"It's a time-honored enforcement of the food chain. The weak are outed and then eaten."
—Nina Patterson to Tyler O'Neill[src]

Nina Patterson was a recurring character in the television series Scream. She was portrayed by Bella Thorne.


Nina Patterson was one of the popular mean girls and the former Queen Bee at George Washington High School before her death.

On a particular night, Nina and her ex-boyfriend, Tyler O'Neill, uploaded a video of Audrey Jensen and Rachel Murray making out inside Audrey’s truck in a parking lot. Shortly after, she was brutally murdered by a person in a Brandon James mask.

From what others have said, Nina was cruel, vindictive and petty: examples include betting Will to sleep with Emma simply out of jealousy and blackmail on various Lakewood residents.


Nina was the Queen Bee and “It” girl of Lakewood. Nina ruled the student body with an iron fist. She was undoubtedly worshipped by all. Nina joyously speculated and hugely enjoyed the agony of Audrey Jensen: playing sadistic schemes on her, and mercilessly harassed her. Nina only picked on Audrey out of envy, due to her social outcast image.

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After Tyler's severed head is revealed, a horrified Nina screams and grabs her phone and scrambles out of the hot tub. She runs away while looking back, checking to see if someone is behind her, and hides behind a tree. After trying to contact the police, she accidentally activates Siri on her phone, which calls Pottery Barn instead. Later, she panics and tries to get back into her house, but all the doors are locked. Nina cries out for help, but has her back slashed. While bleeding in pain, Nina spins around and faces her attacker while backing away and gets up but falls. As Nina tries crawling away, the killer grabs her from behind and after Nina pleas, the killer slices her throat wide open. The killer then, throws Nina into the swimming pool to let her die. Her body was eventually discovered by her mother.


  • Nina (whispering): “Call 911.”
    Siri: Calling Pottery Barn.
  • Nina: "It's a time-honored enforcement of the food chain. The weak are outed and then eaten."
  • Nina: "I just needed your tech-savvy, not what's in your pants."
  • Nina: "Sage is a trained-attack Pomeranian and she will gut you on command."
  • Nina: "You want to come in the hot tub with me, don't you, Sage? You can’t go in the hot tub. That would be gross."


  • Nina is the opening kill in the TV series and the first character to be killed on screen.
    • Her death bares some resemblance to Casey Becker's from Scream. As she attempted to run away from the Lakewood Slasher, it was later revealed that she was unsuccessful, facing the same fate as Casey: dead and discovered by her parents.
  • Shares many similarities with Maureen Prescott, as both of their deaths highly impacted the characters.
  • In keeping with series tradition, the show's biggest star, Bella Thorne, dies in the first eight minutes. She actually requested the role of Nina, noting that the opening kill is an iconic element of having big-named Hollywood actresses of Scream.
  • Nina was one of the popular mean girls at George Washington High.
  • She was involved in a blackmailing scheme with Will, Tyler and Jake for money.
  • Before her death, Emma and Nina didn't seem to have the best relationship, even more so after Nina's secrets start spilling.
  • In The Dance, it was shown through a video that Nina tried to flirt with Kieran in a bar.
    • The video was recorded by Rachel who was at the same bar.
  • She cheated on Tyler with Will Belmont, and apparently several other jocks.
    • It is unknown if Tyler ever found out or was aware of Nina cheating on him before his death.
  • According to Lorraine Brock, Nina died on September 30, 2015.
    • However, in the Pilot, Nina’s phone says September 15.
  • Nina relentlessly tormented Audrey Jensen since fourth grade, mainly because Audrey was bi-sexual and a social outcast in Lakewood.
  • A video of Nina’s death is briefly shown in the Zenith Theater in When a Stranger Calls.
  • Bella Thorne stated that Nina will appear in flashbacks throughout Season 2. However, that was later confirmed to be false.

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