Portrayed by Portia de Rossi
Location Windsor College
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Scream 2

Murphy is a student at Windsor College. She and Lois were members of Delta Lambda Zeta, a popular sorority at Windsor College, during the Windsor College Murders.

Scream 2

Murphy is seen as one of the heads of Delta Lambda Zeta. She comes across as a little fake to Sidney as she and Murphy attempt to persuade Sidney to join the sorority.

Behind the Scenes

  • She and Lois were described as "two gorgeous sorority type girls...All looks and attitude" in the script.


  • "It's really weird, isn't it? To think this fuss is all because of you! I mean, not directly but in some 6-degrees-Kevin-Bacon way!"
  • "...The Delta Lambdas are very sensitive to your plight." Finishing Lois's sentence.
  • "Hi! No, I really mean that. Hi." Greeting Sidney and Hallie at the sorority party
  • "We only promote safe, condomed sex. See, we're about love, respect and responsibility."
  • "Oh, yeah."
  • "Is everything okay?"