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Scream 4, stylized as SCRE4M, was a mobile game companion app developed by The Weinstein Company (TWC) Games, Beefy Media and Codeglue in promotion for the film of the same name. Developed on the Unity game engine, the game was released for iOS and Android on June 6th, 2011. The game has since been removed from both platforms.


You play as Ghostface as they go on a killing spree throughout Woodsboro. The goal is to kill a certain amount of victims without being seen or taken down by the cops. The game requires you to touch and swipe lines, resulting in a blood trail appearing on-screen and Ghostface killing the victim. If spotted, the victim will begin to flee and the cops will respond.


  1. High School
  2. Frat Party
  3. Gym



IOS) 720p


  • The killer of the game has nothing to do with the killers of the movies. This ghostface is a kind of player avatar.