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Scream (also known as Scream 5, Scream V and 5cream) is a 2022 slasher film, the film is billed as a relaunch of the franchise. It also serves as the fifth installment in the Scream franchise, and therefore referred to as Scream 5 as well.

It was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, with James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, serving as writers on the project. Additionally, Kevin Williamson was credited as the executive producer.

The film was released on January 14, 2022.



Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers, to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past.


Tara speaks to the Killer.

On the 25th anniversary of the original Woodsboro murders by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, Tara Carpenter is home alone and texting her best friend, Amber Freeman, inviting her to come over as her mother is out of town. The landline rings and a confused Tara answers. The man on the other line claims to be Charlie, a friend of her mothers, and strikes up a conversation with Tara about her relationship with her mother and her love of horror movies. Tara claims to be a fan of horror movies like The Babadook, but not Stab, despite the fact she lives in Woodsboro. The Killer slowly begins to scare Tara when he makes an allusion between herself and the opening of the original Stab. Tara hangs up, but then gets a text from Amber to say she should answer the phone when it rings again.


Realizing that she's been talking to the Killer, Tara answers the phone and is forced to play a Stab trivia game to save Amber's life. Tara is just barely able to answer the questions but then loses on the final question when she claims Billy was the soul killer in Stab, forgetting about Stu's involvement. Tara attempts to run and save Amber's life, but the Killer is at her door and stabs her. Tara uses her phone to lock the house, but the Killer is able to override the system and get inside. Tara hides with a knife, but the Killer jumps out behind her and stabs her 7 times, breaking her leg in the process. Tara attempts to run, and is able to summon the police, but the Killer catches her and stabs her once more as the camera cuts to the title.


The next day, Samantha Carpenter is working at a bowling alley with her boyfriend of six months, Richie Kirsch, and gets a call from Wes Hicks, who informs her about Tara's attack. Samantha makes the decision to return to Woodsboro and Richie agrees to go with her. In Woodsboro, Wes, Amber, Chad Meeks-Martin, Mindy Meeks-Martin and Liv McKenzie are all gathered outside Woodsboro High School reeling from news of Tara's attack. They are questioned by Sheriff Judy Hicks, who is also Wes's mother, and are shook by the return of Vince Schneider, a summer romance for Liv who turned out to be a creep. The teens all go with each other to visit Tara in the hospital.


As Richie and Sam drive back into town, they talk about movies they've never seen before. Richie claims that he's never seen Stab before and Samantha informs him on Woodsboro's rich history and the history of Ghostface attacks in the town. Richie and Sam arrive at the hospital where Tara is recovering from her attack. Sam's return is welcomed by some and shunned by others, including Judy who has had her fair share dealing with Samantha in the past. Sam apologizes to Tara for leaving town and agrees to stay with her, with Richie offering to stay as well.

S22 Bar 11

Meanwhile, the teenagers are hanging out in a bar and Vince arrives to try and claim Liv once more, leading to Chad threatening to beat him up. The entire group is kicked out of the bar and Vince takes a moment to relieve himself on the side of the building, only to be interrupted by someone who is revving his car. When he gets to the car, he finds it empty, however Red Right Hand plays on the radio. He turns the car off, only to come face to face with the Killer who picks him off almost instantly. Back at the hospital, Sam is in the bathroom taking her pills and when she looks in the mirror she hallucinates a vision of Billy Loomis who taunts her for unknown reasons.


Sam's phone rings and when she answers it's the Killer who claims to know her secret. Ghostface jumps out from behind the door and tries to attack her, however she is able to escape and Judy and her Deputy's handle the rest. Sam then reveals to Tara the reason she left town, when she was 13 she founds their mother's diaries which reveal that her father wasn't her father, and rather she is the daughter of Billy Loomis, whom her mother slept with in high school. After finding this information, she demanded an answer from her mother, unaware that her father was listening, and as a result he left them all. Tara gets angry at Samantha for this and demands she leave.

Dewey calls and informs Sidney.

