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Wherever she went, people died. Other people. It was never her. I mean, Stab is the wrong franchise for her, it should be Final Destination.

–Olivia refers to Sidney Prescott as the Death entity from Final Destination.

Olivia Morris was a minor character in Scream 4 (2011 film). A senior at Woodsboro High School, she was best friends with her next door neighbor, Jill Roberts and their other friend, Kirby Reed.

Unlike other members of the group, her character template does not appear to be overtly based on anyone from the original film (in the official, theatrical cut of the film).

Olivia is also one of the only (if only) characters to show an overt dislike and fear of being around franchise heroine and survivor, Sidney Prescott given what happened to others in close proximity to her. Her character profile in the casting description was described as knowing "how to be bitchy without being a bitch".

Olivia was the third character to fall victim to the fourth Ghostface killing spree, also known as the Woodsboro Massacre Remake.

She was portrayed by Marielle Jaffe.


Early Life

Olivia was born sometime in 1994 in Woodsboro, California and grew up next door to Jill Roberts and her mother, Kate Roberts.

During this time, her mother, Ms. Morris had divorced at some point from Olivia's unnamed father, possibly Mr. Morris, and had gotten in a relationship with a different man sometime after.

The Woodsboro Massacre Remake (2011)

At the start of the film, she is shown going to school with Jill and Kirby Reed. In the car, both Kirby and Olivia ask Jill about her cousin, Sidney Prescott, whom Olivia brandishes the Grim Reaper and the Angel of Death. She calls Sidney this because everyone around her always dies.

Jill soon receives a phone call from Ghostface (Charlie Walker) using Jenny Randall's phone and Olivia conveys her dislike for Jenny until she notices Jill isn't talking to Jenny. She then says, "Okay, that was weird." This makes her nervous when she mentions that she got a similar phone call from Marnie Cooper's phone. On the way to school, Kirby almost gets into an accident that likely would've killed Jill and injured Olivia.

Once the three arrive at school, they are pestered by Robbie Mercer and Charlie Walker, two intense movie nerds. Robbie is seen wearing a headset with a camera which is revealed to be filming for a real-life blog. This seems to annoy Kirby and Olivia while Jill doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Robbie could be seen flirting with Olivia by referring to her as "Olivia 'Don't-Look-At-My-Tits-I-Have-A-Mind' Morris" which prompts her to shoot down his advances. Charlie is also trying to make a pass at Kirby that she seemingly brushes off.

Later at school, with the group of friends in English class together, multiple cell phones go off. Their teacher, Mr. Baker, hears this and demands the students to share the news to the class. She quickly answers, "Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper were murdered last night." Robbie makes a comment and is shushed by Olivia and a few other students as he tries to joke about it being the anniversary. Seconds after she announces this, the class sees news vans and emergency vehicles rush through the street outside.


"Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper were murdered last night!"

Following the discovery about Jenny and Marnie's murders, Olivia is brought to the police station alongside Kirby and Jill, where they are questioned by Sheriff Dewey Riley, Sidney, and Deputy Judy Hicks because of the threatening calls they received from Jenny and Marnie's cell phones. Kirby fears in the interrogation room that she may not live as long as Olivia and Jill because she did not receive a phone call like they did.

Olivia later arrives home that night to find a police car sitting outside of Jill’s house next door to her own. Olivia calls Kirby's cell to see what her friends are up to and finds out that they are watching Shaun of the Dead (2004) in Jill's room. Kirby invites her to join them, but she declines once she discovers that Sidney is staying at the Roberts' house for the night. Once again, she calls Sidney the Angel of Death and says, "Forget it. Next door is close enough."

While changing for bed, Olivia receives a call from Jill, who tries to prank her by pretending to be Ghostface. Olivia tells her that it's the worst imitation of Ghostface she’s ever heard.

Kirby meanwhile answers a call to her phone from who they think is Jill's ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, and finds herself talking to the real Ghostface. He reveals that he knows she's watching Shaun of the Dead, then proceeds to tell her that he's standing in the closet. Kirby assumes it's Trevor attempting a prank, but he keeps insisting that he's not Trevor. When Kirby demands to know who he is, he encourages her to open the closet door. Despite Jill’s protests, Kirby moves towards the closet and opens it. Finding it empty, she brands the caller a liar to which he replies, “I never said I was in your closet!”.


Olivia Hand Stab

Ghostface stabbing Olivia through her left hand.

As Olivia stands at her bedroom window, watching to see what is happening over at Jill's house, Ghostface suddenly bursts out of her closet and stabs her in her right shoulder. Hearing the commotion, Jill and Kirby watch as Ghostface chases Olivia around her room. Sidney also hears the commotion and rushes to Olivia’s house in order to rescue her after going to Jill's room to see what was going on.


Terrified Ghostface chasing Olivia across her room.

Ghostface stabs Olivia in her left hand and kicks her against her dresser, before then stabbing her deeply in the back. Ghostface then throws her onto the bed, and begins to repeatedly stab her in the stomach. He then picks her up and smashes her head through the window, turning her gashed and stabbed body over to show a horrified Jill and Kirby who have been watching from across the window, before pulling her back into the room and fleeing the scene.

Olivia stomach stab 5

Disembowelment Ghostface, stabbing Olivia in the stomach.

Sidney breaks into Olivia’s house and rushes to her bedroom, discovering Olivia’s disemboweled, bloodied corpse on her bed, which startles her. Olivia's phone rings and Sidney answers to which she receives a call from Ghostface before Jill then comes running up the stairs wanting to see if her friend is okay. Sidney prevents her from looking at Olivia's corpse. Jill, pretending to be upset, tells Sidney, "She said you were the Angel of Death."

