"A girl likes a little romance with her gore."
—Riley Marra

Riley Marra was a main character in the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Brianne Tju.


Riley Marra, 16, a gorgeous “ditz” who may be deeper, smarter and have more eclectic interests than is first apparent. Riley is a member in good standing of the popular group that includes Brooke, Will, Emma and Jake. Unlike the classic popular kids, Riley doesn’t mind going beyond the clique if she finds someone whom she connects with.

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Riley opens the door leading out to the parking lot. In the parking lot, she looks around, but doesn't see anyone. Riley turns around, only to see Tyler's Camaro sitting there. Riley walks over to Tyler's car and knocks on the window. Without a response, Riley texts Tyler, "I'm here. Where are you?" A reply ding saying, "RIGHT HERE".

Suddenly, Riley hears something behind her and spins around, only to see The Killer, who whacks her across the face. Riley then runs away, screaming for someone to help her. Panting with panic, Riley runs into an alley alongside the police station. She reaches a gate which is too high for her to climb. Cornered, Riley continues shrieking for help. The Killer slowly walks towards her with his hunting knife clanging against the side gate.

In desperate need to escape, a terrified Riley finds a fire escape ladder which leads to the roof of the police station and begins to climb it. The Killer climbs the ladder as well, hot on her trail. His hunting knife plunges into her lower back with her climbing and whimpering in pain. The knife penetrates her in the back immediately again. The Killer uses his knife to slice the back of Riley's right leg open as Riley shrieks, which hits a major artery and causes her to bleed profusely. Struggling to climb the ladder and crying in excruciating pain, she finally makes it to the roof. She falls but quickly and painfully gets back up, limping. Crying in pain, Riley limps as blood spurts out from her slashed open leg. She drops to her knees and bangs her hand on the skylight and sees a janitor listening to music, crying for help. Riley sobs and continues banging her hands on the glass for help, but the janitor can't hear her pounding, due to the music.

Noah FaceTimes her, asking her where she is. Riley, gasping sharply in raspy breaths, tells Noah that she's on the roof of the police station and (inaccurately) that Tyler attacked and stabbed her but disappeared. Riley slowly loses a large amount of blood as she struggles to lie on her back. "I can... see our stars." Riley says, grinning, facing the night sky. Riley slowly dies. Riley's breathing weakens as her body finally lays still. Her hand with the phone drops while a panicking Noah shouts Riley's name in horror.

Soon after, Emma discovers Riley's lifeless body lying on her back. Emma climbs up to the rooftop and cries out Riley's name. A sobbing Emma says that she's dead.


"We were having this amazing time, and I just bailed. Jake's right, it was harsh. I just really like him Emma. "
—Riley to Emma about Noah[src]
Riley and Noah first start off having a mutual crush on each other and have a lot of the same interests, at Brookes party Riley takes interest in Noahs internship and are seen in the same group circle as well. She also takes interest in "The town horror story" constantly telling him to finish the story. Noah appears very nervous around Riley especially when she offers to do something together. Riley and Noah also have an interest in star gazing. In Hello, Emma Riley invites him to the football field to look up at the stars and kisses him. Riley and Noah's relationship is taken further in Wanna Play a Game? as they almost have sex. Noah is the last person Riley spoke to before dying. In Aftermath, Noah is the most distraught over Riley's death and looks through all their text messages.

"I didn't mean to choose."
Emma on Riley[src]
Emma is one of Riley's best friends. She is usually more social and talks more about her personal life when its just her, Emma, and Brooke. When the Lakewood Slasher forces Emma to choose between her friends, she unintentionally chooses to save Brooke over Riley thinking Riley is safe at the station. When Riley dies, Emma holds herself guilty over her death.

"Um That's Riley's seat... FOREVER"
Brooke when a student tries to sit in Riley's seat.[src]
Brooke is one of Riley's best friends. They are usually seen walking together to school, and she usually tells about her life to just her and Emma rather than their friend group. Brooke is one of the many people very affected by Riley's death. When a student tries to sit in Riley's seat Brooke sticks up for her saying that that's Riley's seat, forever. Brooke also feels guilt over Riley's death for leaving her alone at the police station to answer a bootycall, unaware that the bootycall was made by the Lakewood Slasher to separate them and force Emma to choose between the two.

Although Tyler and Riley are never seen together on-screen, before his death it can be implied that Tyler and Riley were good friends. Riley often defends Tyler when he is the main suspect on Nina's murder by saying he's just scared to reveal himself. When Riley thinks she is talking to Tyler, she attempts to lure him to a parkway with several police. Riley also believes the Lakewood Slasher (as Tyler) when he lures her into the police station alley.

Jake and Riley are in the same friend group but are rarely seen talking to each other and never talk to each other outside of the group. Riley is often disgusted at what Jake has to say as well, which implies that Riley only tolerates him. When Riley dies Jake seems unaffected by it.


  • Riley: "Guys, Nina was murdered in cold blood. Do you not even care?"
  • Riley: "I'm just saying it's crazy that we were talking about slasher movies in Language Arts and then Nina got slashed."
  • Riley: "Safe? But there's a lake, hormones, beer."
  • Riley: "That's why I watch it, a girl likes a little romance with her gore."
  • Riley: "I can see our stars."


  • She attended George Washington High School before her death.
  • Riley is very interested in the history and backstory of Brandon James and the in and outs of serial killers, much like Noah.
  • Riley and Noah had their first kiss while watching the stars on the football field.
  • Riley and Noah almost had sex on two different occasions, the first time, Noah took off and left Riley, however, the second time, it was Riley who had left Noah.
  • Riley is a friend of Zoë Vaughn.
  • In Revelations, it was revealed that Piper Shaw murdered Riley.
  • Riley died without any knowledge of Emma having to choose between her and Brooke Maddox. Although Emma was not actually choosing, she accidentally chose Brooke to survive over Riley when, believing that Riley was safe and that Brooke was in danger, Emma texted the killer not to hurt Brooke. The killer took that as the sign to kill Riley, even though that was not what Emma wanted.
  • Riley may have been named after the Riley Family from the film series.
  • In Vacancy, she was briefly mentioned by Kevin Duval and Zoë Vaughn and in Happy Birthday To Me, there is a photo of her with Emma.

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