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I always thought I had the perfect mom.

Sidney about her late mother.

Maureen Prescott (née Roberts) was the deceased mother of Sidney Prescott, the protagonist of the Scream film series. She is also the sister to Kate Roberts, aunt to Jill and birth mother to Roman Bridger, as well as the first ever victim to Ghostface in the infamous Woodsboro Murders committed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher.

Despite being dead before the original Scream (1996 film), she plays an integral role in sparking the chain of events in the series. In the first four films, the murderers trace at least part of their motivation back to Maureen. She makes her first physical and voice appearance in the third film which explores her backstory, including her life as an actress with the stage name, Rina Reynolds.

Maureen indirectly caused the chain of five (the events of the original trilogy gave Sidney fame, which Jill Roberts was jealous of) separate murder sprees. The fourth murder spree was caused because of fame and family jealousy as a result of the previous murder sprees. By the fifth murder spree, it's been reversed as now Maureen's role of being the origin for the new murders against are dropped, supposedly, now instead of targeting Sidney, is, moving forward, now reversed and given to Maureen's own masterminded killer and her own daughter's ex-boyfriend, Billy Loomis, and following her killer's own illegitimate child, a daughter, Samantha Carpenter.

She was portrayed by Lynn McRee.


Early Life

Maureen Roberts was born in 1951, the elder daughter in the Roberts household located in Woodsboro, California. Her younger sister, Kate was born approximately five years later. She spent her whole life in Woodsboro, except for a secret two-year span between early-1969 and early-1971 (approx. two years), between the ages of 18 and 20.

Hollywood Dreams

It is revealed the young and impressionable 18-year-old was an aspiring actress. She relocated to Los Angeles in 1969, and she followed her dreams. She chose the stage name Rina Reynolds, and met horror movie producer in his heyday, John Milton, attending one of his parties.

She was introduced to men Milton claimed would help her career in return for sexual favors. A young and innocent Maureen was then gang raped by several men. She became pregnant with a son who she gave birth to on February 4, 1970. She gave him up for adoption.

Short Career

Rina Reynolds

A "Rina Reynolds" headshot.

Maureen was unable to make a big break in Hollywood. She shot three horror movies somewhere along this period (between her nine-month pregnancy in 1969 all the way to 1971): Amazombies, Space Psychos and Creatures from the San Andreas Fall between 1969 and 1971.

She also did three plays: The War on Earth, Young Women and I Want to Scream. Each film was produced by horror icon John Milton.

During the events of the third film (which take place in early-2000), Dewey refers to a photograph at age 19/20 "28 years ago" indicating it was approx. 1971 (one year after Roman Bridger's birth year). It is likely the photograph was one of Maureen's final moments in Hollywood.

Sexual Assault Claims and Return to Woodsboro

No charges were ever brought towards her rapists, despite Maureen’s claims and for pressing on the matter between 1970 and 1971. As Milton states, "It was the seventies, everything was different", though this would later appear to be untrue. She was eventually completely blacklisted for trying to expose the truth during this timeframe.

She made the decision to leave Hollywood behind and moved back home to Woodsboro. That same year, sometime in 1971, she met her future husband, Neil Prescott when she was 21 years old. They eventually got married, bought the house 34 Elm Street and she gave birth to a daughter at approx. 28 turning 29 years old, Sidney Prescott (born 1979).

She told no one about this period in her life or her traumas, including her family and eventual husband, Neil.

Affairs in Woodsboro

Maureen Smiling Photo

Maureen, shortly before her demise.

The rape affected Maureen for the rest of her life. Even though she settled down and married Neil Prescott and had his daughter, she became promiscuous.

She had affairs with at least Cotton Weary and a married man, Hank Loomis, the father of Sidney's boyfriend Billy Loomis. When Hank's wife found out, she left Hank to raise their son Billy on his own.


Her birth son, Roman Bridger was adopted into a wealthy family in Hollywood. Like his birth mother, he had artistic aspirations, becoming a music video director. Somewhere in his early life, Roman discovered or was informed that he was adopted and opted to find his birth mother, an unknown and untraceable Horror movie actress named "Rina Reynolds".