A private floor in the hospital is arranged for Tara and she tells Richie they need an expert and so they go to visit Dewey Riley, who has been in bad shape since splitting from Gale. He watches her morning show on the TV and is angered by Sam and Richie's arrival. He gives them two minutes and informs them of the rules of surviving a Stab movie. They ask for his help to stop the Killer, however he declines and forces them to leave. Dewey then calls Sidney Prescott, who lives a long way from Woodsboro and is now married with three kids, and informs her about the attacks and warns her to stay away. He asks if she has a gun, to which she responds "I'm Sidney-fucking-Prescott, of course I have a gun". He then sends a text to Gale Weathers to inform her too. Dewey then has a change of heart and whips out his old Sheriff's gun and joins the teenagers at the Meeks-Martin house where the teenagers have gathered. It is there that they learn Mindy and Chad are the niece and nephew of Randy Meeks, and that there mother is Martha Meeks, who is still as awkward as ever.


Dewey introduces the teens to Stab and the history of Billy and Stu and they attempt to figure out the connection between the Killer and Samantha. Mindy, who has the same traits as her uncle, deduces that the Killer is attempting to create a "Requel" - a reboot / sequel - to Stab 8, which at that point is just called Stab, which received poor reviews amongst fans and is a generally hated sequel. They realize the Killer is probably a Stab fan who is using Sam and Tara to make the movie. They are using Tara and her friends as the new generation and using Sam's connection to Billy Loomis as a way to weave the legacy characters, Sidney, Dewey and Gale, into the story. It is also learnt that Vince is the son of Stu Macher's sister, and that the three attacks so far were on people related to the original killers. Sam gets angry when she is accused of being the Killer, and flees. As she drives, she has another hallucination of Billy and just narrowly avoids a fatal car accident.


At the Hicks house, Judy is ordering dinner and hears a noise in the other room. She grabs a knife and searches the house, revealing that it's only Wes who has returned home. Judy leaves to pickup dinner and Wes gets into the shower while he waits for her. As she drives, she gets a call from the Killer who reveals that he is watching Wes. Judy turns around and races home, attempting to trace the Killer's call. When Judy returns home, she runs up to the house to save Wes, however the Killer jumps out and stabs her multiple times, killing her. Inside, Wes gets out of the shower and starts getting ready for dinner. He hears the front door open, but when he checks it he finds it ajar. He closes the door but then turns around to find the Killer lunging at him. He attempts to fight back the Killer, however the Killer gets the upperhand and stabs him through the throat, killing him too.


Police start investigating the crime scene, and Dewey and Samantha arrive and learn the fates of their friends. A news van pulls up, and a woman approaches Samantha looking for information. It is revealed that it's Gale Weathers, who is somewhat happy to reunite with Dewey, however angry that he just sent her a text about the murders. Dewey sees Gale's camera crew and assumes she's the same Gale she used to be, but she tells him she came back for him and the crew is because her job demanded it. The two reunite and Gale informs him that she doesn't write anymore. Samantha then spots Deputy Vinson on the scene of the crime, despite the fact that he should be watching Tara in the hospital. Realizing Tara is in danger, Sam gets into her car to go to the hospital. Dewey joins her and they drive off.


In the hospital, Tara is watching Dawson's Creek and hears a noise in the hallway. She calls out for someone, but when no one responds she decides to run for it. She fights through the pain and gets into her wheelchair and starts to leave as the lights are cut. Tara wheels herself through the halls only to find the guard stationed to watch her has had his throat slit and his gun stolen so she hides in a closet and tries to call the police but another noise startles her and Richie finds her hiding, revealing that Sam called him. He tries to help Tara but Ghostface jumps out behind him, slices him, and knocks him out. Tara starts to wheel herself to the elevator, but Ghostface activates his voice changer and calls Sam, forcing her to choose between Richie's life or Tara's. Sam begs the Killer not to do this and then reveals she is buying time as the elevator dings open and Dewey shoots at the Killer, who runs off. Sam helps Tara and Dewey helps Richie, however Ghostface strikes again but Dewey shoots them five times, knocking them unconscious, claiming "not today".


As the group gets into the elevator, Dewey realizes the Killer is still alive and that you need to shoot them in the head. He sends the teenagers away and returns to the Killer, emptying his gun and leaving one bullet. As he prepares to kill Ghostface, his phone rings and distracts him and the Killer jumps up and stabs him, claiming "today". He grabs another knife and stabs Dewey in the back, and slices him open on both ends. As Dewey dies, Ghostface tells him that "it's an honor". Ghostface rips the knives out and Dewey falls to the ground and dies. Gale arrives at the hospital and screams out in pain as she learns that Dewey is dead. In the waiting room, Gale cries to herself and Sidney arrives, after also hearing about Dewey.


