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Sarah Darling
Portrayed by Jenny McCarthy
Location Hollywood
Occupation Actress
Status Deceased
Stab character Candy Brooks
Appearance(s) Scream 3

Sarah Darling was the actress portraying the character of Candy Brooks in the third installment of Stab. Candy was to be killed after two scenes of the film in the latest script to be published by writer and director of the motion picture, Roman.

Sarah, along with a roomate, got a call supposedly from the director wanting to her to meet him at the studio about something important. Upon arriving, she received another call which quickly turned into a menacing threat from within the Sunshine Studios.

Sarah attempted to hide from from an oncoming figure about to enter the building, who ended up being a security guard. He didn't see anyone in the building and locked it up,sealing Sarah inside.

Sarah was then attacked by Ghostface within the costume room and was ultimately murdered. The killer left a second photograph of Maureen Prescott during her poly as Rina Reynolds, the actress of John Milton's acclaimed B-Grade horror films.

Scream 3

Sarah was skeptical that the maniac who killed Cotton Weary was after them while Angelina and Tyson complained that the movie shouldn't go on at the expense of people's lives.

Tyson reavealed that something she said was also something her character says in their latest script.

We don't see Sarah again until she is shown arriving at Sunshine Studios to discuss something with the eager director, Roman.

Roman, however, calls Sarah while she's at the stupid waiting for him. First, he uses his normal voice, wanting her to read her lines from the death sequence. Then he switches to the Ghostface voice and threatens to skewer Sarah like a pig.

Sarah backs into the same room as Ghostface (Roman) and is soon brutally killed by him while he leaves another piece of the Maureen Prescott puzzle.


Sarah darling hides in a rack of Ghostface costumes for Stab 3 and one of them is inhabited by Roman, who pushes Sarah forward after revealing himself to the audience with a knife in hand.

Sarah is punched through a door window then stabbed once in the back deeply, killing her.

Her bloody face reveals cuts from the glass shattering into her face. As Roman (as the killer) described "the script" the way she would be killed on the phone, her corpse did in fact look like that of a slaughtered pig.

Sarah is the third victim in Scream 3 and the second cast actress in Stab 3 to fall prey to Ghostface.


  • "Fuck you very much." To Tyson Fox
  • "Psh, what character? I'm Candy, the chick who gets killed second. I'm only in two scenes."
  • "I'm not happy that I'm a 35 playing a 21 year old. I'm not happy that I have to die naked and I'm not happy that my character is too stupid to have a gun in the house after her boyfriend has been cut into fishsticks."

Behind the Scenes

She was described as "35, playing a 21 year old bimbo. Very hot. Very blonde. Ample cleavage" in the script.

  • Alicia Silverstone was offered the part of Sarah Darling, and the part of Cotton Weary's girlfriend Christine Hamilton as well.

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