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Mrs. Loomis, also known as Debbie Salt, is the main antagonist of Scream 2 and the mother of Billy Loomis. She planned out the second Ghostface killing spree in order to get revenge on Sidney for killing her son in the first film.

She orchestrated the copycat killing spree with the assistance of psychopathic film student Mickey Altieri. However, Mickey and Debbie herself were both ultimately killed in the process.



Debbie Loomis in Scream 2.

Debbie abandoned her son, Billy, after she discovered that her husband, Hank Loomis, had been having an affair with fellow Woodsboro resident, Maureen Prescott. Coincidentally, Maureen's daughter was Sidney Prescott, Billy's girlfriend. Billy and his best friend, Stu Macher, killed Maureen while framing Cotton Weary. One year later, they had continued on their killing spree but Billy and Stu were ultimately killed by Sidney.

Debbie hence is stricken with grief after her son's death. She had a makeover and meets the psychopath film student Mickey Altieri on his website. Mickey agreed to execute a copycat killing spree of the original Woodsboro murders in exchange for guidance, tuition expenses and to become famous from the trial. What he did not know was her intention of killing him afterwards to conceal her identity and frame him for all the murders. She then creates the alias Debbie Salt, a reporter for a local newspaper, who poses as a massive fan of reporter, author and Woodsboro survivor Gale Weathers.

Scream 2

Debbie and Mickey's first victims were Windsor college students Phil Stevens and Maureen Evans because their names were similar to the original Woodsboro victims Maureen Prescott and Steven Orth. Maureen and Phil were attending the premiere of Stab, a film based on Gale weathers book about The Woodsboro Murders. When Phil went to the bathroom, Debbie hid in the stall next to his and started making mumbling noises, Phil curious put his head against the stall wall to hear better, that's when Mrs Loomis stuck a knife through the stall wall into Phil's ear, killing him. Debbie then gave Phil's jacket to Mickey who went into the theatre wearing it over his Ghostface costume. Maureen thinking it was Phil, put her head on Mickey's shoulder when the movie got frightening and noticed blood on her hands from the jacket. Mickey then took out a knife and stabbed her in the stomach, he stabbed her three more times in the back before escaping through the side entrance of the theatre. The audience did nothing to help as they thought it was a publicity stunt and as Maureen climbed onto the stage, she let out a cry of pain before succumbing to her injuries and dying.

The following day, Debbie arrives at Windsor College under the alias Debbie Salt where she introduces herself to a slightly annoyed Gale. That same night, Mickey and her prepare to claim their third victim, a film student named Cici Cooper, who was chosen due to having a similar first name to the third victim of the Woodsboro murders, Casey Becker. Mickey calls Cici, taunting her at first then poses as her boyfriend, Ted, to distract Cici and her sorority sister, Dawnie, while Debbie sneaks into the house through the open front door. After Dawnie leaves, Mickey reveals he is not Ted and scares Cici into closing her front door and setting the alarm. When Cici answers the phone the second time, confused at first by why it's ringing when she didn't hang up, Debbie leaps out from under the staircase and chases Cici up the stairs. Cici is chased to the very top floor of the house and after hitting Ghostface with a flowerpot and a bicycle, Cici hesitates when she reaches a glass door. Debbie takes advantage of this by grabbing Cici, smashing her through the glass door and stabbing her in the back twice as she tries to get up. Then Debbie grabs Cici and throws her off the balcony from three stories high, with the fall killing her upon impact against the ground. She escapes before the authorites arrive.

Mrs. Loomis annoying Gale.

Debbie later appears again as Debbie Salt in the front of the sober house where it has now become an official crime scene after the discovery of Cici's lifeless body. She briefly encounters Gale before leaving, letting her know the generic of the who the victim was, before leaving to call Sidney over at her sorority house the party was at. There is a brief verbal encounter where Sidney says, "Then why don't you show your face, you fucking coward?". Debbie attacks Sidney as soon as she hangs up the phone. After a mild intervention by Sidney's boyfriend Derek Feldman, Debbie is unable to inflict any damage on Sidney and manages to get away. Woodsboro survivor, Dewey Riley, arrives at the scene and investigates the inside of the house after being told by Sidney that's where the killer is. Dewey doesn't find the killer but finds Derek with his arm slashed. Derek sustains no serious damage from his wound, as the blade "conveniently missed every major vein and artery" according to Randy Meeks. This only arroused suspicion onto Derek by Dewey and Randy, fellow Woodsboro survivor and film geek. Debbie later calls Randy's cell phone while him, Dewey, Gale and Gale's cameraman, Joel Jones, are having a discussion in the middle of a large park in broad daylight. 

