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"Going by the pattern, whoever it is has to be connected to someone that came before."
—Mindy to her friends

Melinda "Mindy" Meeks-Martin is a main character in Scream (2022 film), and its untitled sequel (2023 film). She is a survivor of the 25th anniversary Legacy Killings in Woodsboro, California.

Mindy is the daughter of Martha Meeks, niece of Randy Meeks, as well as the twin sister of Chad Meeks-Martin. She is also a member of Tara Carpenter's friendship group. Much like her uncle, Randy, she is a horror fanatic and the go-to girl for anything Stab related, including attempting to find the killer and uncover their motive.

When the Ghostface killings start again, Mindy immediately pinpoints that the new killer is attempting to remake Stab (2021), better known as Stab 8, by doing it as a requel to the original Stab (1998). Mindy's predictions are not always correct, however, as she assured Wes Hicks that he and his mother would be safe from the killer, only for them to be the next target and victims.

Mindy attends a party at Amber Freeman and is attacked by Ghostface in a similar manner to Randy. Mindy is able to fight off the killer and he is scared away by Samantha Carpenter. After the killers are unmasked, Mindy is wheeled out of the house and taken to hospital, surviving her injuries.

She is portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown.



Mindy was born in approximately September 2003 alongside her twin brother, Chad to 21-year-old, Martha Meeks (appears in Scream 3).

It is unknown whether she grew up in Woodsboro, California. Due to her absence in Scream 4, it is possible she lived with her father (possibly in Ohio if Joel Martin is the father) then relocated sometime after the Second Woodsboro Murders (2011), during the time which Sam Carpenter babysat her (approx. 2012—2016).

2021 Woodsboro Legacy Murders

After Tara Carpenter is attacked by Ghostface, Mindy and her friends visit her in the hospital and are also troubled by the return of Vince Schneider to Woodsboro, who was Liv McKenzie's ex-boyfriend and now stalking her. The next day, Mindy and Chad host their friends and Samantha Carpenter, Richie Kirsch and Dewey Riley, as they discuss the new attacks at their house.


Reflecting her connection to Randy, Mindy is able to deduce that the Killer is trying to create a "requel" to Stab 8 to appease the toxic fandom by tying in new characters and legacy characters. The next night, Mindy attends a party at Amber Freeman's house where she puts Stab on the TV and watches with other attendees.

When Amber goes down to the Basement alone, Mindy follows her and warns her about not trusting anyone and not coming down to the Basement alone as that's how she'll die. When Richie and Samantha arrive, she declines Richie's request go to down to the Basement with him and the two laugh as Richie states that he'll "be right back". After he leaves, she deems to herself, "...He's dead." (sort of comedic relief)


Mindy continues watching Stab, the scene where Randy is telling Jamie to look out behind him, and she warns Randy to look behind him, unaware that the Ghostface is behind her. She spots Ghostface and a fight breaks out between the two of them with Mindy getting stabbed. Samantha hears the commotion in the other room and comes to find her struggling to fight off ghostface. Samantha grabs a lamp and smashes ghostface in the head and he relents on Mindy. Ghostface runs away and Samantha checks on Mindy who fell unconscious with her stab wound.

After the killers, Amber and Richie, are killed, Mindy is loaded out into an ambulance. As she is loaded into the ambulance, she shares a glance and gives a thumbs up with her brother, Chad, who also survived his attack. Before being loaded onto the ambulance, she is greeted by Sam with grasping her hand tightly glad that she is alright.






  • "It always gets out by the second or third killing."
  • "I mean she could still die–"
  • "We're all suspects. Except maybe Liv".
  • "You're way too boring to be a psycho."
  • "Oh my god, he's making a requel. (Everyone stares) Or a legacy-quel. Fans are torn on the terminology..."
  • "Nobody cares about the shitty, inferior sequels, Wes. You're fine."
  • "You go on 4Chan and Dreadit, all they're talking about is how Stab 8 pissed on their childhoods."
  • "With Randy as our uncle though, you and I are probably screwed."
  • Mindy: "I think it's pretty clear who the killer is at this point", Sam: "Who?" Mindy: "...You."
  • "It makes perfect requel sense."
  • Amber: "How do you know I'm not the killer?" Mindy: "Because I am".
  • "I'm not actually. But let that be a lesson... Don't. Trust. Anyone." (To Amber)
  • "Very good!" (Impressed with Amber's caution walking upstairs from the basement).
  • "Well, he's dead." (About Richie going down to the basement alone)
  • "Come on, man! These are your rules! Own that shit!"
  • "Look behind... Oh shit."
  • "I've lost a lot of blood, Sam."


