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  • Seems i was blocked on heroes wiki again, let's talk here.

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  • Hi men, too much time. Did you miss me?

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    • Good to see you back :-). And more importantly, good to see they got you out of the blocking. But a word of advice: Try to be involve in this wiki as a whole. I can link you with user who share your interests. Does people who didn't talked to you before and soon after the blockage see you in a better light, or just respect you as long as you don't talk to them?

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    • Nice to see you again as well. As for your advice, thanks but it's not necessary, there's plenty users who do have respect and friendship with me even after the block, besides i'am not a fan of scream so i can't become an full time member of this wiki. I did come here mostly to keep talking with you.

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    • Flattering :-). But if you don't want to invest yourself in this wiki, maybe we should move our talk to the heroes wiki instead. And if you're already there, do you have a winner in each of my rap battles?

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    • No, I don't have a winner yet.

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  • If you're a fan of the CW's former hit show. This might raise your eyebrows.

    Hi ScaryMovie53.

    I bet your saying. What the hell is with Kenneth into these reboots and making the serial killer bi-racial. But far as that goes I had came up with pretty intereseting ideas for a Silence Of The Lambs reboot. So here is what the idea for the reboot would be about if I happen to make it.

    Same as the original:

    1. So basically far as adapting to the 1991 original film and novel Hannibal is a psychiatrist just like the original 1991 film.

    2. He'll be a cannibal.

    3. Hannibal would pull this charming position as this deranged this serial killer.

    Minor cause metic changes campare to the original movie :

    1. Now as for my reboot, Hannibal will be bi-racial. He is Half African American and Half Egyptian. 

    2. Buffalo Bill would not be in the reboot. 

    3. As for the reboot. Hannibal in the reboot would be combined and will be adapted from not just only as the character from Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter. But also would be adapted from Buffalo Bill's character such as Hannibal in my reboot will wear dead skin from his victims, mainly women.

    4. Not only Buffalo Bill and Hannibal would be adapted from Hannibal and Buffalo Bill. The real life serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer will also be adapted onto Hannibal in this reboot such as him raping the dead bodies of his victims aka "Necrophilia".

    5. Hannibal would be a bit more arrogant than Anthony Hopkins's Hannibal Lecter.

    6. Far as Hannibal being a serial killer in this reboot. He would not only be creepy as a killer. But the stuff he would do would be pretty much freaky.

    Now here's the prefect actor  that fits the description perfectly for Hannibal Lecter in the reboot such as him being Half Black and Half Egyptian. Plus you've seen how cocky and how well he played the part as a villian too and I think he would kill it playing the role as this charming serial killer.

    Paley Center Media PaleyFest 2014 Honoring GRURQCHUQ6Hx

    This man right here. Charles Michael Davis aka the guy who played Marcel Gerard from The Originals and a small role from The Vampire Diaries too. He would perfect as the biracial Hannibal Lecter. 

    Plus he fits the description as Hannibal for my reboot. 

    On top of that if you've seen how Charles brought that charming way as Marcel as the villian I think Charles would nail it. I mean he would pull that cocky and charming feel as Hannibal like Anthony Hopkins he did like the original movies.

    I think this could reboot could work.  Like we've said before. There are barely any bi-racial serial killers. Hell not even in real life I don't know one bi-racial serial killer.

    What are your thoughts ScaryMovie 53 ?

    Do you like this idea ?

    According to the direction and the idea of my reboot. Do you think this reboot  would work or flop ?

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  • Hi ScaryMovie53. I'm sorry to put this moive on hold but I pretty much made up my mind.

    I really like Denzel Wells as an actor but for some reason I not only prefer to pick Rome Fynn as Norman but that's the thing. Norman was mature but he was that mama's boy type of person as well. I think Rome Fynn has more of a sympathetic Mama's boy look for the bi-racial Norman Bates.

    Whenever you get a chance please let me know your thoughts about me recasting Rome as Norman for my reboot. Thanks!

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    • ScaryMovie53 wrote:
      1. I wonder if Prince Blackheart could work as a bi-racial killer too. His biological parents are dead, so we can't be sure if both were from the same ethnic group. I know he's shaten with blue eyes, but if there are black people with white parents, than maybe only one of Kieran's parents was white. Sometimes i wish he was a thriller killer than a slasher killer. Him being the killer in season 2 reasulted in wasting a perfectly good villain, so if he was in another genre, he would be in a setting more suiting his type and Audrey could've been still Queen Bi, or least we could get a better killer if she would be still retconed. also, Of course these 2 are crowd favorite serial killers in the movies. Nobody favor serial killers in real life. The only exceptions are some other serial killers. Richard Ramirez sounds interesting. Is he reminds you of what Audrey was supposed to be before Willa convinced her lovable writer to retcon Queen Bi into a hero?

      2. Not as bad as some would say. many rappers, especially from our fathers' generation (Tupac and Biggie as the first examples come to mind) have dubious connections and criminal times. I'm not familiar with Tyga's personal history, but if you told me he's doing cocaine, i would be more sad than shocked. Another reason for why Jamal might be the first canon male ghostface with a female soldier is that, with all due respect and tolerance, some muslims are harsh and full of crap toward their women. I hope the showrunners won't make the race count, but still might be realistic in that aspect. liv might be the boss, like usual. Just saying that Jamal might be the first of his kind. We already theorized that Jamal might be Liv's lover, as well as her soldier. But, if the other possibility would be true, does it means Liv would be like Harley Quinn? And if one would turn on the other, do you see the betrayed side come back to rip the traitor's throat open?