The Ghostface who killed Olivia was Charlie because Jill was in her room watching it happen with Kirby. She planned the murder by informing Charlie that she and Kirby will be watching Shaun of the Dead at her house while

Olivia Morris's death

Charlie will be hiding in Olivia's bedroom closet. She also handed Charlie Trevor's phone, which she had stolen from him. Since Jill was using her phone, her prank call to Olivia was probably a signal for Charlie to call Kirby's phone. He used Trevor's phone to dial Kirby's cell number knowing she would be the one to answer it. It seems that Jill planned this so she could point suspicion towards Trevor whom she intended on framing for the killing spree.

Olivia gutted closeup

Serious Intestinal Problems Olivia's horrible corpse after being stabbed to death by Charlie Walker.

Olivia's death is, by far, the most brutal and excruciating in the entire film series, even though her death was similar to the deaths of Steven Orth and Casey Becker in the first film, but Steven's and Casey's death were far less brutal than Olivia's, as her death was more explicitly shown than Steven's and Casey's.

Post Death

Shortly after her death, Robbie, who has taken her death the hardest, shares on his website that Olivia is dead and they will officially never be in a relationship. The next day, in the Cinema Club, Charlie and Robbie explain their theory about the killer's intentions. They say that the new killer wants to do a Stab remake and make a reference that Olivia could be the new version of Tatum Riley when they say, "The hottest girl in the school is killed."

Remake Murders Recorded

Olivia's murder in Charlie's final footage.

She is also mentioned in a phone call between Jill and Kirby while Kirby was walking to the Fort Miller barn for the Stab-A-Thon. Kirby tells Jill that she thinks Olivia would understand and want her to be around other people.

Olivia was also mentioned at Kirby's house as Charlie is about to put on Stab 7 for the group to watch. Jill says that maybe they shouldn't watch Stab 7 because of Olivia.

The last time Olivia is mentioned is when after Jill and Charlie are revealed as the killers, he compares her death with Robbie's death, saying that he had great footage of his Robbie kill, even better than his Olivia kill. He even taunts Sidney by showing her the murder on his phone, along with Marnie Cooper's murder.

The New York City Murders (2023)

Olivia is referenced in the shrine that Richie Kirsch created. In it, a mannequin can be seen wearing her pair of pajamas which is stained with blood from the result of her attack in the 2011 Woodsboro Murders.






By Olivia

  • "Wherever she went, people died. Other people. It was never her. I mean, Stab is the wrong franchise for her, it should be Final Destination." (Olivia refers to Sidney as the Death entity from Final Destination).
  • "Oh, by the way, have you seen the Grim Reaper yet? Angel of Death?" (About Sidney)
  • "That's the worst imitation I've ever heard, Jill."
  • "Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper were murdered last night!"
  • "Then forget it. Living next door is close enough." (After being told Sidney is still in the house.)
  • "Somebody, help me!" (while being stabbed by Ghostface)

About Olivia

  • "...the luscious Olivia Don't-Look-At-My-Tits-I-Have-A-Mind Morris." (Robbie introducing Olivia to his audience for his live video blog upload, Hall Pass).
  • "And the school's hot chick savaged beyond recognition..." (Robbie/Charlie about Olivia).
  • "Come on, it was her favorite!" (Kirby about Olivia enjoying Stab 7).


  • Her casting call states: "Sexy and hot. A fun girl who knows how to be bitchy without being a bitch. She finds a way to make every situation about her, but somehow does it in a charming way. Part of the Jill, Kirby, Charlie, Trevor friend group."
  • On Dewey's phone screen in the fifth film, the contact "Mr. Morris" can be seen. It is possibly a reference to her father.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: When Olivia arrives home, Kirby calls her, inviting her to Jill's house. Olivia turns it down after hearing Sidney is staying at Jill's house because Sidney is the "Angel of Death". A little later, Kirby tells Jill that Olivia fears the reaper. Olivia soon becomes Ghostface's next victim. (From TV Tropes)
  • A deleted scene revealed she was originally supposed to be a reference to Tatum Riley (while her friend Kirby, who physically and at times emotionally resembled the spunkier blonde best friend archetype similar to Tatum, appeared to be more true to Sidney by the end).
    • However, due to the opening scene being re-shot that gave Jenny Randall the homage to Tatum's demise instead of Steven Orth, this reference was cut.
    • In a deleted scene, Judy Hicks photographs Olivia's bloodied corpse and informs Dewey that she had a pet door around her neck. Judy mentions how strange that is to her. To Dewey, it brings back painful memories of his younger sister, Tatum, and how she was a victim of the original Woodsboro Murders in 1996. He goes on to say that the murders are not random, but they are planned out to look like a remake of the original murders.
    • It is unknown why the scene was cut. It is likely due to the fact that Judy, having gone to school with Tatum, would already be aware of her and the circumstances surrounding her death. The monologue was likely given due to criticisms towards Dewey not mentioning his sister in the sequels.
  • Olivia’s death is considered to be the most brutal death shown in the films, as while she had a similar death to Steven Orth and Casey Becker; all of them being disembowelled, Olivia’s death scene is more explicitly shown than Steve’s and Casey’s death scenes, as well as there being a more lingering shot of Olivia’s disembowelled and bloodied corpse.
  • Goof: Despite Olivia’s room is shown to have been splattered with her blood, no blood is seen on Ghostface when he appears a few seconds later after Sidney arrives at the scene. This is probably one of Scream 4's movie mistakes. However, although unlikely, Ghostface might have washed the blood off his face mask.


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