In a new hospital room, Tara reveals that she's somewhat happy to be attacked as she's now high on pain killers. Samantha decides they need to do what no one else has done, and get the hell out of Woodsboro. As they leave, Sidney approaches them and asks Samantha for her help. Sidney informs Sam that this is her life now and Ghostface will keep coming for her unless they kill him, which Sidney won't sleep until that happens as she has three kids. Sam declines and Sidney lets her go, revealing to Gale that she left a tracker on Richie's car so they can follow them. As Richie, Sam and Tara leave town, Tara realizes she lost her inhaler, which she needs, and then remembers she left one at Amber's house which is on the way. With much reluctance from Richie, they agree to go there, unaware that Amber lives at 261 Turner Lane, which is Stu Macher's old house.


At the house, there is a party in progress to honor Wes's memory. Amber goes down to the basement alone and is cornered by Mindy who reveals that was a mistake as she's now vulnerable to the Killer. Upstairs, Liv reveals to Chad that she's ready to sleep with him, however Chad declines, fearful that she may be the Killer. Liv leaves in frustration but then texts Chad to come make up with her, giving him a link so he can track her phone. Chad makes his way outside, with the addition of a weapon thanks to Mindy, and tries to find Liv. Realizing this could very well be a trap, Chad makes a run for it, but Ghostface finds him and stabs him in the leg. Chad fights off the killer and runs, but then realizes the Killer is still following him on the phone tracker, so he throws his phone into the woods. He makes a run for it, but the Killer barges out of a shed behind him and stabs him, however he is interrupted by the arrival of Sam, Richie and Tara so he leaves Chad for dead.


The trio walk inside, and Amber calls off the party. Back in the living room, Liv returns and Mindy is suspicious as Chad went out looking for her. The two argue, and Liv threatens Mindy before leaving once more. Amber takes Tara to get her inhaler and Richie goes down to the basement to get more beer, joking with Mindy by saying he'll "be right back", to which they both laugh as it's almost certain death by saying that. Sidney and Gale are following the tracker and are both stunned when they realize they'll be returning to Stu's old house.


Back at the house, Mindy is watching Stab, specifically the scene where Randy is watching Halloween unaware the Killer is behind him, and just like her Uncle, Ghostface appears behind her as she warns Randy to turn around. Mindy gets the sense something is off, and Ghostface tries to stab her however she is able to fight him off before getting stabbed. Sam scares the Killer away and assists Mindy, however Amber and Tara return and Amber accuses Sam of being the Killer. Richie returns as well, claiming he was in the Basement and then Liv walks in and the group all argue about who the Killer could be. The onus falls on Liv who says she's not the Killer, to which Amber says "I know" as she pulls out a gun and kills Liv, revealing that she is Ghostface.


Chaos unfolds and the group all split up. Sidney and Gale arrive and hear screaming inside, which they claim "sounds about right". Sidney grabs her guns and gives one to Gale and they approach the house. Amber comes running outside, faking that she was stabbed, however Sidney and Gale pick up on this trap immediately, and Amber shoots Gale before running back inside. Gale fights for her life as she instructs Sidney to go inside and finish Amber off. In the Basement, Richie and Sam are hiding and Richie reveals that he thinks Tara may be the Killer. Sam loses her trust for Richie and leaves him in the Basement alone, she then finds Tara tied up in a closet upstairs but hesitates to untie her.


Sidney walks into the house, with emotions from her past flooding back, and starts searching the house. As she searches, she gets a call from Ghostface who tells her that she is a second killer. Sidney tells him she's seen this movie before and he claims "not this movie, Sidney". Sidney moves through the house, shooting through every door, searching for the Killer. She finally shoots through one closet, hearing someone in there and it's revealed to be Richie who is hiding. Ghostface attacks, stabs Richie, and throws himself and Sidney over the banister to the floor below. Sidney fights Ghostface as Richie makes his way down the stairs to grab the gun to finish Ghostface. Samantha arrives and Richie is relieved to find out she is still alive, however he then reveals it's because he wanted to kill her himself and he strikes, revealing himself as the second killer. Ghostface unmasks themselves, which is Amber underneath and the duo take Sidney and Samantha to the kitchen, just as Billy and Stu did.


