Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell at the Emmy Awards (2016)
Name Neve Campbell
Date of Birth October 3, 1973
Age 45
Origin Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Years Active 1991-present
Occupation(s) Actress
Character(s) Sidney Prescott

Neve Adrianne Campbell plays Sidney Prescott, the primary lead and final girl of the Scream series.


Aside from her beloved role as Sidney Prescott in the Scream franchise (which she personally considers her best role), Campbell has appeared in numerous other films such as The Ghost of Canterville, Wild Things, The Craft, Drowing Mona, Titanic: Blood and Steel and Churchill: The Hollywood Years, Campbell also portrayed Julia Salinger in Party of Five (1994-2000).

Personal Life

Campbell was a smoker from age 13 to 2011, when she successfully quit after having failed to do so numerous times before. Campbell was married twice and, after separating from her first husband before their divorce, Jeff Colt, dated co-star Matthew Lillard, beginning in 1996, after the shooting of Scream, while filming Scream 2, which he had a cameo, until 1998. The two remain friends, even to the point that Lillard visited Campbell in 2010 while she filmed Scream 4, which he got another cameo in the Scream franchise. She later married John Light, but they divorced in 2011. Campbell has been dating J.J. Field for years and they have a child together.


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