Deputy Ross Hoss was a Woodsboro police officer, assigned to guard Sidney Prescott and Jill Roberts from Ghostface in Scream 4.

Hoss was the fifth character to fall victim to the fourth Ghostface killing spree.


Scream 4

Deputy Ross Hoss, along with his partner Detective Anthony Perkins and other cops, were seen talking to Deputy Judy Hicks and Sheriff Dewey Riley about high school student Jenny Randall's phone ringing. It was found inside Sidney's car covered in blood.

When other high school students Jill Roberts and Olivia Morris receive phone calls from Ghostface, Sherrif Riley assigns Ross and Anthony the task of protecting the Roberts house. That night, they notice an unfamiliar silhouette and leave their parked car to investigate it. While they are checking it out, Ghostface murders Olivia.

Ross was later seen at the press conference with Perkins and Dewey. Unfortunately, this is where Sidney's publicist and personal assistant, Rebecca Walters, was thrown on top of a newsvan after she was stabbed to death.

Hoss' death

Hoss's death

Later, Ross went on his rounds checking around the Roberts' house and found Jill's bedroom window open. When he went back to the car, Anthony appeared to be dead with his head against the steering wheel. However, it turned out that he was faking. Just as he started to laugh at having tricked Ross, Ghostface appears and stabs Ross in the back. Ross falls to the ground, dead.

Hoss's death

Hoss is stabbed by Ghost face

After Kate's death, Deputy Hicks arrives and Sidney tells her that Kate's dead. Hicks, seeing the body, calls Dewey and reports the news on the late Kate Roberts while also mentioning that Hoss' and Perkins' were found dead in their police car two blocks away with multiple stab wounds.

Behind the Scenes

  • His casting call says "High school graduate, now a cop".
  • Adam Brody, who portrayed Hoss, had previously acted with Scream 3 actor Lance Henriksen in the 2009 horror film Jennifer's Body.

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