Maureen Cotton Affair

Caught In Action: Roman captures Maureen's unfaithfulness.

Roman eventually tracked Maureen down in 1995, at the age of 25, coming to the front door at her residence, but she rejected him. This was most likely because he was a reminder of a time she wanted to forget. She coldly said that he was Rina Reynolds' son, Rina was dead, and Maureen's only child is her teenage daughter, Sidney, before slamming the door in his face. Roman was embittered by this and began stalking her.

He took footage of her affairs, including the one with Hank and showed the evidence to Billy claiming that she was the reason why his mother "abandoned him". This enraged Billy and Roman motivated him to murder Maureen. Roman also told Billy to have a partner to sell out in case he gets caught and to frame someone.

Maureen Murder Stab 3 Re-Interpretation

A re-interpretation of Maureen's murder, shown on the set for Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro.

One night, Maureen seduced Cotton when he was drunk. Billy, with help from his best friend Stu Macher, did as instructed and together they murdered Maureen and framed her lover, Cotton Weary by planting his jacket with Maureen's blood in his car. Sidney, having witnessed someone wearing Cotton's jacket, testified that she saw Cotton leave the house.

Cotton was subsequently convicted of rape and murder, and later placed on death row. After her death, some Woodsboro residents referred to Maureen as a "slut". According to Roman, "everybody knew" about Cotton; Sidney would ultimately suffer through the series due to her mother's past mistakes and affairs.

In school, Sidney was outed by two students as being the daughter of a "slut" and believed her to be one like her mother.


The Woodsboro Murders (1996)

Your slut mother was fucking my father and she's the reason my mom moved out and abandoned me. How's that for a motive? Maternal abandonment causes serial deviant behavior.

Billy to Sidney during his motivation reveal, Scream

In the year following Maureen's murder, the general public believed Cotton Weary raped and killed her. Reporter Gale Weathers was the only one who believed Cotton's story and clashed with Sidney over it.

After a disagreement with Billy in the school hallway, she retreated to the girls’ bathroom. As she was in the stall, she overheard two girls referring to Sidney and her mother as “sluts”. Sidney now questions where the rumors came from. Later, when talking to her best friend Tatum, who is also aware of the rumors, which she informs Sidney that there has been talk about other men (hinting Billy’s father, and not just Cotton) that her mother has been with outside of her marriage. Sidney slowly considered the possibility that the rumors might be true.

She talks and reconciles with Billy at the party and says she can’t keep lying to herself of who her mother was. She expresses that she is afraid she might become like her in that way, like the Bad Seed. Sidney was haunted by her mother's death, but eventually discovered the truth: that Maureen really did sleep around, and that she was killed by Billy and Stu shortly after Cotton had sex with her.

After intimacy with Billy, she looks at him as he is very adamant to her that he isn’t a killer. The moment she recognizes something familiar, the killer comes in and distracts her by “attacking” Billy.

Later, when Billy reveals himself as the mastermind, he also tells Sidney the motive behind it all was because her “slut” mother was fucking his father causing his mother to abandon him.

As Billy attempted to strangle Sidney, he said “Say Hello to your mother” with intentions of killing her. He’s shot by Gale and finished off by Sidney. Sidney ultimately killed the two in self-defense and found some closure.

The Windsor College Murders (1997)

I was a good mother. You know what makes me sick!? I am sick to death of people saying that it's all the parents fault, that it all starts with the family. You wanna blame someone? Why don't you blame your mother? She's the one whole stole my husband and broke up my family and then you took my son.

Nancy Loomis to Sidney on how Sid's mother was the catalyst for the events in Woodsboro led by Billy, and bow her avenging him in Windsor, Scream 2

After Mrs. Loomis revealed herself as one of the killers, she proved to Sidney that she was infuriated at Maureen stole her husband, Hank, and broke up her marriage and family, and further angry because Sidney killed her son, Billy.

The second killer, Mickey Altieri, taunted Sidney by telling her that her dead boyfriend Derek Feldman would have been the type of guy she could take home to mom, if she had a mom.