Amber brings Gale into the kitchen and she and Richie reveal that they met on a Stab subreddit after they both shared their dislike with Stab 8. Amber reveals she knew all about Sam's connection to Billy and they used that as the basis for their new movie in which Sam would be the Killer seeking justice for her father. Amber goes to grab Tara so they can finish her off together however it is revealed that Sam did untie her and Tara taunts them with a phone call. Amber looks for Tara who jumps out and attacks her. Samantha then fights Richie as Amber returns to the kitchen where Sidney and Gale gang up on her. Amber begs for her life however reveals it was just an act and it's time for Sidney and Gale to pass the torch. After Amber taunts Gale about how she killed Dewey, Sidney turns the stove on and Gale does the honors as she shoots Amber who falls onto the stove and is set alight, burning to death.


In the entry hall, Sam fights Richie who reveals he knew about her all along and that Dewey was right, you should never trust the love interest. Sam spots another Billy hallucination in the mirror and tells Richie you should never mess with the daughter of a serial killer. She stabs him over and over and over, and Richie asks for his ending, which she gives him by slitting his throat. Killing him. Sidney warns her that the Killer always comes back, so Samantha shoots him three times. A burnt Amber comes running at them from the kitchen and Tara shoots her through the head, finally killing her.


Outside, Tara, Mindy and a still alive Chad are taken to hospital and Sam thanks Gale and Sidney for their help before leaving with Tara. Gale and Sidney mourn Dewey, and Gale states that she won't be writing about the Killers as they deserve to die in anonymity, instead she will write a touching tribute about Dewey and the kind of man he was.

As Gale and Sidney leave the house and Samantha and Tara are taken to the hospital, a reporter begins to report the events of the night as the screen fades black and a title card "FOR WES" appears on the screen.

Cast & Characters[]

Main Characters[]

  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott: Sidney is now married and a mother of three kids and is living away from Woodsboro after her ordeal in 2011. She is informed about the attacks by Dewey Riley and intends to stay away until she hears about Dewey's death.
  • David Arquette as Dewey Riley: Dewey is now retired from the Police Force and divorced from Gale and is living alone in isolation. He is contacted by Samantha Carpenter who needs his help dealing with and solving the new spree of Ghostface killings. Dewey ultimately meets his demise, defending Tara Carpenter.
  • Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers: Since the events of Scream 4, Gale has since divorced from Dewey and moved to New York City where she hosts her own morning show. She is informed about the attacks by Dewey and returns to town when Judy Hicks is murdered. She later mourns the death of her ex-husband, Dewey.
  • Melissa Barrera as Samantha Carpenter: Samantha is Tara's older sister and previously moved away from Woodsboro after learning that her true father was Billy Loomis. She returns to Woodsboro when Tara is attacked by a Ghostface killer and she enlists the help of Dewey Riley to help solve the killings. In the end, it is revealed that Richie is one of the killers.
  • Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter: Tara is the younger sister of Samantha Carpenter and is attacked by Ghostface, leading Samantha to return to Woodsboro. She initially resents her sister for leaving her but eventually forgives her when she saves her from Ghostface. She is the best friend of Amber Freeman, who is revealed as one of the killers.
  • Jack Quaid as Richie Kirsch: Richie is Samantha's boyfriend and he accompanies her on her return to Woodsboro after Samantha's sister is attacked by Ghostface. Although initially seeming innocent and caring, it is revealed that he teamed up with Amber Freeman to orchestrate a new series of Ghostface killings to create a Stab "requel".

