Olivia Finley
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Marital Status: Single
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Occupation(s): College Student
Nickname: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Romances: Seth Branson (Secret Relationship) (Deceased)
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Other Information
Interests: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Secret(s): Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance: Ghosts
Latest Appearance: Ghosts
Last Appearance: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Unknown

Olivia Finley was a college student that studied in New Hampshire. She was in a romantic relationship with Seth Branson until she was found dead, apparently murdered. She is mentioned and seen in a photo in Ghosts.


Olivia Finley entered a romantic relationship with her college professor Seth Branson. Olivia had suicidal tendencies which she regularly threatened Seth with. However, Seth did not take her threats seriously until she apparently went through with it. To avoid any suspicion, Seth moved away to prevent anyone from finding out his relationship with Olivia.


Season 1


  • She was the first character to be in a secret relationship with Seth Branson.
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