Hollywood (2000)

Revisited: Sidney Uncovers the Truth

The other half of you. I searched for a mother, too. An actress named Rina Reynolds. Tried to find her my whole life and four years ago, I actually tracked her down. Knocked at her door thinking she'd welcome me with open arms. But she had a new life and a new name: Maureen Prescott. You were the only child she ever claimed, Sidney. She shut me out in the cold forever. Her own son.

Roman as Ghostface revealing himself to his half-sister Sidney and revealing himself further as the push to the catalyst of the first film, Scream 3

In Scream 3, Maureen has a much larger role than in previous installments. We learn more about Maureen's past and why she slept around, so there are much fewer unanswered questions.

Sidney Maureen Mother Daughter Connection

Like mother like daughter: Scream 3 Easter egg connection to Scream 2 Sidney inadvertently followed in her mother's footsteps at Windsor College.

In the rules of a trilogy, which functions with prequel elements and an unexpected backstory with a "preponderance of exposition" (according to Randy's rules), this is why Maureen's story is re-explored, as the audience learns more about what was previously, rather briefly touched upon.

In the film, Roman leaves old head shots of Maureen as stage-name actress "Rina Reynolds" at the scenes of his murders to entice Sidney to Hollywood, so he could plan his revenge. Gale and Jennifer Jolie later investigate the headshots after Gale identified the person as Maureen and was told by Bianca Burnette about Maureen's rape and career with John Milton, implicating him as a suspect.

Sidney wounds up questioning her own sanity, when Roman terrorize her over the phone with Maureen's voice. He also drapes Maureen's prop body bag over himself and uses her voice to torment her and make her think she was losing her mind.

Sidney also dreams of her mother in the film, only furthering her doubts. After Roman finally reveals himself to Sidney, he fills in the gaps of Maureen's life for her, and then murders John Milton, one of her mother's rapists (which also may have been his own father). She was seen on video and her voice was heard for the first time.

Maureen's murder is given more insight in the film at the replicated crime scene on the Stab 3 set. Maureen's bedroom is seen covered in blood and Maureen's body bag is seen with stab wounds in the head and stomach. It is hinted, that Maureen was in her bedroom after Cotton left.

Due to the presence of a cellphone, it can be inferred that Stu and Billy then called and harassed her, only to arrive and kill her brutally. The two then could have planted Cotton's bloody coat in his car, framing him.

The Second Woodsboro Murders (2011)

I mean, for fuck's sake, my own mother had to die, no great loss there, so I could stay true to the original. Sick, right? Well, sick is the new sane. You had your 15 minutes, now I want mine! I mean, what am I supposed to do? Go to college? Grad school? Work? Look around. We all live in public now, we're all on the Internet, how do you think people become famous anymore? You don't have to achieve anything. You just gotta have fucked up shit happen to you.

Jill Roberts to her older cousin and her motive and reveal paralleling the tragedy of Sidney's mother's death (Jill's aunt), caused by Billy and Stu, yet doing so herself by killing her mother to get to Sidney's level of fame which she envied due to the events (despite Sidney never wanting the fame that came with after surviving them)., Scream 4

In September 2011, almost 16 years since Maureen's death and 15 years since the original Woodsboro Murders in September 1996 following hers, a local Woodsboro real estate agent, Kate Roberts (Maureen's younger sister) said, following Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper's deaths, that she had emotional scars, too, because of Maureen's brutal murder and implicitly complained that no one cared, to her daughter, Jill Roberts (Maureen's niece, Sidney's cousin and Roman's half-cousin) and Jill's then friend, Kirby Reed. This is the first hint that Kate seemed jealous of her own niece, Sidney, almost as if her tragedy gave her the attention, she, and her daughter by extension, never got.

Kate's death in the Woodsboro Remake Murders/ Second Woodsboro Murders (2011) in the film represents Maureen's, as Jill states: "I mean, for fuck's sake, my own mother had to die, no great loss there, so I could stay true to the original. That's sick, right?" It is clear Kate's jealousy issues were spread onto Jill.

The Third Woodsboro Murders (2022)

Almost 26-27 years since her death and the original Woodsboro Murders as well as a decade since the Second Woodsboro Murders were committed in vein/remake to the original after hers, Gale Weathers expresses regret over writing the book on her murder, stating, "none of this would've happened", as a third massacre occurs in the town of Woodsboro. Sidney is now a mother herself and who after learning and growing from her mother's errors due to Maureen's affairs and the mistake that cost her mother her life and its cause and effects it had on her daughter.

