Prison Guard is a minor character in the television adaptation series, Scream. He is portrayed by Sean Richmond.


The prison guard is a gruff. He is an extremely spoiled, pompous, and gluttonous police officer. His only loyalty lies with that of his partner, who treat Kieran Wilcox like trash and acts as his mother figure.

The prison guard is very hostile towards Kieran, constantly trying to mock Kieran by his "movie star good-looks", and get Kieran into trouble, with the only apparent motive of making his life harder and more miserable, showing he doesn't in the slightest appreciate Kieran's good looks and menacing nature, and even seems to dislike all criminals, evidenced by his scowling and gruffiness when the two police officers are bickering over trivial things.

The prison guard is also very ambitious and ruthless, going to any lengths to cruely mock Kieran, and is sneaky enough to play the victim if he got in trouble.

Season 2

After the trial, the prison guard is briefly seen when he brings Kieran Wilcox into the prison, gripping Kieran's arm. He tells Kieran that "he looks more like a movie star than a murderer" and asks him if he killed his victims with his "good looks". His partner replies that he murders his victims with a knife, scythe, and even a corkscrew.

After his partner leaves, the prison guard does some paper work standing up, in front of Kieran. Kieran tells the guard he needs to "use the can". The guard rudely answers "too bad". As a phone rings, the guard answers it and has to work longer on the job. The guard groans "Copy that." in dismay.

After hearing a creaking noise in the vent the guard slowly turned around and looks, dumbfounded yet horrified for a quick second. A person in a Brandon James mask leaps out of the ventilation system, lunging onto the prison guard.

Stunned and surprised, the guard barely has time to react and whip out his gun from his holster as the killer grabs the stunned guard by both sides of his head. He gives a nice, big twist to the prison guards head, swiftly twisting his neck 180 degrees, instantly killing him.

The guards lifeless body drops to the floor, face down. The killer looks down, tilting it's head with curiosity and scans the prison guard's body and notices the keys clipped on his belt.

The killer grabs the key from the prison guard's body and sets Kieran free, only to brutally murder him as well, despite his efforts to seize the Guard's gun.


  • The prison guard is the only unnamed victim in the series.
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