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"These movies are important to people."
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(...) Nobody takes the true fans seriously, not really. They just laugh at us, and why? Because we love something? We're just a fucking joke to them! How can Fandom be toxic? It's about love! You don't fucking understand, these movies are important to people.

–Richie explaining his motivations to Sidney.

Richard "Richie" Kirsch was one of two main antagonists in Scream (2022). He was the ninth revealed Ghostface killer in the Scream film franchise. He also the first boyfriend-killer of the films since original Scream character, Billy Loomis, whose daughter he targeted to date, Sam Carpenter. Richie was the son of Wayne Bailey and an unnamed mother, and the brother of Ethan Landry and Quinn Bailey.

He groomed his accomplice girlfriend, 17-year-old Amber Freeman, on a subreddit for Stab in 2021. The pair devised a plan to make their own Stab movie to serve as both a reboot and sequel, following the disappointment of Stab 8 (2021) simply known as Stab, using Sam as a scapegoat for their killer. He and Amber are the second and third known Stab fanatic Ghostface killers, following Charlie Walker.

When Sam's sister, Tara Carpenter, is attacked by Ghostface, Richie returns to Woodsboro with Sam to 'support' her. After luring Sam to 261 Turner Lane, he attempts to trick her into believing Tara is the killer. She later violently murders him on Wednesday 29, September, almost 25 years to the day after the conclusion of the original massacre.

Richie was portrayed by Jack Quaid.



Reddit and Stab's Social Influence

Richie was a millennial Redditor born in the early-mid 1990s to Wayne Bailey and an unnamed mother. He was a fan of the 1997 True Crime slasher, Stab starring Tori Spelling, Luke Wilson, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Jolie. He was a casual viewer of the sequels, but did not enjoy them much, feeling none of them had been as good as the original.

S6 0898

Richie was somewhat of a superfan, even going as far as making his own home fan films based on Stab with the support of his parents, an act they would later regret. His father, a police Detective, also helped him build a collection by stealing police evidence from the various Ghostface murder sprees, indulging his love of the films a little too much. His parents eventually gave birth to two more kids, Quinn and Ethan.

Similar to his predecessor Charlie Walker, he was another Stab fanatic. However, he was a purist to the original film, and felt he needed to "save the franchise". Just like so many other fans, he was disappointed with the direction of the intended franchise revival, the reboot film Stab 8 (2020), simply known as Stab, directed by Rian Johnson.

Johnson aimed to "reinvent" Stab, and had removed its core, meta-slasher whodunit element. He was, however, inspired by core characters from the Second Woodsboro Murders (2011), such as Judy Hicks whose massacre prevented Stab sequels following Stab 7 (2010) starring Kristen Bell. Richie, however, was infuriated by this, as no legacy characters made an appearance, including original Stab series heroine, Sidney Prescott, as well as Dewey Riley or Gale Weathers, did not appear.

Requel Plans and Meeting Samantha Carpenter

As a Redditor, he groomed 17-year-old Amber Freeman on the Stab subreddit, the two came up with a plan to create a "requel" to the movie. Using Sam Carpenter, Amber's friend's sister, as the basis. Samantha's connection to the legacy characters, being the daughter of Billy Loomis, would be used to tie them in.

Richie tracked down and approached Sam in March 2021, six months before the events of the fifth film, likely obtaining employment as her job where he got close to her and eventually struck up a romantic relationship with her, gaining her trust along the way.

2022 Woodsboro Legacy Murders

Six months after meeting Samantha, her sister Tara is attacked by Ghostface. After her surgery and recovery on the weekend, Sam is called by Wes Hicks on Monday, and she asks her to makes the decision to return to Woodsboro, with Richie offering to go with her to support her. During the drive, Richie claims that he's never seen the Stab movies. When they arrive in Woodsboro, they immediately visit Tara in the hospital.


Richie pretends to not know Stab.

Samantha agrees to stay with Tara in the hospital and Richie agrees to stay with them. Richie "catches up" on the Stab movies on Netflix. The next day, Sam is attacked. He is accused of being a killer by Amber, this all being a ruse to get the attention off each other.

Sam and Richie approach Dewey Riley for help and he immediately picks Richie as a suspect before joining them at the home of Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin where Mindy picks that the killers are attempting to make a "requel" to Stab 8, and that the current attacks so far, Tara, Vince and Samantha, were all connected to the original killers, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. When the group accuses Sam of being the Killer, she flees in anger.


Richie is at the hospital.

After Judy Hicks is murdered, Sam spots the police officer who was supposed to be watching Tara in the hospital at the scene and she races to the hospital to save her.

When Tara hides in the hospital, Richie arrives and acts like he was called by Sam, and he is attacked by Amber to get the attention off him. Richie, Tara and Sam flee and Ghostface kills Dewey.

Sam, Richie and Tara decide to leave Woodsboro the following day, leaving Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers to fight the Killer themselves. Along the way, Tara loses her inhaler, unaware that Richie stole it, and she asks them to stop at Amber's house to get it. They arrive at Amber's house, which was formerly Stu Macher's house, and they stop the party.

After an argument breaks out amongst the group, Amber reveals herself as the killer and Sam and Richie flee to the Basement where Richie attempts to pit Sam against Tara by planting a seed of doubt.