      3. Always glad to help you with ideas :-). Now, i have several theories about Jill's birthfather. Tell me what you think:

      A. A man who was very similar to Kate - Years before the franchise began, Kate met a nice guy and decided to marry him due to unwanted pregnancy. However, things didn't worked out the way they should, and Kate was left with the baby. A deleted scene shows Kate was alcoholic, albeit fully functioning and loving one. The man who impregnated her with Jill could've been less responsible and less functioning.

      B. A male version of  Beverly Hofstadter - Unlike Kate, the canon Beverly was cold and clearly didn't loved her canon son. Being a narcissist, having a cold and neglecting father didn't helped Jill's case. Kate could've throw this cold man out of the house. His presence could make Jill more dangerous due to having someone to practise her manipulations on.

      C. Lewis Dodgson - The canon Dodgson, originaly from JP2 novel, was a complete psychopath just like Jill. The book mentions that he was old enough to have a young child. Also, you know that some psychopaths sleep with women, go away after having their way and leave the poor woman with the baby. Like father like daughter.

      D. The fictionalized Dean Karny - Remember Dean Karny? The villain from "Billionaire Boys Club" who constantly stabbed people in the back and tried to rape Sydney Evans for asserting dominance? So that's the guy. Dean had a thing for Syd, which was his reason to turn on his best friend who dated with the said girl. That was his reason to kiss her violently. Maybe one Dean or another wanted Kate to himself, and raped her after she refused. She did what she had to do, which hurt his ego more than his groin because he doesnt have balls, but still got pregnant. If that's the case, then Kate did loved Sidney better, if only because Jill reminds her the day she was raped and Sidney doesn't. However, unlike her sister, Kate decided to raise her rape child and loved her as much as she could. 

      4. Roman wasn' the loyal type killer. I meant Kieran is the loyal type, even though betraying him, like i know Roman would do, will be a grevious mistake on Roman's side. The interesting proximity to Scre4m is something i wouldn't think about on my own. That's explain why Debora was such a Jill. Before you mentioned it, i though she was the way she was due to your theory about Billy as the possessive type. Your theory still make sense though. And here's another cool (or cruel. Depend on who you're asking) irony: Rewatch of Scream 2 make me rethink about Motherface. She's still no worse than the other killers, but she's worse than i give her credit. When she said to Gale "it must be scary knowing somebody out there is waiting and watching, enjoying all this", she was obviously talking about herself. It took me at least 4 watches to realize the significant of the "enjoying all this" part. Maybe she is evil enough. It's just weird to think about her, of all killers, as sadistic. Also weird to think about Pamela Voorhees as sadistic. Know what i mean?

      5. Another meta-destroyer you probably won't like too much is Frank Underwood. In a way, he's the only successful canon ghostface, because he killed a major character played by Neve Campbell. He's far worse than Emma. Underwood was a true psychopath, not to mention Kevin Spacey harassed people for real. Emma was a bad person, butt not evil. Also, it's important to say that Willa Fitzgerald and her devoted writer did what they did with concent. I'm glad Underwood is now dead, but i wanted him to die because of plot-related reasons, not because Spacey is an idiot. At least the story says that Underwood was poisoned by his White House Chief of Staff Doug Stamper. Being murdered by his own right-hand is just what someone like Underwood deserves. If you had to guess, would you say Stamper was a psychopath just like his former boss, or just a very cold and calculated person who learned from the worst?

      One more thing. Have you check out this movie Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U

      What do you think of it.  Honestly I'm looking forward to a third movie. It's been confirmed that a part 3 will happen.

      As for me I love whodunit slasher movies like Scream. I thought Happy Death Day reminds me so much of Scream but only if the film tone down the goofiness and the comedy. It would definetly be more like Scream.

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    • 1. Speaking of unique ideas: Recently i stumbled upon an awesome fanfic. "Tainted Love". It's an alternative history of "Scream", where Sidney have a twin name Katherin. I assume it's based on the writer's speculations about Sidney's inner comflicts during the canon film for various reasons. If and when you'll read it, i would like to hear if you agree with the author's speculations.

      Also, i have a friend in the villains wiki, who's also into Scream. He have original stories of his own and excels with many topics. If you want to someone for converstations about horror, fantasy, action and Sci-Fi, he's the man. He's one of those friends whom you can talk with about many topics.

      2. The part where Liv might cheating on Deion with his cousin makes it even more twisted. Just like you said. I know female psychopaths always find fudged-up reason to kill their boyfriend, but cheating on him with Jamal eliminate the possibility that she wanted to kill Deion so he won't leave her. Which motive would you give her? If the mastermind would be Jamal, then his motive is more clear. If the final girl/boy's cousin want them dead, it can only be mother issues. Do you think Jamal would want to be famous, like Babyface did, or do you see his possible mother issues as more mundane?

      3. Yep. Gender swaping can change the whole story. For example, if you had a fanfic which is exactly like "Scream", turning Sidney to Rodney would change everything even if everything and everyone else would stay the same to the letter. With "Jungle Book", gender swaping is even more influencial. Ever asked yourself how would "Jungle Book" look like if Shere Khan was a female? So my theory goes that in a version where Shere Khan is Shira, the role of the main antagonist goes to Hathi the elephant. Think about a scarred veteran in elephantine proportion, who decided to unleash his fury against mankind after long years of abuse. Of course Shere-Khan is a better villain. But a tragic psychopath in elephant clothing would work nicely in a thriller. I have reasons to speculate that it's also true for "Get Out". If Chris was Christine, how do you see the story goes?