Supporting Characters[]

  • Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks: Judy is now the Sheriff of Woodsboro and has a close personal connection to the new spree of Ghostface killings when the victims are friends of her son, Wes Hicks. Judy is a helicopter parent and ultimately meets her demise defending her son.
  • Dylan Minnette as Wes Hicks: Wes is Judy Hicks' son and a friend of Tara's. Tara's sister, Samantha, was his babysitter during the events of Scream 4. He calls Samantha back to town when Tara is attacked by Ghostface and ultimately loses his life after Judy was unable to save him.
  • Mikey Madison as Amber Freeman: Amber is the ex-best friend of Tara Carpenter, and holds resentment towards Samantha for abandoning Tara. It is later revealed that she teamed up with Richie Kirsch to orchestrate a new series of GhostFace killings so that they can create a Stab "requel". She meets her death by being burnt alive and then shot by Tara.
  • Sonia Ben Ammar as Liv McKenzie: Liv is the girlfriend of Chad Meeks-Martin and ex-girlfriend of Vince Schneider. She is initially a red-herring to all the friends but is eventually murdered by Amber Freeman when an argument breaks out amongst the teenagers over the identity of the killer.

Minor Characters[]

  • Chester Tam as Deputy Vinson: Deputy Vinson is a deputy in the Woodsboro Police, working under the Sheriff, Judy Hicks. He leaves Tara alone in the hospital, leading to the attack on Tara Carpenter.
  • Kyle Gallner as Vince Schneider: Vince is the ex-boyfriend of Liv and a mysterious character around Woodsboro, having no real connection to the new teenagers, however it is revealed that he is the nephew of Stu Macher. He meets his death very early.


  • Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis: Billy appears in multiple hallucinations of his daughters, Samantha Carpenter, attempting to convince her to embrace her dark side to kill the residents of Woodsboro. However, she uses this side of her to end the killer.
  • Heather Matarazzo as Martha Meeks: Martha is the mother of Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin and the sister of Randy Meeks. She makes a very brief appearance serving snacks to Chad, Mindy and their friends and greeting Dewey.
  • James A. Janisse and Chelsea Rebecca: Two YouTubers of the "Dead Meat" YouTube Channel. They cameo as two YouTubers who report and recap the events of Stab (2021) and how horribly it performed.
  • Trey Roberts as Guy Throwing Cup: A young man appeared several times in the ARG and inviting people to join Amber Freeman's party in his last appearance. He later indeed appeared in the movie as one of the partygoer in Amber's party.

The Rules[]

A signature device, started in the original Scream and continued in the future films, was the typical "rules" for that type of horror movie being stated by the characters. These rules were made up as the story moved along and shared by Dewey Riley to the teenagers. The rules are:

  • 1. Never trust the love interest. They seem sweet, caring, supporting and then welcome to Act 3 where they're trying to rip your head off.
  • 2. The killer's motive is always connected to something in the past.
  • 3. The first victim always has a friend group that the killer is a part of. Look for them there. If you find out why they're doing it, you can find out who's next. This is stated to be the most important rule.
  • 4. Although not an official rule made by Dewey, Samantha Carpenter introduces a new rule that you should "never fuck with the daughter of a serial killer", before murdering Richie.



Craven confirmed he was contracted to work on a fifth and sixth installment of the Scream franchise, to be made if the fourth film achieved a successful release and reception. Following difficulties with script rewrites on Scream 2, Scream 3 and Scream 4, often with pages only being ready on the day of filming, and the related stress of the situation, Craven stated that he would need to see a finalized version of a script for Scream 5 before committing to the production.[1]

Williamson also confirmed his contractual obligation for Scream 4 and Scream 5, having submitted concepts for three films leading up to Scream 6, though his contract for the sixth film had not yet been finalized. Williamson indicated that if a Scream 5 were to be made, it would be a continuation of the story of the characters who lived through Scream 4 but that Scream 4 would not include any cliffhangers that led into the potential sequel.

Actor David Arquette also added his support to the potential future of the franchise, stating "It [the ending] definitely leaves it open," before adding that he would welcome the opportunity to play the character of Dewey in future installments.[2] In May 2011, executive producer Harvey Weinstein confirmed that a sequel was possible, saying that despite Scream 4 performing below The Weinstein Company's financial expectations, he was still happy with the gross it had accrued.[3] In February 2012, when asked about a potential Scream 5, Williamson stated at the time that he did not know, saying "I'm not doing it."

