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Rachel is a character in Stab 7 who cameos in Scream 4.

Scream 4

Rachel is watching Stab 6 with her best friend Chloe, who gets fed up with Rachel when she tells Chloe about how dumb and obvious she thinks the Stab movies are. Chloe eventually stabs Rachel, telling her to be quiet while watching the movie. This is all in itself the beginning of the movie Stab 7, which Marnie and Jenny, the first two victims, are watching.

Rachel is killed by Chloe.


  • "That was so stupid! The death of horror right here in front of us!" To Chloe in Stab 7.
  • "A Facebook killer? You're kidding me? Right?" To Chloe Patterson in Stab 7.


  • Rachel continues the tradition of a famous actor, in this case, Anna Paquin, playing a character who is killed off during the films opening scene. Rachel has the least amount of screen time out of all of the opening kills.
  • Her surname is possibly Barnes.
  • According to the Internet Movie Database, she is based on Paris Hilton.
  • Rachel's character is a reference to Maureen Evans of Scream 2. The two share many similarities.
    • Rachel criticizes Stab 6, while Maureen criticizes Stab.
    • Rachel is killed by her best friend Chloe while watching the film. Maureen is stabbed by Ghostface, although he was wearing her boyfriend Phil's clothing, therefore implying that Maureen went out believing she was murdered by her boyfriend.
    • Both talked a lot during the movie, which comes as an annoyance to those around them.
  • Rachel was once rumored to be named Dana Milles, leading fans to speculate this as her last name.
  • In each of the three openings of Scream 4, there is usually a meaner more outspoken girl and a sweeter girl. In this opening Rachel is the outspoken mean one. Although this is ironic considering Chloe, the "sweet" one, is revealed to be the Ghostface of Stab 7.

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