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Season 2, Episode 2
Air date June 6, 2016
Written by Meredith Glynn
Directed by Scott Speer
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"All you people who think you know everything about the Lakewood Six. You don't know us, not really."
Brooke Maddox

"Psycho" is the second episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the twelfth episode of the series overall and it aired on June 6th, 2016.


Emma makes progress in facing her fears, until a figure from her past unexpectedly arrives in town. Noah pursues an unsettling lead for his podcast.


Emma runs out of the house away from the killer and meets Brooke outside. Strangely, the killer makes no attempt to attack or pursue them as they flee. They return to their respective homes and Maggie offers to take Emma back to the house. They find that all of the pictures and furniture are no longer present, Emma believes she is hallucinating. In the morning, Maggie goes to talk to Emma but Emma has already left to Kieran's house. Later, she confides in Kieran about her dreams and he comforts her about her apparent hallucination.

At school the Lakewood 6 (assumed to be now 5) all realize that Jake is no longer present, but believe that he is ditching school to annoy Brooke (As nobody knows that Jake is dead or that there is a new killer on the loose). Audrey notices Haley texting at the same time that she received a text from our killer. Audrey confronts Haley, who was actually just texting her boyfriend (Aaron) and calls Audrey a freak. Noah informs Audrey of an interview he has set up with an employee at the Crescent Palms motel, a place that Piper stayed at from time to time. Noah also tells her that the employee claims that he saw Piper's accomplice. Audrey offers to go with him and record the interview, which Noah accepts. After doing so, she rushes away with guilt written all over her face.

In psychology class Brooke caves and texts Jake, offering a boob picture if he responds to her. After class Emma approaches the teacher, Kristen Lang, and asks her if she would be willing to speak after class. Kristen recommends meeting at the cafe at 6.

Jake doesn't reply so Brooke goes to the police station to file a missing persons report (as Jake's parents are away in Mexico with no way for Brooke to contact them). While there she sits next to Gustavo who informs Brooke that his father forces him to stay in the station after school until his shift ends. Gustavo is shown sending a text message and shortly after Brooke receives a response from Jake requesting that she send the picture. Brooke then leaves the police station.

Emma is approached at the end of the day by a mysterious kid who is reading a sign about an upcoming "Miss Lakewood" event and asks her what she thinks about the school. He is oddly informed about the school for someone who does not live in the area. He claims that he is likely to start attending the school and walks off.

Kieran returns home from school to find Sheriff Acosta and his aunt, Tina Hudson, in his home. Acosta informs Kieran that he is not allowed to stay alone and must move back to Atlanta with Tina. Kieran calls and informs Emma, who is saddened by the news.

Emma meets Kristen at the cafe and is discussing PTSD and hallucinations when their coffee order is called out and Emma offers to walk to the counter and grab their drinks. As she walks away, Kristen is shown checking an audio recorder that was on and recording in her purse. Emma sees a woman sitting where Piper sat in the cafe, who wore glasses and looked like her, and responds by panicking, screaming "Piper!", and dropping the coffee. Kristen reassures Emma that with time and effort she will get better, she also recommends doing what ever it would take to prove to herself that Piper is dead.

Maggie goes to speak to Tina about something that is not disclosed.

Brooke discovers flowers and an apology note on her car that she believes is from Jake. She goes home and gets dressed, texting Jake telling him that she is coming over and for him to be ready when she arrives. Her father, Mayor Quinn Maddox, comes in, upset with her because she claimed that she is not going with him to a photo shoot. (He is trying to set a good image for his election that he is running). She tells him that she is going to see Jake and that she is in love with him, having changed her mind about breaking up with him. Quinn is appalled, saying that Jake is a bad person. Brooke disagrees and runs off. (Earlier in the episode, a text message conversation between Jake and Quinn is shown where it is revealed that Quinn was the one who gave Jake the directions to the barn where he was killed in. Quinn goes to call Jake to which Jake does not answer and he appears to be worried.)