Sidney disagrees, stating her mother's killer and ex-boyfriend, Billy Loomis started it, and "we're gonna end it". This shows and seemingly ended Sidney's two decade vendetta of being targeted by new Ghostface killers for her mother's illicit affairs/infidelity and subsequent murder, at least for now, with it now being reversed and targeting Billy's illegitimate daughter, Samantha, due to her bloodline in association with being the illegitimate daughter to the mastermind of the original Woodsboro Murders, in a reverse to Sidney being targeted because of Maureen being the first victim, and being promiscuous around Woodsboro and for not acknowledging or facing her mother for her very true rumored affairs (which caused her to falsely accuse Maureen's lover and Woodsboro resident Cotton Weary due to being with Maureen the night of her death, and seeing unbeknownst to her after finding her mother dead from the window either Billy or Stu with Cotton's jacket, which then led to New York journalist reporter and author Gale Weathers to arrive and defend Cotton; both characters would later grow fond of Sidney as they became integrated into her life following the first and second films, with Cotton dying to protect Sidney by refusing to tell Roman Bridger as Ghostface her whereabouts in third film).








Maureen Prescott as Rina Reynolds

Maureen Prescott is the first ever victim of the entire Scream franchise and the first victim to be killed off screen, as well as the first female. (A future film or prequel to the first film can change this. However, it's disregarded and for the sake of continuity, she is the first canonical victim (pre- or post-Ghostface).

