a weapon).
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