Debbie upon killing Randy Meeks, in Scream 2

Randy answers the phone and explains to Dewey and Gale that it's the killer. Randy keeps Debbie on the phone per Dewey's request, while Gale and Dewey search the surrounding area for people with a mobile phone in their hand. While stalling Debbie, Randy severely insults Billy and Stu. However, his insults about Billy cause Debbie to become "a little knife happy" and pull Randy into Joel's newsvan, throwing him against the newsvan window, slashing his throat and stabbing him in the chest four times; escaping before the others realize Randy's missing.

Debbie approaches Gale as Debbie Salt after Cotton's interrogation and Sidney's threatening IM messages in the college library, which finally causes Gale to become fed up of her constant chattering and irritance. Gale insults 'Debbie Salt' and sends her off. That night, Mickey and Debbie attack Dewey and Gale inside the Windsor College video archives rooms where Debbie stabs Dewey in the back, almost completely killing him. Then, she attempts to kill Gale. However, she ultimately gives up since the glass is resistant to damage.

Debbie reveals herself as the killer.

While Mickey reveals his identity to Sidney and murders Derek, he also reveals he had been who killed Maureen Evans, Officer Andrews, Officer Richards and Hallie McDaniel. Meanwhile, Mrs Loomis manages to reach Gale and keep her at gun point until they both arrive at the Windsor College Theatre. She arrives, having lost her 'Debbie Salt' persona and is wide-eyed and as crazy looking as her late son was. This is where she is revealed as the Main Ghostface and her true identity as Billy's mother. Hence, Debbie suddenly double-crosses and shoots Mickey in the left shoulder once and in the chest twice. As Mickey slumps to the floor, he shoots Gale in the side which causes her to fall presumed dead into the instrumental area next to the stage. Mickey drops as well to the floor, apparently dead.

She explains her motivation to Sidney, intending to kill her, pinning all the murders on Mickey, and when Sidney reminds her that she abandoned her own son, directly contradicting her claim that she was a good mother. Debbie shows obvious regret for this. 

A brief chase hence ensues between Debbie and Sidney, which concludes with Debbie holding Sidney with a large knife pressed against her throat. Cotton then arrives with a loaded gun in his hand. Debbie tries to negotiate with Cotton, offering him what his heart desires in an attempt to convince him to shoot Sidney rather than her. Cotton points the gun at Debbie where he mentions that the Diane Sawyer interview mentioned earlier is looking pretty good compared to her other options. Sidney, much to Debbie and Cotton himself's surprise, agrees the interview, giving Cotton the opportunity to shoot Debbie in the chest, killing her almost instantly. Cotton and Sidney are hence surprised by Gale being alive and only wounded, so he helps her out. The three of them are left wondering if Debbie is really dead or not, a reference to Randy's line of "the moment when the supposably dead killer comes back to life for one last scare" from the first movie.

Debbie after being shot twice.

To their surprise, Mickey is leaps up screaming, only to be really killed by a hailstorm of bullets fired by Sidney and Gale, who hadn´t forgotten their experience with Billy Loomis. Sidney then turns again and shoots Debbie in her forehead. As an explanation for this, Sidney simply exclaims "Just in case!", before dropping the gun and leaving the theatre. Cotton and Gale follow her.