  • Maureen's death, in regards to plot and storytelling and in setting exposition, would be reiterated and interpolated by later films and the short lived TV series of the same name on MTV (which most likely isn't connected to the films' lore, at least not for the first two seasons, until Scream VI; for more see Brandon James Mask; unstated about the Ghostface appearing for the first time since Scream 4 in the third season, in 2019 now on VH1, Scream: Resurrection). This starts with:
    • Maureen Evans's death in Scream 2
      • First namesake only and to set up plot for sequel, in correlation to Maureen’s death and the events of the first film.
    • Christine Hamilton's death in Scream 3
      • This technically makes Christine the second female in the film series to fall as first victim to Ghostface; however, Maureen's death occurs off-screen, which would then make Christine officially the first female to be killed as the first victim to fall, breaking thr pattern from the previous films seeing as both Casey Becker and Maureen Evans were killed after their boyfriends, who were the first victims and males to fall first.
    • The deaths of in-universe Stab film franchise within a film franchise, the duo Stab 6 characters, Trudie and Sherrie, Rachel from Stab 7, and in reality by Jenny Randall, Marnie Cooper, Olivia Morris, and Kate Roberts, all in Scream 4.
      • With the deaths of all the Stab fictional female characters each sharing similar with Maureen is each being the first female victims shown of their respective fictional films' murders and events, as opposed to the actual first real one which started it all, as well as due to Maureen being an actress for the same studio, Sunrise Studios, which filmed and produced the Stab movies, in exposition revealed and seen in Scream 3.
        • Rachel's death could, despite fictional, be correlated loosely to Maureen’s own real fate seeing as Rachel died aware of the fact it was her roommate, Chloe. It's stated how in the first film, Billy and Stu killed Maureen, but it's unstated if they were in costume, which would have made Maureen aware after sending Cotton Weary away of her own attackers whilst she was being killed who would then be revealed post-mortem.
      • Jenny and Marnie would be the first female victims of the first two female victims in the opening of ay film, in the franchise, during the Second Woodsboro Murders and who, despite being killed 15 years after the last Woodsboro victim, Kenny Brown, and after the male killer duo of both Billy and Stu, the girls dying is a reverse seeing as they're the first female duo of victims to be killed in the 2011 murders after the last male duo of killers, from the 1996 murders.
        • Despite this, they're similar in that Maureen in that each are the first females to fall victim in the Woodsboro Murders almost a decade apart.
      • Olivia's death, whilst on-screen and gory and brutal, is stumbled upon by Sidney who arrived too late, and who is shown silently absorbing and seeing the murder scene in the deceased girl's bedroom, is reminiscent and too close to home for Sidney, of her having stumbled onto her own mother's murder in her home 16 years prior as a teen, which is shown after the fact with her seeing the body of her dead friend, Tatum Riley, and witnessing the death of Kenny Brown and the subsequent deaths she's witnessed and bodies she's stumbled on since as a result of her own mother's brutally tragic demise leading to her being targeted.
      • Maureen's sister and Sidney's aunt, Kate's death, is now a reverse of Olivia in that instead of Sidney finding her late mother's sister dead, she has inevitably and out her control, witnessed her death, which in remake fashion, would be an homage to the death of Maureen, despite Kate not being the first female victim like her late sister, being 7th, but how it refers to Sidney with her mom like Kate, being unable to help and too late to.
    • Dara Alden in Season 1, despite not dying off-screen, due to her death shown via flashback in the third episode "Wanna Play a Game?".
      • As the first female victim and victim overall of the 1994 Lakewood Murders in the Lakewood Slasher lore and the first victim of the entire TV series, third season included, overall; similar to Maureen.
      • Like Maureen with her affairs, Dara was targeted due to her bullying of Brandon. Both are the first female victims of their respective towns' murder sprees.
      • Dara was killed only a year before Maureen, the differences being their ages (Dara, Brett, and the other 3 Lakewood teen victims were teenagers and sophomores in 1994, Maureen was an adult: however, the victims and later, 3 survivors of the first Lakewood Murders (Emma Duval's parents, Maggie and Kevin, and Gustavo Acosta's father, Miguel Acosta), are in the same age range and graduation year of Maureen's daughter Sidney, as well as Sidney's own ex-boyfriend and friend and Maureen's killers, Billy and Stu, and later victims Casey, Steven, Tatum, Randy, and Judy).
      • However, its unstated if Maureen was ever killed by her perpetrators, Billy and Stu, while in Ghostface's costume; while it's implied that Dara and the other victims were killed allegedly by the town outcast and deformed Brandon James and his mask to hide his deformity; due to the showrunners stating he was innocent, most likely someone in his mask, framing him.
    • Lily and Anna Hobbs in the Season 2 Halloween specials, "Halloween" and "Halloween II", despite only latter having on-screen death shown barely before dying off-screen.
      • Technically speaking, regardless of killers and lore, the Halloween 1930s murders in Shallow Grove Island by the myth of the Shallow Grove Slasher, would make Lily Hobbs, chronologically, the actual first female victim of the entire franchise to fall victim, predating Maureen in the films and Dara of the 1994 murders. However, this is disregarded due to the TV series being separate from the films and how the storyline of the Halloween specials was based on urban legends, thus discredited.
