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  • I live in The Citadel
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Scout for Hire
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  • I saw you commented on my story. I would like you go to my own wikia page for another story. There every chapter and character has their own page. I would like you to read each chapter and comment them as you would here. You can do the same if you wish for each character. So far 5 chapters have been posted. I post weekly like a TV show. I post them on Saturdays.

    Please check it out:

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  • Just saw your comment in Emma's page. I didn't liked her very much, but I guess different people like different characters. Now, I would like to know you better, starting these questions:

    1. Any theory about the third killer? My lead suspect is Kevin, who took revenge from the person who almost killed his daughter and tormented her to no end. He said "who told you that you can wear my mask?" were meant to berate Kieran for using a mask of caring boyfriend while planning to kill his daughter. If not him, it's either Troy, Miguel or Maggie.

    2. What do you think about season 3?

    3. Who's your favorite killer? You can choose from the movies, the tv series or both.

    4. An "Assassin's Creed"-related question: I liked this game, but played it less than I wanted due to lack of time. From your perspective, which is your favorite assassin? And do you have a AC fanfic of your own?

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    • PS: I just finished my draft for "Scream" Reboot. It ain't written as a story. This time, it's an explanation of the main changes, with new updated actors and actresses. I might not be able to write it all to the letter, because of real-life challenges and my own original stories, so I wrote the blueprints instead.

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  • Welcome fam

    Hello! I'm part of the staff of the Scream Wiki community. We appreciate your edit to Emma Duval!

    Make sure that you head over and read our Policies page to know the editing rules for this wiki so you know how to help this community! Any edit or comment helps us improve!

    If you need help getting started or if you're lost, please head over to our help pages or contact me on my message wall (or any other active administrator) for any questions or doubts!

    We hope you enjoy your time at Scream Wiki!


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