On September 30, 2013, Harvey Weinstein expressed his interest in a fifth installment, stating "I'm begging [Bob Weinstein] to do the movie and just end it. We've milked that cow.[4] On June 25, 2015, the Washington Street Journal conducted an interview with Bob Weinstein. When asked about the possibility of a film continuation after Scream 4, Weinstein firmly denied the possibility of a fifth installment or any further continuation of the film franchise, citing the MTV series as the right place for the franchise to find new life. "It's like putting an art-house movie in an art-house theater," Weinstein said. "Where the teens reside is MTV."[5]

However, in early 2019, it was reported that Blumhouse Productions, which specializes in horror-themed films, was interested in reviving the series, and that head of studio Jason Blum was working on making such Scream installments happen.[6] In November 2019, Spyglass Media Group acquired the rights to make a new Scream film. It was unknown at the time if it would be a sequel, reboot, or remake. It was also unknown if Kevin Williamson will return.[7][8][9][10][11] The next month, it was announced that the film would feature a new cast but could possibly feature appearances from the previous main cast members.[12]

In March 2020, it was announced that Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett would direct the fifth installment, with Kevin Williamson serving as an executive producer, and that it had already entered official development, with filming hoping to begin in May 2020.[13] In May 2020, it was announced that Neve Campbell was in talks to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott in the fifth film.[14] That same month, it was announced David Arquette would be reprising his role of Dewey Riley for the fifth film and James Vanderbilt & Guy Busick were announced as additional writers. It was also confirmed that the film would commence production later in the year in Wilmington, North Carolina with safety protocols being implemented to address the health concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.[15]


In June 2020, it was announced that Paramount Pictures will distribute the film and is aiming for a 2021 release.[16] In August 2020, it was announced that the film is scheduled to be released on January 14, 2022, having been delayed from its original 2021 tentative release due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[17]


