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"The gothic genre is all over TV right now. You have American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Hannibal. "
—Seth Branson to his students on one of his lectures.

Seth Branson, formerly known as Seth Palmer, was a recurring character in the television series Scream. He was portrayed by Bobby Campo.


In Season 1, he is an English teacher at Lakewood High who clearly one of the more likable teachers. He was later fired.

Seth is a very charming individual who is very easy-going and can handle pressure well. He was involved in a secret relationship with Brooke Maddox. 

After they both ended things, he stalked Brooke and began trying to get her back, making her think that he was the Jake. Branson was kidnapped and eventually trapped in a burning building, carbonizing and killing him.

Appearances (13/24)

Season 1 (8/10)

Season 2 (5/14)


Seth, having been left alone in the room after his torture by Brooke Maddox, hears someone entering the room. He begins mumbling to ask to person if they are Brooke. The person takes off Branson's blindfold, revealing it is The Killer. Seth stares at him in horror as he realizes it's the killer. He watches in confusion as the killer takes out an iron, plugs it in, and takes out his knife.

He then walks toward Branson, who tries to struggle, but can't move enough due to his handcuffs. He then begins sawing through Branson's right wrist and he severely bleeds as his entire right hand is severed. The killer then goes back to the table and picks up the iron before resuming his torture on Branson. Branson, who eyesight is clouded due to the blood loss, looks to see the killer cauterizing the stump with the iron as he screams in agony.

Later, the killer drags him to the George Washington High School and places him on the floor for Kristen Lang to find. While she is running away, she trips over the bloodied Branson and looks down at him in shock. He sees the killer coming from behind and tells her to run. The killer tries to stab her, but thanks to Branson's warning, she is able to move and Seth is inadvertently stabbed instead. After falling to kill Kristen, the killer then picks up the still alive Branson and takes him out of the school.

He takes him to the abandoned Wren Lake Estates where Eli Hudson and Emma Duval are and puts him in a bathtub along with Eddie Hayes' corpse. The killer then sets the house on fire to finish off Branson. He wakes up in the bathtub and sees the fire advancing toward him. However, Branson is far too injured to move and is trapped. In vain, he weakly cries for help as the building collapses around him and the flames close in. He then burns to death in the flames (off-screen).


  • In Season 1, he was a Language Arts/English teacher at George Washington High School.
    • He was later fired due to an arrest for an accusation of being the murderer.
  • He had a former secret relationship with one of his students, Brooke Maddox.
  • Aftermath is the first episode Seth does not appear in.
  • He had been in a relationship with a college student named Olivia Finley before moving to Lakewood.
    • This was revealed in Ghosts. The girl's death caused him to move away.
  • Noah theorized that he chose his new last name as a reference to Brandon James.
  • Even with his relationship with Brooke being exposed, Branson returned to Lakewood in Vacancy, being absent in the first two episodes of Season 2.
  • He revealed to Brooke that he was the one who left the apology note and flowers on Brooke's car in Psycho, not Jake as she previously thought.
  • He seems to have become romantically obsessed with Brooke.
  • He has the same age as Kristen Lang.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, it was revealed that he had a secret relationship with Kristen Lang.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, he revealed to Brooke that Jake was willing to pay 10,000 dollars for him to leave Lakewood and leave her alone. He also claimed that Mayor Maddox provided Jake with the money but Brooke dismissed that as a lie, reminding him that Jake and Maddox do not have the best relationship.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, he revealed to Brooke that he had another past relationship with a girl named Caitlyn. She sent him suicidal threats that he didn't take seriously before she turned up dead.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, he had his hand cut off and his arm stump burned with an iron by the Lakewood Slasher.
  • In Let The Right One In, he is stabbed and burned to death along with Eddie's corpse.
  • Overall, his false accusations of being a killer, his suave demeanour, under a myriad of secrets including one being of a secret sexual relationship, is similar to Cotton Weary.
  • In Village of the Damned, his carbonised corpse was found by Sheriff Acosta and identified by Maggie Duval.
    • Eddie's carbonised corpse was found along with him but wasn't identified until The Orphanage

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