      4. "Roman was. Even when he preached about how Sidney was a legend"? I'm not sure it's an indication to anything other than mother issues. Now, you made me realize a couple of new things:

      A. We know Roman would've murdered Angelina either way, civilian or Angelface. Their secret relationship went on to Scre4m and translated itself into Jill and Charlie. 

      B. Rose can be considered as worse than Deborah, if only because Rose was racist. That's also part of the reason why Hitler is a bigger hate sink than Stalin despite being (possibly) no worse. Racism is an ultraviolet line. If Chris was white, do you see Rose trying to make him her soldier, or just finding another reason to kill him?

       C. Bonus: Deborah's motive was twisted and obvious. I just don't remember what motive did Paul had :-(.

      5. Spoiler alert: Kevin Spacey still roams free and Underwood got his punishment a little late, but at least some "Games of Thrones" villains got their karma. Cersei and Jaime were crushed under a collapsing building, the now-villainous Daenerys was killed and the night king is dead for real. After all those years of partying Lannisters and victorious psychopaths who sent people to jail/gallows for far less, they got what Spacey should get. When you said a sexual violence toward male is worse, did you meant it's because the system is less equipped to help them, or that it's a bigger shame due to suffer a fate more identified with women? I can see your point on both, especially option 2.

      6. I'll come out clean. I watched HDD2U and didn't liked it too much. The first one was interesting. This movie was kinda silly. It's like they copy pasted "Alice Through the Looking Glass" but forgot the symbolism at home. If you watched the movie, you know what i mean. Again, "Alice In Wonderland" was jarringly better than the sequel. Just like "Happy Death Day".

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Scary! It's Chainsaw.

    I've just realised that we didn't have our thread anymore, so here is this one. I was wondering if you'd catch up with my story?

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  • Have you've seen the original Psycho?

    Okay so I have a thing called fanon wiki as well we're you cand just make up any story in general.

    So it's basically not a real film but a fan made story just like what we do on Scream. So my thing is I'm doing my own remake and reboot of the Psycho movies. I personaly love the original Psycho between the Hitchcock movie and the Robert Bloch Psycho novel.

    So to tell you and give you some hypnonsis on my rebooted Psycho version I tell you what my Psycho remake would be like so at the sametime it won't be a shot from shot remake.   It features this:

    "Norman Bates is basically bi-racial and has a white mother named Norma. (The both of them are close and as for Norman he's is obligated to his mother and vise versa just like in the original Hitchcock movie was.)  As for Norma who is very over protective of him and espeacially against racism. Norman is basically controlling from racism. But even though Norman love Norma, Norma could be so over protective of her beloved son that Norman snaps and Norman just kills her. It's not just from Norman's mother nagging him but it's this boyfriend she perticually loves. The mother actually has a think for black guys considering the fact that Norman Bates REAL father was black. As far as that goes Norman couldn't not only take mother's nagging but he was more so jealous of the fact the Norma goes and prefers her black boyfriend more so then him. Which pushes him off the edge and winds up killing the both of them. Norman than became the deranged and mentally ill serial killer that he is which as Norman has had a mental illness such as having 3 personalitties such as an 1.obedent child, 2. Himself as Norman, and 3. His mother of course.  Far as that goes when a woman is at least close to him the mother side of him gets out of control and kills the woman. Espeacially if the girl is white she tries her best to kill them in a brutal way. Even sometimes guys to protect Norman as well. But far as that goes as when the string of muders go Norman has to clean up the crime from his mother and himself."

    But that feel will still be there which kind of me me a little ticked off with Bates Motel a little bit. I was expect the typical mama's boy type serial killer that we all know in love but Bates Motel didn't adapted it that well on their final season and I know this also sounds weird but I was hoping for Norman to be in his mother's clothes so it could being out the mother's personality such as the original 1960 film and the novels and what ticked me off with the showrunner of Bates Motel he said "I don't want my killer Norman Bates to become a crossdresser."

    I'm like that's the whole point! Norman has 3 personalities and mianly it's the mother side of him which makes him kill! That's would really ticked me off as a fan of Psycho. It's not like Norman wanted to be fucking Ru Paul and become a serial killer like come on!

    Okay so here are my aspects of my reboot. also I want to hear your thoughts and I would love your opinion of  I'm doing to my Psycho reboot.

    Okay first off, The Norman Bates in my reboot is going have a different race and he is bi-racial. 

    I picked out an actor already to play the part of the bi-racial Norman Bates and his name is Rome Flynn.

    Please fill free to look him up on if you don't know what he looks like because I just need somebody elses opinion. Plus if you haven't seen his work he played just a minor character from name R.K . (Male prostitute) from The Haves And The Have Nots and also he played this character name Gabirel Maddox from How To Get Away With Murder. But yeah Rome Flynn has that bi-racil look.

    I think he'll make a perfect bi-racial Norman Bates. 

    Also as for Norman's white mother I can see Nana Vistor to play the role for Norma. 

    I'll take care of the rest of the cast when I'll pick out more actors for the characters but in the meantime I just need somebody to play the part of Detective Arbogast and even Marion Crane, , and Sam Loomis, and Lily Crane.

    Also on my version should I let Norman call his mother like in the original movies so it can feel like home to the original Psycho such as "Mother" or make my bi-racial Norman Bates call her "Mama" or just "Mom".  I want to know your thoughts.

    I was also think of letting Norman succeed in his crimes and killed everybody including Lily Crane too!

    Also I was thinking of doing a Rob Zombie's Halloween remake on this too like remember how he told a brief story of Michael Myers as a child and as the movie progresses and Michael has grown up to be the killer?