        • Lily was in an alleged affair with the island owner, Reginald, similar to Maureen’s affair with Hank Loomis and Cotton Weary; with Anna, her daughter, mirroring the mother-daughter duo of Maureen and Sidney.
          • It's theorized that the owner Reginald, killed Lily due to her not allowing him to have an affair with her daughter Anna; this is a difference/reverse of the plot of Roman not being welcomed by Maureen into her new family or either Hank or Cotton being the affair turned killer due to preying on Sidney; disregarded,
          • As well as the plot of Roman catching Maureen cheating with Billy's father, Hank, which caused Nancy, Hank's ex-wife and Billy's mom to abandon them, which led to Billy and his peer pressured friend, Stu, to accompany Billy after being convinced by Roman in killing Maureen and then targeting Sidney a year later, in tangent.
        • Unlike in the films with Sidney being a final girl and surviving the Woodsboro Murders which her mother was the unofficial first victim of/to fall from, Anna died from her wounds following her attacks and was presumed to be the killer by the island decades later, similar to Brandon James in the first two seasons' duology; this similarity applies to Cotton Weary being falsely accused by Sidney as Maureen's killer, and to Sidney herself of killing Casey and Steven due to her mother's death.
        • However, unlike Anna, who was never cleared or acquitted of the presumed accusation of being the Shallow Grove Slasher and the killer of her mother, brother, and Reginald, both Sidney and Cotton have.
      • This means that Maureen's death was what started the franchise, and this is what constitutes the fact, only inferring with this loose reference.
    • Despite a trio swap of age, race, and gender, the death of 8 year old Deion Elliot in a junkyard in Halloween 2010 at a rural neighborhood near Atlanta, Georgia as depicted in flashbacks in Season 3 (also known as Scream: Resurrection), shown through the season's first episode "The Deadfast Club", the third and the most revealing exposition episode "The Man Behind The Mask" (like Maureen's past in the third film), as well as the equally revealing final sixth episode "Endgame", his character in regards to Maureen in connection, shares various similarities despite this.
      • The main difference being the familiar relations, as Maureen and Sidney were mother-daughter, and the Elliot brothers are twin brothers.
      • Regardless, each protagonist (Sidney and Marcus) was profoundly affected after witnessing the death of each relative (Maureen's after being killed and Deion as he's attacked but before he was killed) and who had to endure a killing spree by a vengeful relative a few years later on (Roman to Sidney, Jamal to Marcus) because of it, although in Sidney's case, it became the third Ghostface spree she endured following the first two, the first being committed by her psycho boyfriend and his/Sid's former equally insane friend and the second as a copycat of the first by her ex's vengeful psycho mother and hired serial killer and former friend.
      • Unlike Roman being indirectly responsible for Maureen's death for leading Billy and Stu to kill his and Sidney's mother after being shunned out by her and showing Billy the footage of Maureen's affair with Billy's father which causes Billy's mother, Nancy, to abandon her family in light of this (despite returning to avenge her son after he was killed by Sidney for being her mother's murderer and Ghostface in 1996), Jamal isn't and didn't lead for Marcus or Deion to be set up or tell Hook Man (aka Luther Thompson) to go after him. Only difference is that Jamal was welcomed after being orphaned by his biological father, Earl, although this contradicts Roman, who unlike Jamal who was a child, was an adult and shunned out after looking to be welcomed after discovering his biological mother.
      • With the difference being mainly the moral of each character with Deion, a child, being pure and only having one secret prior to his death which is later uncovered in the finale by his surviving twin brother Marcus (who assumed Deion's name and identity, for survival) as having met him and Marcus's half-brother, Jamal, and who after Deion's death and Jamal coming to Atlanta following his birth mother's suicide in discovering Jamal's half-family through each boy's father, Earl Elliot, a trucker, knew that Marcus was posing as Deion after Marcus as Deion failed to remember him when he joined the family. 8 years later, Jamal would enact and commit an anniversary spree, like the Woodsboro Murders, to exact revenge and expose Marcus's secret and kill those near him and any who were involved, with an accomplice and lover, being in Marcus's close circle, 17 year old Beth, although the end result was him being betrayed and Marcus only revealing his secret to his love interest and no one else, and thus failing, because of Marcus's commitment to keep his twins memory alive.
      • Unlike Maureen's illegitimate son Roman not knowing her daughter and Roman's half-sister Sidney due to being separated and abandoned by her, Jamal as the illegitimate son of Earl , wasn't by his father, and who knew of both his half-brothers, twins Deion and Marcus, with him meeting the former prior to his death and knowing the latter stole his identity after, sharing how Sidney used the alias of Laura in the third film, like Marcus with Deion's name, starting with Maureen using the alias of Rina Reynolds.
