Rebecca Walters was Sidney Prescott's publicist as well as her personal assistant. Her character is mostly a strong reference to the old version of Gale Riley blended with Tatum Riley's characteristics of having heavily alliance with Sidney and feisty personality.

Rebecca was the fourth character to fall victim to the fourth Ghostface killing spree.


Rebecca first appears getting out of her car with her boss, Sidney Prescott, after arriving in Woodsboro for her book signing. She gives Dewey the keys to Sidney's rental car, when it becomes an official crime scene due to several Ghostface props, blood, and copies of Sidney's Out of Darkness novel being found in the trunk.

Rebecca is later seen outside the police station after the incident, where she unintentionally winds up Gale Riley. She claims she didn't get to say something earlier at the bookstore but she is extremely excited to meet "Gale Weathers" as she was her nineties. Rebecca goes on a tangent about the movie, Stab, and inappropriately making comments comparing the movie romance to Gale's marriage with Dewey. She manages to get Gale's attention again but in a negative way. She threatens Rebecca, scaring her off.

When Sidney and Jill are in the hospital after Olivia's death and Jill's attack, Sidney finally gets fed up with Rebecca's prissy, inconsiderate attitude, with the fact Rebecca also had not read her book and fires her.

Rebecca´s Death

Rebecca´s Death

As Rebecca is going into the parking garage to leave, telling herself that Sidney will come around and re-hire her in the morning, she gets a phone call from Ghostface. He's pretending to look for Sidney. After telling him that she is at the hospital with Sidney, Ghostface calls her a liar, informing her that he knows she is in the parking garage. Afraid, Rebecca gets into her car to find her car is dead and Ghostface on the hood with wires in his hand. Getting out of the car when she is convinced he disappeared, she runs to the door to get back into the hospital elevator but
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Rebecca is thrown off the parking lot, landing on a news van.

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Rebecca´s Corpse

the handle breaks off in her hand. Turning, she is stabbed in the stomach by Ghostface and dies from the injuries.

Meanwhile, down at the entrance of the hospital, Dewey is holding a press conference informing everyone, that everything is under control. Then, Ghostface throws a dead Rebecca off the parking lot and she lands on a news van.


  • "Oh my fucking god, Henry. Yes, it's true. Two girls butchered. Payday. I was so not feeling Woodsboro. I was like, "Lame PR move." Well, fuck me wow. Best. Idea. Ever."
  • "When I was a kid, it was all about", (imitates holding a microphone), "Top Story with Gale Weathers. You were my nineties!"

Behind the Scenes

  • Prior to filming, it was revealed that two characters' sides and casting calls had been merged into one. These turned out to be Bette and Rebecca.
  • Bette's casting cell states: "Sidney's personal assistant. Type A who gets the job done. Secretly yearns for Sidney's fame and fortune."
  • Rebecca's casting cell states: "Cute, vain over-achieving student at Woodsboro High School. Editor in Chief of the high school newspaper. She's a future Gale Weathers."
  • In the alternate scene of Rebecca’s death, she leaves the hospital going into the parking garage. After Ghostface taunts her over the phone and she responds by telling him that she's at the hospital with Sidney, she heads towards her car only to see the alarm go off while the car is moving and bumping. She flees to the other side of the parking garage and runs. Ghostface tells her that if she wants to go to the hospital, he'll be glad to put her there: "In the f*cking morgue!" She continues to flee until she sees another car at the end moving and Ghostface jumping out from behind it. She screams and runs towards the hospital's elevator but the handle breaks off in her hand. Turning around, she is stabbed in the stomach by Ghostface and slumps to the ground. Then Ghostface takes her body and drags her to the edge of the parking garage where he throws her off. Like the scene shown in the movie, she lands on the news van and dies.


  •  Being rendered a Type A personality; she will break the rules to get a story and is rather pushy and obnoxious in doing so. She even gets excited of opportunities, when Jenny and Marnie are murdered. These likenesses resemble an old version of Gale for this generation of Scream. Ultimately, this inconsideration got her fired by Sidney and soon after murdered by Ghostface.
Gale & Rebecca

Rebecca Walters is the new Gale Weathers

  • Rebecca is shown in a deleted scene on the DVD Bluray release where she is at the Roberts' house and sees Sidney looking at some old pictures above the fireplace in the living room, Rebecca asks who that is in the photo and Sidney says that it's her mother. Rebbeca tells Sidney she's got her hotel room booked but Sidney says she'll be staying with Kate and Jill. Rebecca agrees and leaves the house telling Sidney that she will be at the inn if she needs her.
  • In the script, Rebecca's last name is "Reed", and in the casting call Bette's last name was "Mankiewicz".
  • Where Rebecca resembles Tatum is the feisty personality: the conversation with herself about before she was murdered saying that Sidney never gets laid or shit faced, and how she will call soon and apologize for firing her. The fact that she is in her personal life and making herself a superior peer to Sidney summarizes the how Sidney and Tatum's dynamic as friends use to be. This would indeed be dynamic of them being friends and disagreeing within their thirties.

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