Ports in the Storm
Season 3, Episode 4
Scream Resurrection Episode Watermark
Air date July 9, 2019
Written by Penny Cox
Directed by William Scharpf
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"Ports in the Storm" is the fourth episode of the third season of the television series, Scream. It premiered on VH1 on July 9, 2019.


On Halloween night, Ghostface lures the Deadfast Club out of the city to the suburbs. Tricks rather than treats ensue, leaving the group bloodied and battered. When put to another test, each member of the group must choose who they trust the most.


During Manny's funeral, Kym receives flowers along with a note written by Ghostface, telling her to choose who in the group should die, and stating that "snitchers die".

Shortly thereafter, Kym meets up with the group and Deion decides that no one in the group should respond to the message, so no one will be chosen. At night, Deion asks Jamal for a gun and goes to Liv's house to discuss their next steps, only for them to have sex that night.

Amir goes to Beth's house, where they have a talk about who they really want to be, theorize that Liv can be Ghostface and soon after, they had sex too. During that same night, Kym does a simple homage to Manny on the roof of the school, where she encounters Hawkins, Deion's teammate, who reveals that Manny and he were lovers. Deion wakes up and finds a private telephone in Liv's drawer, and a receipt of flowers Kym received earlier that day.

When confronted about it, Liv discovers the gun in his backpack, and in fear for his safety, calls her father to arrest him. However, Reynolds takes him into the middle of the forest, where he reveals to Deion that Liv has been mentally unstable since the separation of her parents, and fears that she has personality disorder. During the conversation, Reynolds is attacked and stabbed by Ghostface and Deion ,visibly scared, calls the police, only to discover that they had been called before, and he flees.

At Beth's house, the group gets a message announcing that Deion has been chosen to die and Beth discovers that Amir has voted to do so according to what Deion had previously requested. But Beth remembers that the message said "snitchers die," and that may indicate that Amir is in danger because he chose Deion. Said and done, Ghostface invades Beth's house and they both run through it together but end up splitting up in the process. Amir is killed by Ghostface in the elevator. While the ambulance takes his body, the police arrest Deion on suspicion of attacking Reynolds.


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• Amir's death pays homage to the death of Casey Becker from the original Scream


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