Mrs. TateMs tate
Portrayed by Lois Saunders
Location Woodsboro
Occupation English teacher
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Scream

Mrs. Tate is a English teacher at Woodsboro High. 


She was deeply upset the day after Casey Becker and Steven Orth were murdered. She told the class that times like that could use prayers was still needed in school. Sidney Prescott sadly looks over to the left of her seat where Casey Becker sat and imagines what happen to her. Breaking her thoughts, Mrs. Tate excuses Sidney Prescott to meet with the police for questioning of Casey and Steven's murder.

Behind the Scenes

She was described as "a frumpy old woman" in the script. Her scene was reminiscent of classroom scenes in Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

It is unknown who plays her in the Stab franchise.


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Mrs. Tate comforting her class after the murder of the students Casey Becker and Steven Orth