Sam abandons Richie deeming she has known her sister longer than him and goes upstairs to find Tara. When Sidney is attacked by Ghostface, Richie finally unmasks himself as Amber's accomplice and boyfriend. They fight and Richie overpowers Sam, while holding a gun to her head. Before he pulls the trigger, Sam angrily tells Richie never to mess with a serial killer's daughter and stabs him in the jaw with Amber's abandoned knife; the shock prevents him from pulling the trigger.


Sam proceeded to stab Richie many more times, leaving him bloodied and dying. With his last words, Richie asks about his ending, to which Sam grants him by slitting his throat. When Gale and Sidney come to see if she is alright, they warn her that they always come back. Sam shoots him three more times ensuring that he will never come back.

Aftermath of Death & The New York Ghostface Murders

S6 0324

After his death, there was strain in the Bailey family. After seeing photos of what Sam had done to Richie, Wayne wanted revenge and planned another killing spree with Quinn and Ethan. After failing to get his wife's support, he killed her with help from Ethan, and the trio moved to New York City to follow the Woodsboro Survivors to get revenge and frame Sam as the true killer and clear Richie's name.

Ethan manipulated the roommate lottery to get close to Chad and Quinn answered an anonymous ad to become roommates with Sam and Tara, and started an online subreddit pinning Sam as the killer. Around the same time, two students from Atlanta, Jason Carvey and Greg Bruckner, had been inspired by Richie to plan their own Ghostface killings. However, Wayne, Quinn and Ethan caught wind of the plan and killed both of them, beginning the New York Ghostface Murders.

Committed Murders

WesDeath Wes Hicks Stabbed through the neck Scream (2022)






Richie Kirsch Ghostface 9

The ninth revealed Ghostface killer, Richie.

  • "Sit the fuck down, Prescott!"
  • "Oh, thank god, you're still alive. Because I really wanted to be the one to kill you".
  • "I've never seen Gone with the Wind either, but I don't consider it like a major hole in my cinematic education.
  • "123 No-Fucking-Way Lane!"
  • "Alright, Let's get the fuck outta town, hm?!"
  • "Nice to meet- We met- S-Sam get in the car so we never have to see these people again."
  • "I'm saving your life; I'm saving your life."
  • "Okay, I'll be right back- Ah, hahahah!"
  • "There is always two killers."
  • "You mean like Halloween?' '...Sounds a lot like Halloween."
  • "And I gotta make sure we don't get sliced up by some lunatic who saw Friday the 13th and thought, "You know what? That Jason guy... he's got some pretty solid ideas."
  • "What about my ending?" - Richie's last words.
  • "You are my boner pills. No, No?"
  • "I mean yeah, a great deal yeah."
  • "Okay, do I have to take this from shitty Sam Elliott over here or what?"
  • "Right, like why kill that random Vince guy?"
  • "Yeah... he's way more fun in the movies."


  • His character name was confirmed by [1]ses the partygoers as "Gen Z" indicating his differing generation label (millennial). Despite this, he is secretly dating a teenager.
  • He shares vague similarities to Billy Loomis as well as Mickey Altieri, Charlie Walker, and Kieran Wilcox from the franchise, seeing as he could blend and gain the trust of the main characters while hiding his identity.
  • He has many references Billy Loomis.
    • He was able to gain her trust while hiding his true identity and motives.
    • Dates Sam for a ultimate purpose to kill her.
    • Like Billy with Sidney, Richie is being unfaithful to her with Amber.
    • Like Billy, Richie falls down the stairs "injured" in the fight with Samantha.
    • Richie, like Billy, slut shamed to get under her skin. Like Billy referred to Sidney's mother as slut to get under her skin, Richie says, "It wasn't hard to f*ck her either." to get under her skin.
  • Richie and Amber are officially the third male-female killer pairing in the Scream film franchise after: Mickey Altieri and Nancy Loomis in Scream 2 and Charlie Walker and Jill Roberts in Scream 4. In the television series, Piper Shaw and Kieran Wilcox in Seasons 1-2, and Beth and Jamal Elliot in Season 3 were also two male-female killer pairings working together.
  • Co-writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick have not commented on which killer killed which victim, however, co-director for the fifth film, Tyler Gillette was asked in a Collider interview who killed who. He gave his own idea that Amber is possibly both the mastermind and the muscle to the operation in their pitched backstory for the actors to play out. "We (speaking for Matt) think you could say it's both of them", he said for the opening as an exception.
  • He further suggested Richie falsely believed he concocted the overall masterplan and Amber secretly led "from behind" as he imagined Richie was "pathetic" and didn't "want to get his hands dirty". [2]
    • However, this description is inconsistent with events on-screen.
    • Richie, out-of-costume, stabs Sam explicitly and appears violent and maniacal, not cowardly and afraid to get his hands dirty.
    • On top of this, Amber and Richie's age dynamics are an intentional, unsettling aspect of the reveal, as the meta commentary mocks Redditors who groom underage girls.
  • After his family were unmasked as the killers of Scream VI, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett state that they believe the name "Richie Kirsch" was an alias.


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