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Scream is one of the stories in mobile game What's Your Story?. It was based on Scream: The TV Series, and developed by Ludia Incorporated (Now acquired by Jam City). The story was launched on 10 August 2017, but since the game has been taken down, the story is no longer available for play.


To let players experience the story like a TV series, it is divided into 20 episodes, with a title card included in each episode. In the game, players are given a list of options when the Protagonist is dealing with different situations, and players are allowed to choose how the Protagonist react, resulting in different outcomes and endings. Beside choosing the path for the Protagonist, players can also customize the Protagonist's appearances with accessories. However, some options from the list and most of the accessories require "Diamonds" to unlock, and players either need to spend real money to purchase "Diamonds", or can receive "Diamonds" for free after reaching a new level of the "New Horror-Scope".


The game follows our Protagonist, who recently moved from Florida to Lakewood and became a student at George Washington High School, after getting involved in an unsolved murder case. However, a fresh start turned into another nightmare, when a new murder spree started in Lakewood, targeting the Protagonist and other students of George Washington High School.





  • Although no date was given in the story, it should be assume that the story took place during a summer after the Lakewood Murders from the TV series, placing the most probable timeline of the story at July-August 2017.