    I was thinking of doing the samething to Norman Bates for my Psycho reboot where I'd tell Norman's childhood in brief to show the audeince what made Norman turned out to be this crazed crossdressing killer that he is.

    Also I was thinking having him dressed up as his mother as the Ed Gein style wearing his mother's fleshed face so no one could realize that it was Norman because of him being bi-racial he had to where the flesh of mother's face so everyone would think it's mother doing the killing which in his personality it is. 

    So what do you think of my Psycho reboot version ScaryMovie53?

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    • It's been ages since last time I watched "Psycho", so I'll do my best:

      1. I completely agree about Norman's cross-dressing thing. That's what makes him special. Hoe many killers who dress like their late mothers there are? If you really want to go wild, you can make Norman changing his gender to further being similar to his mother. I see Norman's post-surgery identity ("Nora Gates") as Aya Nakamura. Like you said, I really don't understand why the good people who made "Bates' motel" can't handle with good ideas.

      Even if Nora Gates wont work, at least he/she will make more sense than Ru Paul. Noah killer/Chainsaw (not sure who) had a story with a transgender killer named Anton. Look there for further ideas for Nora Gates' scenario.

      2. Your version of Norman is just scary enough for a thriller (I believe most thrillers are scarier than horror), bro :-). "You're my mother, but you like your boyfriend better!". Oedipus complex up to eleven. I mean, Babyface is perfectly sane compare to your version of Norman. We all get a little crazy sometimes, but Norman get a little crazy all the time. As for Norman's mother: Nana Vistor is a good option. I personally see her as Julianne Moore. That would give her an aura of Margaret White (AKA Carrie White's mother).

      3. Some actors and actress popping in mind:

      Marion Crane - Claire Danes (the crazy Carrie Mathison from "Homeland"), Naomi Watts, Kirsten Dunst (Marrie Jane Watson from "Spiderman" films) or Diane Krueger.

      Lily Crane (you meant "Lily" or "Lila"? I searched about her and found only Lila) - If you meant "Lila" (Marion's sister), I would say jaime pressly. I you meant "Lily" (I assume Lily was Marion's daughter), I would say either Emma Stone or Peyton List.

      Detective Arbogast - Hugh Jackman, Richard Armitage or Richard Gere (when he was 40).

      Samuel Loomis - Skeet Ulrich, Rowan Atkinson or Bob Peck.

      4. The bi-racial thing could work. We don't see too much bi-racial killers these days. If Norman's black father will appear, I see him trying to wash his son's brain with racist crap that Malcolm X would say. Also, I think Norman's father might use Norman's obedient personality for his own plans. A father and son duumvirate of killers. That would be original. And scary.

      5. Can you send me a link for that? And would you like to write that fanfic in this wiki after Psychotic 3?

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    • OMG

      ScaryMovie53 I fucking love you!

      OMFG The cast and choices that you've picked is extradinary!

      Say, I was going to do like a Rob Zombie's Halloween sort of thing on it like when Rob told a breif story about Michael's childhood up until he was 22 years old breaking out of jail. As for that you gave me so much intriguing ideas and how I wanted to make my version of Norman Bates's back round!

      Thank you so much for corrected me! I really apreciated that. As a fan of Psycho I wouldn't give myself if I screwed up Lila's name.

      Also I thought it was me! Thriller movies are more scaier because it's realistic!

      It's not actually about monsters. It's about serial killers and crime movies.

      OMG the cast that you've picked for me was brillant!

      I honestly don't know where to began! I really don't. Richard Gere does have that Dective apeal to him. I think he'll make a great Detective Arbogast. From the start I can see Carrie Mathison as the Marion Crane's shower victim for Norman's shower victim for this generation as well! Also I am totally going to pick Emma Stone! Emma Stone is an outrageous actress!

      As for Lila her character was in infamous character and as for Emma Stone she would be perfect! 

      Unfortunately (Spoiler Alert) Norman in my version will succeed in his crimes in my version but even though my Lila might die Emma Stone can have the most infamous death scene in my Psycho reboot.

      Also I can have Norman's mother Norma as this hardcore religous freak that also pushes and nags Norman to death like "Norman that's a sin boy!" Norma yells at him like a child like he commited a crime and also to make the audience say "Damn know wonder why this poor boy turned out to become a serial killer." Norman's white mother Norma makes him put on a dress which made Norman's relationship change after him usually being obligated to her makes him actually hates her and kills her like Psycho.

      Also OMG I just love the entity of Norman's black father being this Malcoml X type and absorbing Norman's brain with all this racist carp.  You know something I thought a perfect actor to play this role and I would love to hear what you think about this.

      How about we get Denzel Washington to play the part of a black Sam Bates as for Norman's black father?

      Aslo I thought it was me. There is barely any bi-racial serial killers and I'm honestly surprised with all the crimes that has actually happened! Not just talking about movies I even mean REAL life too!  Hell I'd never seen one on ID: (Investigation Discovery Channel) nor Forensic Files.  If your not fimilar with those TV programs  they both show TRUE crimes that are being investigated. But anyhow if I'm no mistaken, I think I've saw this one serial killer that was half Japanese and half African American and hated his mother and killed her because her mother was a prostitute and he hates women. I fully can't remember exactly though. Kind of like a Jack The Ripper copycat wannabe.

      But actually the bi-racial scenario could work! Now far as the first remake from Gus Van Sant was a total copycat of the original film. As much as I really thought at first find that Psycho didn't need to be remade my thing is this. Keep the core and the SAME origins and concept of the character from the original movie and translate it onto the reamke or the reboot if you're doing a classic movie.

