Richard Andrews
Portrayed by Philip Pavel
Occupation Police officer
Partner Andrew Richards
Death Year:1998

Cause:Throat slashed with knife by Mickey Altieri

Status Deceased
Appearance(s) Scream 2

Officer Richard Andrews served as Sidney Prescott's bodyguard when it became apparent she was the prime target. He was the fifth person to fall victim to the 2nd Ghostface killing spree. He was portrayed by Philip Pavel.



Officer Richard Andrews was a single Gemini and believed by Sidney to be gay. A law enforcement officer, he was one of Chief Hartley's best men.

Scream 2

After the murders of three Windsor College students, Phil Stevens, Maureen Evans and Cici Cooper, and the attack of Sidney Prescott, Andrews spoke with Mickey Altieri outside Derek Feldman's hospital room. He and his partner, Officer Richards were soon ordered to protect her. They followed her throughout the day, while walking through campus with Derek, eating lunch with her friends, and The Fall of Troy rehearsals. The two searched for the killer when Sidney was harassed at the school's library via the internet and brought Cotton Weary into custody when he confronted Sidney about an interview.

After the announced murder of another Windsor College student, Randy Meeks, Officer Andrews and Officer Richards were tasked with escorting Sidney and her roommate and best friend Hallie McDaniel to somewhere where they would be safe from harm from the Ghostface killer. While driving them to their safety, they stopped at a red light, which Ghostface used to his advantage and while Officer Andrews and Officer Richards were teasing Sidney and Hallie, Ghostface smashed his left hand through the driver's seat window and slashed Officer Andrews' throat. Ghostface

Richard's death

then proceeded to beat up Officer Richards, hijack the car, crash it, impale Officer Richards through the back of the head with a large and long metal pole, killing him and finally killing Hallie by stabbing her in the chest four times in rapid succession before continuing to pursue Sidney.

In the climax of the film, when one of Ghostface killer's reveals their identity, Mickey Altieri, a large wound can be seen on the right side of his forehead which must have been sustained from the car crash, which would imply that he was the Ghostface that was responsible for the murders of Officer Andrews, Officer Richards and Hallie.

Behind the Scenes

  • Andrews and Richards' names are references to the two children actors (Brian Andrews and Kyle Richards) in Halloween.
  • It is rumored that Officer Andrews' first name is Richard, and that Officer Richards' first name is Andrew, which is obviously meant to be a pun, which is supposed to be amusing due to the unusual coincidence.
  • It is unknown who played him in the Stab franchise.