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Hey roomies. You didn't see that one coming, did you?

–Quinn to Sam and Tara Carpenter

Quinn Kirsch, known by her alias Quinn Bailey, was one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Ethan Landry) in Scream VI. She was the twelfth revealed Ghostface killer in the Scream film franchise. She was the only daughter and middle child of Wayne Bailey, the younger sister of Richie Kirsch, and the elder sister of Ethan Landry. She sought justice against Samantha Carpenter for killing Richie and tried to frame her as the true mastermind of the 2022 Woodsboro Murders.

In the events of the New York Murders, Quinn was the roommate of Sam and Tara Carpenter after responding to an anonymous ad. She was prone to having multiple men in her life at once believing herself to be "sex positive". She faked her death with the help of her father and brother who attacked the group dressed as Ghostface and then swapped her body out for a decoy.

Quinn took the reigns as Ghostface and attacked Mindy Meeks-Martin on the subway and almost successfully killed Gale Weathers in her penthouse and she killed her boyfriend Brooks. She assisted her brother in stabbing Chad Meeks-Martin and then unmasked herself whilst wearing Stu Macher's mask. She was killed after being shot in the head by Sam.

She was portrayed by Liana Liberato.


Early Life

Quinn was born to Wayne Bailey and an unnamed mother born in approximately November or December 2003. Prior to this, they had given birth to their first son Richie Kirsch. It is unknown whether they had also given birth to Ethan Landry or whether he was born at the same time, or after, Quinn.

The family indulged Richie's love of the Stab movies, even helping him make his own fan film and YouTube videos about the franchise. When Richie met Amber Freeman, the two conceived a plan to make a new Stab movie using Billy Loomis' biological daughter, Samantha.

Richie and Amber eventually failed at their plan and Richie was stabbed 22 times by Sam and then slit in the throat. After Gale Weathers published a book detailing what happened: Wayne, Ethan and Quinn were mad at the loss of their brother/son and came up with a plan to get revenge.

Quinn responded to an anonymous ad to be Sam and Tara's roommmate and moved in with them to gain their trust. She took on the mantle as a sex positive woman who would host many men in their apartment. She also started a subreddit dedicated to exposing Sam as the true Woodsboro Murders mastermind.

The New York Ghostface Murders

S6 0106

Wayne Bailey dressed as Ghostface and murdered Blackmore University student, Jason Carvey, who was trying to continue Richie's plan, and that same night Quinn informed Sam that Tara was at a frat party, where Ethan also was, and Sam went there and attacked a student who was trying to take advantage of Tara. The group returned to their apartment where they all watched a news report on Jason's murder and Quinn and Wayne then lured Sam and Tara out of the apartment by Wayne calling her down for questioning where Ghostface proceeded to attack Sam and Tara in a Bodega.

The next morning, Quinn listens to Mindy's rules and suspects list with the rest of the group and then later that night she hosts her boyfriend, Josh, in the apartment whilst then faking her death with the help of Wayne or Ethan. Wayne then swapped out Quinn with a decoy body so Quinn could continue being Ghostface for them whilst everyone believed she was dead.

S6 0589

Wayne then calls Gale Weathers and starts harassing her about Dewey's death. In the process Quinn kills Gales muscular boyfriend, Brooks. Then Quinn by herself throws Brook's dead body through a bookcase and then does a knife swipe while wearing Billy Loomis' mask. Quinn then chases Gale through the whole apartment. Gale then shoots at Quinn. Quinn then calls Gale saying she left the penthouse. However this was not true. Quinn then hides in a closet. Gale starts to shoot the closet but Quinn has a bulletproof vest. She then jumps out and stabs Gale multiple times. As she is about to finish her off Sam and Tara come which makes Quinn flee.

S6 0710

Quinn then followed the gang to the Subway and after Ethan and Mindy got separated from the rest of the group, possibly by plan, she boarded the same subway as Mindy and Ethan and cornered Mindy. She muffled Mindy's screams and stabbed her and then disembarked the subway.

S6 0858

Quinn makes it to the theatre and together with Ethan, the two both wear Ghostface masks, Quinn wearing Stu Macher's and Ethan wearing Nancy Loomis', and attack Kirby Reed, knocking her out so Wayne can frame Kirby as the killer. Quinn stabs Tara but is beaten back by Chad. After he knocks her out and prepared to finish her with a gum ball machine, Ethan stabs him from behind. The two stab Chad multiple times, leaving him for dead.

S6 0957

They return to the theatre and upon Wayne's arrival unmask themselves and reveal that they are seeking revenge. During this time Tara hits Quinn with a brick which makes half her teeth fall out. When Quinn is on the balcony and sees Ethan getting stabbed in the mouth she seems visibly upset. When she tries to attack Sam she is shot in the head.

Committed Murders

BrooksDeath Brooks Stabbed multiple times and throat slit, thrown through a book shelf. Scream VI





Before reveal

  • "Life, I have found, is about variety."
  • "I like to think of myself as sex positive."
  • "Did I cockblock you?"

As Ghostface

  • "No, you're gonna die, Samantha. Chocking on your own blood, while I hack up your sister."
  • "For a mastermind, you're not very bright. Waiting for me to call, desperately hoping I’m nearby so the police can grab me? But I’m not nearby. I’m a step ahead."
  • "Maybe you did hit me. Maybe I'm wounded. Or maybe I'm wearing a bulletproof vest."
  • "You would’ve made a good killer, Gale. Sidney never would've made sense, and Dewey was the fan favorite. But you cracking under the pressure and turning into Ghostface would’ve been a great twist."
  • "It was always about poor, sweet Sidney sucking up all the oxygen. Where did that leave you to be?"
  • "I'm sorry about your boyfriend. All those muscles didn't help him."
  • "Huh?" (When Gale hangs up the phone)

After reveal

  • "Hey, roomies. You didn't see that one coming, did you?"
  • "There she is, there's the fucking killer."
  • "I got Stu Macher's mask. He was my favorite."
  • "Yes, you are, you motherfucker! You killed our brother!"
  • "Shut your whore-fucking mouth!" (to Tara)


  • Her and her brother's deaths are ironic considering their chosen masks. Ethan chose Nancy Loomis' mask, who died by getting shot through the head, and Quinn wears Stu Macher's, who died by getting his head crushed by a TV. The way they're killed is supposed to mirror what happened to the previous owners of each other's masks: Ethan died by getting his head crushed by the very same TV that was used to kill Stu, and Quinn was killed by getting shot in the head, much like how Nancy was.
  • She is the third Ghostface killer to fake her death, succeeding Billy Loomis and Roman Bridger.
  • She is the fourth female Ghostface, succeeding Amber Freeman, Jill Roberts, and Nancy Loomis.
  • Her character is a subtle callback to the psychotic roommate, Rebecca, from the thriller, The Roommate.
  • The name Quinn Bailey was probably a reference to Quinn Brenner in the film Insidious: Chapter 3, which Dermot Mulnorey portraited as Sean Brenner, the father of the daughter named "Quinn".
  • Liana Liberato was recently in the Amazon Prime Slasher Totally Killer and the plot ironically involves around her character and other teenage girls being victims of a serial killer in contrast to her character Quinn, who was one of the killers.
  • Her having one kill like Nancy Loomis killed Randy Meeks and her brother Richie Kirsch killed Wes Hicks.
  • Quinn is the tallest female killer in the franchise at 5' 7". Before her, Nancy Loomis and Beth were tallest at 5' 5".
  • Along with her father Wayne and brother Ethan. they are the first Ghostface and to date the only killer trio in the franchise.


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