      Also I'll try to send you a link because my computer is kind of funny but you can always go to my profile for it.

      Don't worry, Psychotic 3 will definetly happen. :)

      One more thing, You absolutely rock ScaryMovie53! Having Norman Bates literally changing his gender would have been insane and even more carzy and bizare! Like literally!

      At first I thought of doing the Leatherface / Ed Gein style where he peels his mother's skin and wear his mother's skin and clothings as his mother which Robert Bloch did that aspect in the Psycho novel. 

      But as for the idea it is so unique! Say I was thinking have Psycho 1 having Norman portraying his mother as the Ed Gein style wearing his mother's flesh so the audience can get fimilar to Norman's original gender.

      As for Psycho 2: " Norman Bates is then released out of Costudy and the Mental Instantution after the crimes that he had commited from Psycho 1 and as soon as he got home he heard on TV about this guy being a transgender actually looking like this other woman which gave Norman an idea to potray his mother because his mother's body is now buried after when Norman was arrested. Norman finds a picture of his mother and decided and goes to this post-surgery identity ("Nora Gates") as Aya Nakamura which she not only dord surgery but does the best as for doing surgery for transgender. 

      Norman basically shows Aya and tells her he wants to look exactly like his mother and exactly like his mother and once she's finished he lloks exactly like Norman towhere that if feels like Norma just popped out of the grave! Aya ask Norman or should I say he's now Norma and Aya "Weren't you that serial killer from the Motel?" Norma said "It was my mother that commit the crimes at first. A couple moths later she died from a car accident and that's why I decided I wanted look like her." Aya said "I'm so sorry about you're mother at least you mom is in a better place take car Norman oops Norma" Norma smiled and left heading back to the Motel to continue the crimes that Norman/Norma has done."

      Norman is now his mother and literally has mother's white skin color as a caucasin woman and for her straight brown hair is being packed down like Norma has and even Norman's breast is exactly and A Cup just like his mother's. LMAO and all he has to do and of course he can step into his mother's dress perfectly and hold the butcher knife and Norman now finishes what he has started with a new bunch of victims because he has succeeded from his kiillings from the first movie noe he/she just continue on with his/her crimes with the next victim."

      OMG that gave me an idea for the future sequels! You're the man ScaryMovie53!

      That is exactly how this generation of a modernized Psycho should be!

      You rock ScaryMovie 53!

      Also did you like the actor I picked for the bi-racial Norman Bates?: Rome Flynn.

      I figure Rome Flynn can blen perfectly as a bi-racial person and can pull that charming way on my version of Norman Bates just like how Anthony Perkins did on Norman Bates.

      But yeah man these ideas you have gave me are outragous!

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    • 1. Always glad to help. But sure about "Halloween"? IMO you'll need to do some major changes. Today, with "Friday the 13" and "Scream" and "Happy Death Day", the concept of a masked killer mad "Halloween" outdated. Not to mention the plot aint much. "Scream" and "Happy Death Day" are balanced stories. Maybe even heroes-oriented. "Friday the 13" was good in the first 5 parts and "Freddy vs Jason". Halloween is too villains-oriented for these days audience. I could let it slide if the villain is interesting. But Michael Myers? IMO he's just a white mask with a knife. No personality, no message, not much of a character. If you go for it, I see either a story where Myers is a protagonist killer (Donald had a similar story) or the "black ship" in a canon family (example: Haley Myers' father/uncle. Now Michael Myers in your family. Except for psychopaths and Emma Duval, I can't imagine anyone who won't feel the sorrow of Myers' relatives).

      2. You'd be happy to hear i'm planning Emma Stone to play a character in one of my future original stories. It's a police drama named "Police Legend", with fairytale characters who live their mundane life. The specific installment with Emma Stone is part 3. Emma is planned to play Fiona Blumberg (the blue fairy from "Pinocchio"). By the time part 3 began, Fiona was already a sole survivor of her own father (Bluebeard, AKA Amadeus Blumberg) killing spree. Amadeus planned on doing one last killing spree and wanted to kill his own daughter to erase suspicion, because "what kind of man would kill his daughter?". Doing what she had to do, which was the last thing she wanted, made the killers of part 3 hate her. So her experience at surviving killing sprees and killing her murderous father got the officers Molly Chong and Quazi Tortorella consult with her. If you know "Pinocchio", you remember Fox and Cat, who manipulated Pinocchio and later tried to kill him. In "Police Legend 3" they succeeded. I plan Fiona to kill one of them.

      3. I'm okay with spoilers. I try not to give them for not reveal my fanfics too early and many have problems, but feel free to "spoil" everything you like. I have no doubt Psychotic 3 will happen, as much as it takes. Scream Noir 2's episode 3 will happen as well, albeit taking ages. I recall Noah had a story with Leatherface. He can help you with that. Ed Gein is one horrible piece of work, aint he? Good thinking with the leather mask. By "Norman will succeed", you mean he'll get out of it unscratched, or he'll succeed until your final season?

      4. I was thinking Aya will portray Nora/Norman, but your idea of her helping Norman becomes Nora sounds even better. You might as well be the first writer in this wiki who put celebrities portraying themselves. As for Norman's father: I think you should pick Idris Alba instead. You want him to be menacing, right? Well, Idris played Shere Khan in Jungle Book's live action version. Really gave this tiger vibes of Scar/Kieran/Jill. Now a racist tiger as a Malcolm X-like bad father. Scary stuff.