Confirmed Murders

Speculated Murders


  • "It's called a makeover. You should try it. Looking a little tired yourself there, Gale."
  • "Oh, Mickey, there's not going to be a trial."
  • "Mickey was a good boy, but my God? That whole "'blame the movies'" motive? Did you buy that for one second? Poor boy was completely out of his mind."
  • "No, I'm very sane. My motive isn't as 90s as Mickey's. Mine is just good, old-fashioned revenge. You killed my son! And now I kill you and I can't think of anything more rational."
  • "Let them try and track down the second possible killer. Debbie Salt doesn't exist!"
  • "What did you just say? Was that a negative, desparaging remark about my son? About my Billy?"
  • "Not wise to patronize me with a gun, Sidney. Randy spoke poorly of Billy and I got a little knife happy." 
  • "You don't know what it is to be a mother. To raise a child, to teach him and guide him!"

Behind the scenes

  • Debbie reveals herself.

    Debbie was described as "a flashy woman - all hair and teeth, thick sunglasses" in the original script. The character became more unassuming in the final version. Her cover story changed from being a Newsweek reporter to working for a local paper.
  • In the original script, Debbie was thrown in as one of the five killers, amongst Derek, Mickey, Hallie, Cotton and herself. She also willingly admitted to her insanity wheras in the final cut, she vehemently denied being mentally ill. She also denyed that family dilemmas had an effect on the murders, whereas in the original cut, she claims that all of the murders go back to Maureen, not her abandonment of her son. The final cut realized that such a large amount of murderers is counterproductive and focused only on Mrs. Loomis and Mickey. It also gives her more lines and motivation. 
  • If you notice in Randy's death scene, Debbie is stabbing him left handed. This image is mirrored in the van side mirror, so she is stabbing him with her right hand. Mickey is right handed, Debbie is left handed. This is further proof that she is tracing everything back to Mickey, even something as trivial as to the hand used to stab victims, which is noticed in an autopsy. You can see she has less control over her right arm. In every scene Ghostface is in, he is right handed, which contributes to Debbie's lack of accuracy with stabs.
  • Debbie's motives match that of Pamela Voorhees', from the original "Friday the 13th". Pamela was mentioned by both Ghostface in Scream and Randy in Scream 2.
  • Debbie Loomis has several similarities to Pamela Voorhees:
    1. Both are mothers to serial killers (Billy Loomis/Jason Voorhees respectively);
    2. They kill people to avenge their son's deaths;
    3. They use a knife as a weapon;
    4. They have a huge influence on their son's actions and fate.
  • Mrs. Loomis was in fact born on June 16, 1955.
  • It is unknown who played her in the Stab franchise.


  • Debbie was the first female Ghostface. Jill later became the second female Ghostface. Ironically, both female Ghostfaces ended up betraying their accomplices.
  • She has the lowest body count of all the killers (killing Phil Stevens, Casey "Cici" Cooper, and Randy) though this could be, because she's arguably the most sane Ghostface.
  • Debbie is the only Ghostface who has appeared (or was mentioned) in a film before the film in which they appear for the first time. In this case, she had been mentioned in the original Scream.
  • If you notice in Randy's death scene, Debbie is stabbing him lefthandedly. This image is mirrored in the van side mirror, so she is obviously stabbing him with her right hand. Mickey is right-handed, Debbie is left-handed. This is further proof that she is tracing everything back to Mickey, even something as trivial as to the hand used to stab victims, which is noticed in an autopsy. You can see she has less control over her right arm. In every scene Ghostface is in, he is right handed, which contributes to Debbie's lack of accuracy with stabs.
  • In every scene in the movie, Ghostface is right handed. Since Debbie reveals herself to be leftt handed at the film's climax and there are several scenes that are known as fact that Debbie was the killer, this means that she was using her left hand just in case anyone was watching, therefore ruling out the possibility of a second killer.
  • Debbie shares the same last name as Samuel Loomis from Halloween. However, they did say Billy's last name was to reference this.
  • In an early script, her name was Nancy Loomis. This is a reference to Nancy Stephens, who portrayed Nurse Marion in Halloween. This makes sense because her last name, Loomis, is also a Halloween reference. In Halloween, Loomis and Marion rode together in a car.
  • Debbie is the first of three Ghostface killers not to be killed by Sidney (along with Roman Bridger and Charlie Walker). 
  • Based almost completely on Pamela Voorhees From Friday The 13th 


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