The question of her paternity has been speculated, as some fans alleged the father was an important past character. On March 16, 2022, Heather Matarazzo (who portrays Mindy's mother, Martha) did a Twitter Q&A with fans. She re-fuelled speculation after she claimed to know the identity of her on-screen twin children, Chad and Mindy's father.[3]

After several "No" responses, she liked a tweet, asking her to "confirm or deny" with a screenshot of Joel, the cameraman from Scream 2 whose news van was an accessory to Randy's murder, and never re-addressed the topic following this in the Q&A.[4]

  • Actor Duane Martin's surname is also, of course, Martin, a possible nod to his character all along (and a re-working from the original Scream Forever draft where the twins were originally Martinez). This possibility corroborates previous uses by Radio Silence, by using the real-life actor's surname for an unidentified surname of a character, such as Kenny Brown, the cameraman in the original Scream and his actor, W. Earl Brown.
  • Radio Silence spoke to journalist Meagan Navarro and stated that Joel was once mentioned in the official script for Scream (2022) at one point, but it was cut. Given he would have no prior connections to anyone else, it further consolidates this theory.[5] At one point, prior to casting, the first draft screenplay listed Randy's niece and nephew as being of Latin descent with the surname Martinez, and though this was later re-worked when casting calls occurred.[6]
  • It also corroborates rumours of Duane Martin's planned return in Scream 5 that was speculated to be scrapped for COVID-19 reasons, as he teased a return on Instagram that never transpired.
  • Some fans have expressed disliking towards the possibility—due to the appropriateness of it—given the age gap between Martha and Joel when seen in their first appearances (17 and approx. 20s respectively). However, it is possible the pair met much later when Martha was around 20 (circa 2002) before she was pregnant in 2003. If Martha's mother, after Dewey contacted her about his death came to pick up the body where Joel's van would be a crime scene, it is likely she met Joel; a connection with the Meeks family may have formed slowly over time from there.


  • Her character name was confirmed by[1]
  • The script for the fifth film reveals her full name is Melinda. (pg. 48)[7]
  • It was originally confirmed on the promotional TikTok @toobrashsarah that Randy Meeks is her uncle.
  • Named after writer Guy Busick's cousin. Also chosen for its similarity to the name Randy.
  • Mindy is the first canon LGBTQ character in the Scream film franchise and survivor from the community.
    • Her survival while being a member of the LGBTQ community officially retcons the second rule stated in Scream 4 stated by Charlie Walker how in order to survive a remake “you pretty much have to be gay in order to survive”.
    • However that rule applied to a remake and since in this film, it’s learned that Mindy’s enemies were trying to make a requel or “reboot sequel” involving it may not correlate.
    • Unlike Robbie Mercer, she does not play off about her sexuality in order to be spared by Ghostface
  • She is technically the fourth LGBTQ female character in the franchise, with the first being Audrey Jensen from the TV series
    • However, she is the first Black female LGBTQ character in the franchise, with the past being white LGBTQ female characters from the TV series.
  • Mindy is also the first Black female character in the film franchise to survive Ghostface, succeeding both Maureen Evans and Hallie McDaniel from Scream 2, respectively.
    • She also survives Zoë Vaughn from Season 2
    • She would technically be the third Black female character with the first being Kym and second being Liv Reynolds from Season 3, respectively to be the only Black female characters to have survived Ghostface in the entire franchise.
  • In the original script, Mindy said the line "Hmm... Tara said she fought back hard, you've (Chad) got bruises", not Amber. This was re-worked, as it would not make sense for Mindy to question her brother. (The script is self-aware of this, as Chad calls the accusation "seventeen-kinds-of-fucked-up", but in the final production, it would have unnecessarily complicated things).
  • In the original draft script, Mindy and her twin brother's surname was "Meeks-Martinez", and their father named Carlos appears in the house with Martha.[2]
  • Somewhat Ironic: She tells Wes Hicks he is safe because "nobody cares about the shitty, inferior sequels" (in reference to Judy Hicks being a character in a Stab film, likely the reboot directed by Rian Johnson, but also a meta joke at Scream 4), yet Mindy's existence is predisposed on the existence of two sequel characters (Joel in Scream 2, Martha in Scream 3).
  • She heavily references Randy, her uncle.
    • They are the nerdy types and know about horror movies, except Mindy is more hip.
    • Despite being nerdy, both mingle and quite social at parties, however, Mindy is more active than Randy was, as Mindy actually hooked up with Frances.
    • Despite being Randy's niece and sharing many of his traits, she is not the expert of her film. She is knowledgeable and accurate while her uncle is precise to seemingly a psychic level when it comes to horror.
  • Red herring: As Liv grows tired of her false accusations, and threatens her with the idea she will die because she is "the expert", the expert is actually Dewey Riley (who was originally referenced as the expert by Sam).
    • Within a moment's notice, Dewey was able to predict Richie was the killer, while Mindy was false in San being the killer, she was merely accurate with the intentions of the requel to make Sam the killer because she is Billy’s daughter.
    • Mindy was also naive to both Richie (who later almost killed her) as well as her own friend, Amber.
    • Technically, as Liv was correct (saying the expert dies), this later hinted at Mindy's eventual survival after her attack, because she is not the expert after all. Dewey was the expert and died, and years prior to him, was Randy, the original expert and her uncle whom also died.


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