      5. Rome Flynn does make a good option. Just the guy to get away with murder.

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    • Yeah the new Halloween movie looks badass! Sounds dope by the way!

      Hayley Myers and Michael that is a hot combination! Also if you want to put that in the Hadonfield universe Hayley could even be Michael's accomplise or hell maybe Michael's long lost niece and became a copycat killer.

      OMG second thought Idris Elba would actually be even a better choice for Sam Bates!

      Also Nora is more femenine than Norma I like it! Aya would be perfect for Norman's mother and I love the idea of naming Norman's mother Nora Bates. That's dope!

      (Spoiler Alert): By the way I was referring that Norman Bates in my reboot will succeed in his crimes meaning that Norman will kill them all like besides Marion and Dective Arbogast being killed, the victims in my Psycho reboot will be all killed off Marion, Dective Arbogast, Sam Loomis, and even Lila Crane. I figure to make my remake even more is that I figure to lift Norman's killcount up a bit. For one thing the only thing I liked about Bates Motel was the shower twist (Sam Loomis the Marion 2.0 victim). Other than that I didn't care for Bates Motel's reboot version. 

      I must say even though I do like Denzel it's good to pick another actor that is younger as well also I've seen doezens of Idris's movie and he can fit that role for Norman's father and that Malcom X aspect is brilliant!

      Also Aya could potray (Nora Bates) as the transgender Norman Bates I love it!

      Also I'm not only glad you like the actor I picked for Norman and that is Rome Flynn also speaking of How To Get Away With Murder which he plays Gabriel Maddox.  

      I not only got a kick out of what you've just said and as I'm looking at Rome and not only just that. I've seen his work on The Haves And The Have Nots and How To Get Away With Murder and he can pull off this shady type person to get away with murder.

      Like I've actually picture my remake and I can tell Rome can fit that roll as of Norman perfectly.

      Also as for the Ed Gein style Robert Bloch's Psycho novel actually did that aspect wear Norman wore his mother's flesh face and body pretending to be her. Which I know that it was way too graphic for the movies! 

      But as for a modern remake / reboot to my Psycho I was thinking about doing the Robert Bloch's Psycho Ed Gein style on the first season and then as for the sequel Norman is now a free man and he is out of Jail and even the Mental hospital and Rome can reprise his roll for the small part in the beginning of the movie as of Norman Bates and as for the transgender Norman which is him being his mother. Aya can be  Nora/Norman as for Psycho 2.

      I love it!

      Also I came up with not only a timeline of my Psycho remake but here is my plot for Norman's backround and it sounds more sadistic and to make the audeince say no wonder why Norman Bates turned out to become the killer that he is.

      So this is his back round for my Norman Bates:

      (Norman's mother Nora Bates is a big Christinanity person (Carrie White's mother). Basically if  Norman has done anything wrong such as a sin or anything not only bad but if he even talks back to her it's a sin due to "Though shall respect mother and father" which was the 10 comandments Norman got sick of his mother's nonsense which also pushed him over the edge.

      As for even him Norman Bates actor: (Jibrail Nantambu) as a child starting around 9 years old. Norman's mother Nora Bates makes him wear a dress for punishment for talking back to her or just doing something that is a sin. Nora even had made Norman go to School in a dress and of course he was teased and picked on at School. Even around High School Nora makes him wear a dress to School. the next day he force him to wear skirt and kids and students make fun of him of course. One bully calls him a faggot the next day when he didn't wear a dress when his mother couched him about the sins that he has done.

      Norman even have to deal with his bitch of a mother and his mother would say as he came from home from School and would say "See boy if you give me respect would wouldn't have to dress like a girl." Just to make Norman understand and follows her roles Nora has Norman look at himself in the mirror and say 2 times "I am a bad girl and I promise to be a good girl so I won't be punished." Norman was then timinated by her so he won't have to wear a dress. But overall Norman is now 18 (McCarrie McCaussland)) and is sick of his mother's nonsense and her asshole black boyfriend Rick Simons (Terrance Howard) so he killed the both of them and poisoned them both in bed while feeding them soup with arsenic poison in it and they both died.

      Also to give you a trivia in my version Norman Bates poisoned them both in their soup. In the original Psycho Norman poisoned the boyfriend and his mother in their tea.

      But anyhow 18 year old Norman Bates  (McCarrie McCausslad) watches both his mother and step father Rick (Terrance Howard) die slowly. Norman smiles knowing that he succeeds on killing his mother and stepfather.

      But besides him being jealous of his mother having a new boyfriend he is sick of her crazy ways and also as for Norman well due to the original movies Norman just can't also have a girlfriend if he wanted and far as that goes as you can see Norman's mother is caucasin and Norman better not be thinking about getting a white girlfriend because that would really make his mother not only jealous (Like the irginal movies) mad and angry at Norman. Norman not only remains to become a killer but as for his wicked mother he developed 3 personalities as well and far as that goes Norman cracks up and turns out to be the infamous crossdressing murderer he is.)

      (Then we are now entering the Psycho timeline):

      2 Years later Norman Bates is now 21 years old and now an adult (Rome Flynn) and is now a serial killer. 

      Oh just one more thing I have to ask about my Psycho reboot. What do you think of these actors I picked for Norman's timeline as well from being younger up until when he is an adult?

      What do you think of me casting this kid Jibrail Nantambu as the child Norman Bates? 
      MV5BMWY2MTJiYmYtZDc4Ni00ZmZiLTllYjAtZDIyNTZkMDU1YWJiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODcxNTk5NTA@. V1 UX214 CR0,0,214,317 AL (1)
      McCarrie McCausland

      What do you think about me casting this kid name McCarrie McCasusland as for the young from age 13 - 18 year old teenager Norman Bates in my reboot / Remake of Psycho?

