Deputy Mike Newsome is the sheriff's deputy of the small town of Lakewood and serves as a character in the television series, Scream. He first appears in Wanna Play a Game? with Clark Hudson and is later seen responding to the incident at the bowling alley in In The Trenches.


Season 1

Wanna Play a Game?

Mike is among the police at the park hiding in hopes to catch Tyler O'Neill. After catching the false criminal Mike questions him what he's doing.


Mike is at the scene of Tyler's car explosion. While Clark and Maggie are discussing Tyler's motives, Mike hands the Brandon James mask in an evidence bag to Clark.

In The Trenches

After the Lakewood Slasher escapes, Mike and several other police show up at the bowling alley. Mike asks Emma if she is alright and she informs him that the Lakewood Slasher may still be near. Mike then tells the rest of his unit to try and locate the Lakewood Slasher.

Appearances (3/22)

Season 1 (3/10)

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