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See ya inside!

–Phil's final words to Maureen Evans.

Phil Stevens is a minor character who appears in the opening of Scream 2 (1997 film). He was the first victim of the 1997 Windsor College Murders, the first of five subsequent copycat Ghostface killing sprees.

Phil died in an Ohio theatre named Rialto in the venue's toilet, during the Spring of 1997. He was murdered by Ghostface, along with his girlfriend, premed senior, Maureen Evans, at the sneak-preview midnight screening for the slasher film, Stab (1997) based on true events.

The masterminded scheme was concocted by Nancy Loomis, and likely physically carried out by contract serial killer, Mickey Altieri, as part of the design to copy the deaths of the first and second Ghostface victims, Maureen Prescott and Steven Orth.

He was portrayed by Omar Epps.


The Windsor College Murders (1997)

Phil and his girlfriend, Maureen decided to watch Stab directed by Robert Rodriguez. As the couple enters the theatre, a majority of the audience is seen wearing Ghostface masks. Phil also wears one. Maureen displays frustration and annoyance, stating that she is not to be fond of horror films. Inevitably, she shows annoyance with Stab and Heather Graham's character, Casey Becker being shown nude, while Phil does not mind.

Phil heads to the bathroom, during the first few minutes of the film. As he enters, he notices two people in Ghostface costumes, using the urinals. Phil gets in the stall, as he hears a noise that interests him, which is Ghostface imitating Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Once he puts his ear against the stall, he is stabbed in the ear by Ghostface. He slumps to the floor. Ghostface heads out of the bathroom wearing Phil's jacket. Ghostface then stabs Maureen more than once, killing her.

Afterwards, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley notice the name of Phil’s last name, Stevens and realize it represents the first victim of the Woodsboro Murders, Steven Orth. They realize, the representation of the murder spree is being replicated with these murders.


By Phil

  • "Nobody wan' pay 7.50 to see some Sandra Bullock shit. Unless she's naked."
  • "It's adrenaline, Maureen!"
  • "It's good to be scared."
  • "I suppose Sandra Bullock is Miss Ethnicity."
  • (Rolls eyes) "Let's go see Sandra Bullock".
  • "It's just a movie. Besides, scary movies are great foreplay."
  • "See ya inside!" (Last words to his girlfriend, Maureen before he is murdered).

About Phil

  • "Just stop playing so much." (Maureen to her boyfriend)
  • "Phil Stevens... Steven Orth." (Gale revealing why Phil was murdered).
  • "You better loosen up that wrist." (Maureen to Phil).
  • "I think she's about to get it!" (Maureen to "her boyfriend")
  • "I got my money. I asked for your money." (Maureen to Phil).


  • He was described as "a handsome counterpart" to Maureen Evans in the script.
  • His major at Windsor College is unknown.
  • He likes horror movies because of the “adrenaline”.
  • He is the first black male character to appear in the Scream franchise. He is also the first to die in the film, and the first black victim of Ghostface.
  • He possibly got the free tickets from Mickey to lure him and Maureen into a trap to be the first victims.
  • He is an example of the "black dude dies first" trope commonly associated with slashers, as the second film's first victim.
  • Phil and Maureen's scene is parodied in the first Scary Movie by Brenda Meeks (played by Regina Hall) and Ray Watkins (played by Shawn Wayans). At first glance, they appear to meet a similar fate to Phil and Maureen (In a more comedic fashion). Later, it is shown that Ray is alive and one of the copycat killers alongside Bobby Prinze (A parody of Billy Loomis and Ray Bronson from I Know What You Did Last Summer).


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