      MV5BMzdjMGYzNmUtZTY4ZS00YTEzLTgwNzUtY2RiOWFjMDJiZGUwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjc5Mjg0NjU@. V1 SY1000 CR0,0,671,1000 AL

      Last but not least Rome Flynn as the 21 year old and the adult Norman Bates for my Psycho reboot.

      ​​Like my timeline I made for Norman? I also figure to make Norman's back round even more deeper: Also in the original Psycho I heard Norman's birthday August. But as for my Norman Bates his Birthday falls on and it's Christmas day. Also I figure to make people hate Nora's black boyfriend Rick. I figure it happend when Norman was 14 years old and wanted to open up Christmas gifts like any other child would do. As for that Rick cooked breakfast for the 3 of them and Nora Bates didn't felt like cooking. But as for Norman he wanted to open up his Birthday / Christmas resents. Rick wanted him to sit down and first. Norman refused to listen to Rick. Not only Rick yelled at Norman to sit down and eat so did Nora. Nora was on Rick's side. Norman sits down and he just sat there and didn't eat all day. Until night time Nora wen't into the Dining room and said to Norman "Boy eat your fucking food or else you won't have any cake. You're lucky me and Rick saved your ass a piece of cake! See now if you were good and ate you're breakfast Rick wouldn't have broken your Playstation! I'm glad he did it! When I was calling you're spoiled ass to come downstairs and help me to open up the Motel you acted like you've didn't heard a word I've said. Maybe I had been babing your ass too much! It's time to face reality Norman!" Norman was disgusted on how he was treated not only on  Christmas day but on his Birthday toware he not only didn't feel like eating. He wasn't not only even in the mood for opening up his presents. Actually Rick tore up the video game that Nora actually got for Norman. 

      What do you think?

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  • Hey, ScaryMovie53. Terribly sorry for the long wait of 9 weeks. :0. Haven't heard back from you either in the 8 weeks. I have been very busy with SAT, ACT, and schoolwork for my Junior year.

    2. To answer your question about who's death I prefer better, between Charlie Walker and Kieran Wilcox, I prefer Kieran's death. More shocking, drawn out, surprising, and bloody. I was shocked and wanted him to live in the end so it could be a two-killers versus Emma. 

    But, just to say, I am gonna think Kieran is still alive in the prison. Pardon my language, but his death was shit and told nothing. I disapprove of his death, honestly.  I am gonna think he's alive and in jail serving life sentences. 

    3. I think that Debbie knew how horrible his son was, but that didn't negate the fact that she wanted Sidney dead because she killed him. She knew how horrible her son was, but in her corrupted mind, she thought that Billy killed Maureen, which was a good thing, and kind of like Pamela Voorhees, controlled by her son. But, who knows with Lori's parents; maybe the same thing will happen again. Also, if the killer of HDD2 turns out to be someone from the 1st movie like Dani, Carter, Gregory, etc, that would be cool, like they did with Scream S2. 

    5. Well, we don't know in fact if he was trying to rape her. He was dying and wanted her dead, and also, the way he acted with Sid throughout the whole movie, proves he just liked her. 

    6. I meant that Scream is known for the who-dunnit. Yes, it would have been cool yet unusual that Audrey was the accomplice, but it's a slasher show, and its know for "Who is the killer" type genres. Also, the killer was tall at the scene with Will and Piper. Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) is 5'9" (69 inches) tall, and that is way more believable than a 5'4" (64 inches) tall killer running around, especially cause Bex in the costume would look like a child running around and because the stunt double for the killer is 5'10" (70 inches) tall. Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) is the 3rd tallest male (couple inches shorter than Eddie and Kevin) on the show. Amadeus is a tall 6'1" (73 inches) tall male. The stuntman, Alec Rayme is the same height. 

    9. I'll put them on my list to watch! :)

    10. I can't find the comment that Matthew wrote about whether he watched my shows and movies I was talking about. Could you direct me to him?

    11. Also, wanted to know, have you watched these films/tv shows?

    1. Happy Death Day (Movie)

    2. Urban Legend (Movie) 

    3. Urban Legends: Final Cut (Movie)

    4. Most Likely to Die (Movie)

    5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Movie)

    6. Se7en (Seven) (Movie)

    7. Slaughter High (Movie)

    8. Saw (1-8) (Movie Series)

    9. Slasher (1st Season) (TV Series)

    10. Slasher: Guilty Party (2nd Season) (TV Series)

    11. Final Destination (1-5) (Movie Series)

    Here is some insight on some of these movies/tv series in case you wanna more about them. They are very cool, scary, and great horror movies and shows.

    1. (Happy Death Day) (Movie) Tree Gelbman is a blissfully self-centered collegian who wakes up on her birthday in the bed of a student named Carter. As the morning goes on, Tree gets the eerie feeling that she's experienced the events of this day before. When a masked killer suddenly takes her life in a brutal attack, she once again magically wakes up in Carter's dorm room unharmed. Now, the frightened young woman must relive the same day over and over until she figures out who murdered her.

    2. Urban Legend (Movie) (From the Producers of I Know What You Did Last Summer) When a university is beset by a rash of gruesome murders that resemble old urban legends. When her friend is killed, Natalie (Alicia Witt) begins to notice the pattern. Her suspicions grow stronger, and soon the quiet college campus is transformed into hunting grounds for a maniac, and Natalie struggles to find the killer and stop the bloodshed before she becomes the next victim. 

