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  • Hey, mate :-). Just seen your question on the forum. I respect your opinion about these 2, but I can't see them return in season 3. Sidney killed them both. Billy was even killed twice. If who'll write a fanfic where Billy and Stu appears in season 3, how would that fanfic look like?

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    • ScaryMovie53 wrote:
      Interesting you say that. The good people who did Scream 3 had a similar idea, with Stu surviving and planning a new killing spree from prison. I could never see it work. Stu cant plan anything. People like get murdered in jail, assuming he won't bleed to death before even getting imprisoned. Also, Noah Killer had a fanfic where Billy survived somehow and came to kill Sidney again, 20 years later.

      By your future fanfic where Billy and Stu going back for a third round (after miraculously surviving), did you meant an alternative version of Scream 2, or did you wanted them to appear in the tv series?

      Um, both.

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    • 1. I'm a writer, so I can help you with your fanfic. You can publish your story in a blog. The first tip I can give you is looking at other fanfics. Mine, Noah Killer's, Chainsaw-ox's, Dcn-1989's and Kenneth Tanner's. Here's a link for my fanfic:

      2. I'm not saying Billy turned on Stu when they stabbed each other, but if i'll hear Billy had Stu on his killing list, I won't be surprised. loyalty and technically not betrayal are two different things. Do you consider worshiping as a form of loyalty? Worship ain't love, but maybe it's a form of loyalty.

      3. What do you think about all those weird theories regarding Billy and Stu (they were gay, Stu really did had a thing for Sid, Ghostface is actually Billy's ghost and such)?

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