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My advice... walk away.

–Miguel Acosta to Haley Meyers, I Know What You Did Last Summer


Sheriff Miguel Acosta is a major recurring character in Season 2 of Scream. He is portrayed by Anthony Ruivivar.


An outspoken, competent and experienced cop, Sheriff Acosta returns to Lakewood where he grew up. He is a devoted, if sometimes strict, family man who’s very protective of his son, Gustavo.

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  • He marked his first appearance in the series in the second season premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • He has a son named Gustavo Acosta, who is a student at George Washington High School.
  • He took over the position of Sheriff after Clark Hudson fell victim to the recent Lakewood killings.
  • In Dawn of the Dead, he ordered for the lock-down of George Washington High School after the discovery of Jake's dead body.
  • He is the sixth person in the series to get a call from the killer.
  • It was revealed in Village of the Damned that the reason Miguel and his son, Gustavo Acosta, moved to Lakewood is due to an unknown accident involving a gun that happened in Phoenix.
    • Miguel later confessed to Maggie in The Orphanage that Gustavo's best friend, Kyle, got shot in the face while they were playing with his gun, killing him instantly. Instead of being frantic, Gustavo started drawing pictures of Kyle's corpse.
  • In The Vanishing, it was revealed that Miguel and Maggie were hiding Brandon James after he survived being shot by the police on the dock of Wren Lake. They buried his knife and vowed to never tell anyone.
  • Miguel is the only recurring character to appear and be credited in every episodes in the second season, except for Halloween specials, where he does not appear and aren't credited.
    • Miguel, along with Jake Fitzgerald, are the only recurring characters to appear in all episodes during their debut seasons. However, until Jake, Miguel does not appear in Halloween specials which is part of second season.
  • Along with Maggie and Kevin Duval, they are all around the same age as the characters from the first two movies as well as Judy Hicks.
    • All three of the actors are around the same age as several of the actors from the first film.
  • As of now along with Sheriff Burke, they are the only known Sheriffs in the franchise that is still alive.

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