    It features Alicia Witt from 88 Minutes, Jared Leto from Suicide Squad, Rebecca Gayheart from, Scream 2, Loretta Devine from Grey's Anatomy, Brad Dourif who voices Chucky in Child's Play, and Robert Englund who plays Freddy Krueger! I think you might like it! It is a who-dunnit. I knew who the killer was, but I ain't telling! 

    3. Urban Legends: Final Cut (Movie) (From the Producers of I Know What You Did Last Summer) The sequel to Urban Legend. I suggest you watch the 1st film first. At Alpine University, one senior student will be awarded the prestigious Hitchcock Award for best thesis film, virtually guaranteeing the winner a film career in Hollywood. Amy (Jennifer Morrison), Travis (Matthew Davis), and Graham (Joey Lawrence) are student filmmakers who would love to make it big in Hollywood. But first, they've got to survive their last semester at Alpine, a renowned film school where the competition is killer -- and a masked figure is killing the competition.

    4. Most Likely to Die (Movie) (On Netflix)  It's the night before a 10-year high school reunion and someone's been holding a grudge. One by one, former classmates are slain in ways befitting their yearbook superlatives by a cap and gown wearing killer. 

    5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Movie) A year after running over a fisherman and dumping his body in the water, four friends reconvene when Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) receives a frightening letter telling her that their crime was seen. While pursuing who he thinks is responsible for the letter, Barry (Ryan Phillippe) is run over by a man with a meat hook. The bloodletting only increases from there, as the killer with the hook continues to stalk Julie, Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.).

    6. Se7en (Seven) (Movie) (On Netflix) When retiring police Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) tackles a final case with the aid of newly transferred David Mills (Brad Pitt), they discover a number of elaborate and grizzly murders. They soon realize they are dealing with a serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who is targeting people he thinks to represent one of the seven deadly sins. (With all the backlash and talk about Kevin Spacey, his acting in the movie is superb, but I still don't like 'him after' what he has done. You should watch the movie.)

    7. Slaughter High (Movie) (From the Producers of Friday the 13th) Created by the people of Friday the 13th; Marty Rantzen is bullied by jocks, girls, and bullies in a showroom, and even on his birthday. Now, years later, there is a reunion at their old closed school, and a Jester clown killer comes to kill the group.

    8. Saw (1-8) (Movies) (This is mainly the plot of the 1st film; you should watch all 8 to get an idea if you haven't already.) Photographer Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell) and oncologist Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) regain consciousness while chained to pipes at either end of a filthy bathroom. As the two men realize they've been trapped by a sadistic serial killer nicknamed "Jigsaw" and must complete his perverse puzzle to live, flashbacks relate the fates of his previous victims. 

    9. Slasher: The Executioner (1st Season) (TV Series) (On Netflix) Shortly after her return to the small town where her parents were murdered 30 years ago, Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath) returns to the quiet community of Waterbury, where the killings occurred, to start over with her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren), but upon arriving they discover that things haven't changed much. Sarah quickly finds herself at the center of a series of murders that revolve around the Seven Deadly Sins, which appear to be the work of "The Executioner."

    But the original killer who went by that name, Tom Winston (Patrick Garrow), is in prison so it can't be him. That means somebody else is behind the mask this time around, and the perp's true identity must be discovered to stop this latest string of murders. As long-buried secrets begin to surface, everybody around Sarah is a suspect -- or a victim.

    10. Slasher: Guilty Party (2nd Season) (TV Series) (On Netflix) It centers around a horrific secret that a group of former summer camp counselors has buried long ago. Due to a changing circumstance, they must return to their resort in the dead of winter to retrieve the body of Talvinder, whom they murdered while they were camp counselors, five years earlier. But, they can't find the body at the campsite. Later, the group starts dying one by one at the hands of a mysterious person wearing a parka and ski mask, and this figure knows their secret.

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    • Buddy, it's perfectly understandable. Both of us have busy times. Just talk whenever you feel like it. I'm thrilled either way :-). Just one quick question: A pen-mate of mine have a theory that Billy was afraid that Sidney will leave him. Would you say that his wish to kill Sidney so she won't leave him is part of seeing her as an extention of her mother, or a legit (but horrible) second motive on it's own? 

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    • That is what I don't like about Billy's motive. It is unexplained. But it is very plausible that he wanted Sidney dead due to her being an extension of her mother, and its also likely Roman corrupted Billy, showed him the tape, told Billy that Sidney is just like her mom. Or Roman could have told Billy that Sidney knew about the affair! Ooh!

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  • It's been a while since we've spoken, but since JMO and Alex have been gone for so long, thought we should start talking again. I made a fanfiction called "Audrey's Scream" with 2 chapters already out. If you took a look, i'd appreciate it.

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    • Happy holidays, bro :-).

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  • Hi ScaryMovie53,  I wanted to keep you posted on my fan fic story of the Psychotic sequel.

    I must tell you man it's epic as hell! I really hope you like this one. Plus I've tried to make this one just as epic as Season 1 was.

    Also I have to say there is one thing that Michael has wen't through that nobody else knows and not even his sister Leslie Jones know about.

    It's epic man! I hope you'll enjoy Psychotic 2. Also I was going to go into Michael Burset's even more in Season 1 but I figure to keep the story more interesting by saving that type of backround for Season 2. Because also I made it towere Michael just had a flashback by not  thinking about from season 1 and as for season 2 he had deepers thoughts about it.

    I can't wait to see your reaction on part 2 man!

    Enjoy! 1:)

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    • Nice!

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