Noah goes to interview the source: a man named Eddie who works at the front desk of the motel. He explains to Noah that Piper stayed that his motel and was usually here alone. One day, he saw Piper arguing with a female (presumably Audrey). But before he can say who it is, he gets a phone call by someone using a voice changer. It is revealed to be Audrey as she threatens Eddie not to give Noah any more information. Eddie promptly refuses to give anymore information and dismisses Noah, who is met by Audrey as he leaves. She apologizes for being late and pretends to be bummed that the worker refused to give more info. Noah tells her that he was granted permission to open a storage room that Piper owned in the area, which is believes will have evidence of an accomplice. Noah plans to open it in the morning and invites Audrey to film it in the morning, which she accepts.

Emma goes to Kieran's house and is met by the mysterious boy from the school, who turns out to be Kieran's cousin, Eli Hudson. She takes Kieran out to Wren Lake where she walks out onto the dock. After numerous flashbacks of Piper's death and a brief hallucination of the killer, Emma conquers her fears. They have an intimate moment in Kieran's car in which Kieran touches Emma's scar and she allows him to, which ultimately leads to sex. They return home to discover that Maggie offered to house Kieran, Tina refused but however said that her and her son would be moving in to Lakewood to allow Kieran to stay with Emma, much to their happiness.

Emma goes to walk home and is followed be a vehicle. Emma runs away, but seeing that she is unable to loose the driver, Emma shouts "Why are you following me!?" to the driver. The driver responds by getting out of the car and revealing himself to be Kevin Duval, Emma's father who has been trying to figure out how to approach her and talk to her.

Brooke goes to Jake's house and knocks, hoping to find Jake. Of course, nobody answers and Brooke sits on the porch. Gustavo is shown sitting on his bicycle off in the distance watching her. Emma goes home to Maggie and informs her of Kevin's return.

Audrey goes to the storage unit intent on disposing of the evidence to halt Noah's investigations. When she opens it, she discovers Jake's bloodied corpse inside with little notes pinned to his body, saying "see how I finished the job for you Audrey?". Audrey drops her flashlight and backs away in shock and horror at the death of her friend.


Main Cast

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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 1960 psychological horror film, "Psycho" which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie is an adaptation of the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch.
    • Both are similar because they both feature a motel where strange events occur.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.50 million people.
    • This episode has the most viewer counts of the season.
  • In the episode, Emma missed out on a tutorial session with Zoë Vaughn at George Washington High School.   
  • Quinn Maddox made his first appearance in the season in the episode.
  • Kevin Duval made his first real appearance in the episode.
    • He was previously seen in Ghosts as a hallucination of Emma at the hospital.
  • Emma experienced recurring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in the episode.
  • Prior to questioning Eddie Hayes for his interview, Noah enters the Crescent Palms motel.
    • The neon signs outside the motel says 'Vacancy'. This particular scene could be a possible foreshadowing for the next episode which is titled Vacancy.
  • Jake's body was found in a storage unit by Audrey in the episode.
  • Audrey uses a voice changer in this episode on camera.
    • Audrey uses the device to threaten Eddie to not divulge information to Noah pertaining to his previous sighting of the second accomplice of Piper.
    • Previously, she used the voice changer on camera to Emma in Aftermath.
  • Eddie Hayes, Eli Hudson, Tina Hudson and Deputy Laverne Shell made their first appearances in the series.
  • This is the first episode of the season to not have a death scene.

Featured Music

  • Western Lows “Slow Plane”

Quinn and Brooke try to mend their relationship

  • Leyya “I’m Not There”

Kristen records the meeting between her and Emma. Emma spills her coffee after thinking she sees Piper

  • ADLT VDEO “Break ft. Mindy Jones”

Emma confides in Kristen

  • Harry Shadow “Flicker ft. Chi”

Brooke discovers several dozen roses on her car

  • Vok “Waiting”

Brooke ditches her dad for Jake

  • La Mar “Still Wild”

Emma and Kieran make love in Kieran’s car

  • Phlake “Angel Zoo”

Emma and Kieran find out Kieran isn’t moving out of Lakewood


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