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  • The directors stated in a interview that they agree Richie killed Vince and they also agree on there's a difference in kill styles. They never said once it was mostly Amber who did the killings. From the interview, It sounds like they meant she did the most in general. In the interview, following the question "who did what kill in the movie," they say "following the opening scene, it was mostly Amber." However, we all know the opening in Scream 5 wasn't a kill, so it's highly possible they meant in general. They also say Richie might not wanna get his hands dirty, but that doesn't mean he doesn't wanna do any of the killing. Not getting his hands dirty also fits in his kill style; one stab in the neck. Amber did most of the work but Richie still helped a lot.
  • The films original title was SCREAM FOREVER, with a working title of Parkside.[18]
  • On December 6, 2011, Dimension Films teased the sequel through a tweet. They tweeted the following: "Which #5 are you looking forward to more? Scream 5 or Scary Movie 5?".
  • Following the passing of Wes Craven, and the premiere of the Scream television series in summer 2015, the film's fate was put into question.
  • In 2020, Neve Campbell had commenced talks with Ready or Not directors to discuss potential agreements for a new Scream project which is currently in development.[19] Several media outlets have reported that the film will be billed as a relaunch of the franchise but also act as a direct sequel to Scream 4.
  • Filming was originally planned to start in May 2020.[29]
    • Principal photography commenced on September 22, 2020, nearly four months after the previous target schedule for filming.[30]
    • Filming will take place across several avenues from September 28-29, including exterior shots of Williston Middle School, interior shots of Cardinal Lanes Shipyard and 10th Street (between Ann and Castle streets).[31]
    • Filming wrapped on November 17, 2020.[32]
  • On November 18, 2020, Kevin Williamson revealed that the film's official title is Scream.[33]
  • Most of the characters names were confirmed in December 2020 by[34]
  • In March 2021, an alleged line from the film was leaked on Reddit: "When are you fuckers going to learn? This is my story! I make the fucking rules!".[35]
  • On May 12, 2021, it was confirmed that Brian Tyler would score the soundtrack for the film.[36]
  • On July 7, 2021, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin announced the conclusion of the post production process for the film on Twitter, revealing alongside a sneak peek at the new title card. [37]
  • Post production for the film ended on July 7, 2021, and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin announced it through Twitter at 05:14PM, MDT time.[38]
  • An official trailer was released on October 12, 2021.[39]
  • The full screenplay for the film was published on January 20, 2022.[40]
  • With Sidney, Gale, Sam, Tara, Mindy, and Chad all surviving, this makes the most survivors by the end of the movie with six survivors. Beating out the traditions of having the trio (Sidney, Gale, and Dewey) with usually a third survivor that usually dies in the sequel (Randy, Cotton, and Judy).
  • This is the first time that two survivors are killed off. Traditionally a fourth survivor will return for the sequel to only be killed. This first started with Randy surviving the first film only to be killed off it the second film, Cotton surviving the second film only to be killed in the opening in the third. Now in this film, Judy Hicks continues that tradition of being the fourth survivor of the previous film only to be killed off.
  • But this is only the second time that a survivor of a previous film does NOT return. Kirby Reed was confirmed in this film to have survived the events of the previous movie. The first character to NOT return after surviving was Mark Kincaid. He is mentioned as now being married to Sidney. Neil Prescott survived the events of the first movie, did not return for the second film, but made a brief appearance in the third film.
  • Including Maureen Prescott's (Lynn McRee's) death, the total body count for the five Scream films is fifty-one.
  • Unfortunately, Neve Campbell won't be returning as Sidney Prescott in Scream 6, it's announced that Scream 5 makes her final appearance in the Scream film series.
  • Dewey's death has caused an extremely controversial and mixed reaction among the fan community, generating a lot of discussion. In one interview, Courteney Cox admitted that she begged the filmmakers not to kill Dewey and disapproved of the decision: "It was sad, because Dewey is such a beloved character and he's so goofy, and I thought he brought such a comedic twist to the whole franchise. I think that was really — that was a downer. I remember being on the lawn going, I just thought it was a big mistake not to have the option. I understand why you want [to do it] — it makes it really serious. But then wouldn't it be great if just [in] the last three minutes: text from the hospital. I wanted that to happen".[41] Courteney also said that she had asked the filmmakers to shoot an extra scene on the stock that might have hinted to the audience at the end about Dewey's possible survival. Interestingly, the scene was filmed: "I absolutely did, and I kind of thought they heard me. I remember being on the lawn going, I just thought it was a big mistake not to have the option. I understand why you want [to do it] — it makes it really serious. But then wouldn't it be great if just [in] the last three minutes: text from the hospital. I wanted that to happen".[42] Neve Campbell about Dewey's death: "I was devastated. I still have trouble wrapping my head around it. I still question whether it was the right choice, because from what I'm hearing, there are a lot of fans who are really upset. We were sad about it. Courteney had tried to tell the directors to shoot it both ways to give themselves the option because Wes would do that sometimes when there were certain characters that were so beloved. But unfortunately, the decision to extinguish Dewey from the narrative was set in motion, creating one of the more jawing dropping moments for audiences experiencing the film".[43]
    • David Arquette also repeatedly expressed his sadness and worry about what happened: "I haven’t talked about it much. It’s a very fresh wound. They had not given me a heads-up, so I was like [mimes thumbing through the script], ‘Wow, Dewey’s got some good stuff to play this time!’ And then, ‘Oh, that’s why!’ I had to put it down, I had to walk around and kind of process it. I understood where they were coming from, as far as gutting their audience. It was hard. It’s been such an ongoing film series throughout my life, 25 years of my life, so it definitely cut deep." [44]
    • According to Bettinelli-Olpin, David had mixed feelings about the fate of his character: "I think there was some nerves about it," he said. "I don't think it was wholly embraced, you know, by David, or by us, for sure. There were nerves of, 'Is this the right thing?' In our first conversation with David, he said, 'Think about it, think about it.' But he understood that, in order for it to be a real Scream movie, and for it to have the teeth that Scream has, that this kind of thing needed to happen. He also loved the progression that Dewey had in the story, in the arc that got told over the five movies, and so I think he was on board, but he was also sad about it like we all are."[45]
      • In spite of this, David has not lost his optimism, and has repeatedly hinted that a return of Dewey in one form or another is still possible: "Who knows, anything is possible. I mean, how many movies have Jason or Mike Myers been in? Not that Dewey’s a killer, but there is a coming-back-to-life element within these horror films."[46]

List of awards and nominations[]

Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2022 Hollywood Critics Association Midseason Film Awards Best Horror Scream Nominated
MTV Movie & TV Awards Best Movie Scream Nominated
Most Frightened Performance Jenna Ortega Won
People's Choice Awards The Drama Movie of 2022 Scream Nominated
The Queerties Studio Movie Scream Nominated
Saturn Awards Best Horror Film Scream Nominated
Best Writing James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick Nominated


  18. SCREAM 2022 - FILM

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