      • Paralleling the events of the Scream film trilogy, which was how Maureen was an adult woman and corrupted due to PTSD of her past, which went relatively discreet and unknown until the third film, who had various secrets, most notable her affairs with Cotton Weary and her most scandalous and the one that caused it all was with Hank Loomis, as well as the reveal of having an illegitimate son, Roman, whom she gave up for adoption and abandoned in favor of starting her life in Woodsboro again. After a failed short and discreet career in Hollywood under a stage name, which led to her being raped by the studio executives (John Milton) she was working at and led to her conceiving and giving birth, which blacklisted her from the industry and led to her retreat. All these events and leading to her death, which the same studio which violated her would exploit and profit from her death and daughter's endurance of it, would result in Maureen's daughter and film franchise heroine, Sidney, being tested and in a reverse to Marcus keeping Deion's memory alive in the 2018 Atlanta Murders, Sidney during the 1996 Woodsboro, 199(7/8) Windsor College Murders, and later the 2011/2022 Woodsboro Murders, is leaving the memory behind and whilst never forgetting, can mature from victim to survivor.
      • Despite various differences, the similarity in that Deion's death was directly correlated and the reason for murders to occur 8 years after his death and is pivotal to the plot like Maureen's, different in that whose character's identity was taken by his surviving twin brother, Marcus Elliot, after a costume swap led to Deion being killed by Hook Man in the Ghostface costume, would similarly and loosely reference how Maurreen swapped with "Rina" and who after this swap from Hollywood to Woodsboro and refusal to admit her secret past or present affairs, like Deion withholding telling Marcus or their mother, Sherry, due to Earl telling both Jamal and Deion to not say nothing, which would cause unfortunately, their deaths and who's effect and impact of their deaths would lead to anniversary murder sprees be committed against.
    • Unlike Deion to Jamal, the films' Ghostface murder sprees are not set to avenge Maureen, but blame her and use her against Sidney, as the Windsor College Murders, Hollywood Murders, and New York Murders are used to avenge each Ghostface killer parent-offspring (Sidney having for the first time, no vendetta in the sixth film; the third film avenged Maureen's death through Sidney, not Roman, who was exploiting his mother's trauma and her neglect for him as his motive, who despite being dead and not a killer after she gave birth to him; as mother to the first Ghostface, Billy, a grief stricken Nancy tried to avenge her son in the second murder spree by becoming Ghostface, similar to Wayne Bailey avenging his son and ninth Ghostface, Richie, after the fifth murder spree).
  • Judy Hicks's death in Scream (2022)
    • This is paralleled in an ironic reverse to Maureen's death prior to the first film, seeing how despite not being the first female victim, Judy is killed outside during the day while trying to head inside to protect her son and subsequent victim after her, Wes, which is the opposite of how Maureen was killed in her bedroom at night and whose distraught daughter Sidney wasn't attacked but witnessed after finding her mother dead, someone leaving.
    • Unlike Sidney, Wes did not check to find his mother despite being at the front door or looking outside where she had been killed moments prior as he closed the front door as Ghostface appeared inside and killed him.
  • The deleted script for Scream VI referencing Mrs. Bailey's death, and Laura Crane's death.
    • Seeing how, if having been kept and canon, unless made so in a future sequel, the death of Wayne Bailey's unseen wife for her refusal to participate in a revenge murder spree against the Carpenter sisters, Samantha and Tara, for killing both of their eldest son/brother, 28 year old Richie Kirsch, who had spearheaded the Third Woodsboro Murders (2022) with his own groomed 17 year old girlfriend, Amber Freeman, who'd suffer the consequence of being murdered by her husband and second son, would then lead for the events of the sixth film in motion
      • This would've been instrumental and a nodding reference and homage to Maureen’s death also off-screen and leading to a murder spree. However, unlike Maureen's murder being committed by non-relatives, Mrs. Bailey's would've been the third (second, technically) to have been committed against a family member and the most recent instance of familicide in the film franchise.
        • The first supposedly being Roman Bridger in orchestrating the death of his mother through Billy after showing him the footage of her and his dad cheating which led to Nancy, his mom, abandoning him like Maureen to Roman, and pushing Billy along with his accomplice, Stu, to kill her for him.
        • However, seeing as Roman didn't directly cause her death, the first would be his half cousin Jill Roberts killing her own mother and Roman's aunt, Kate Roberts, in Scream 4.
        • It would've been the fourth after Kieran Wilcox killing his own father, Sheriff Clark Hudson, as the Lakewood Slasher in Season 1, in the 10th and final episode "Revelations", as well as in Season 2 out of costume after killing his cousin Eli Hudson in his ultimate reveal in the 12th episode and finale "When a Stranger Calls".
    • Laura's death can be inferred as loosely similar to Maureen’s death, although reversed seeing as each woman is killed in different places and locations (both at night, Maureen in her home whilst Laura is killed in an alleyway) as well as their positions in each situations reversed (Maureen seducing Cotton to her home, while Laura was seduced and catfish by an online date). Both are yet again, the first female victims in each's respective murder spree.
  • She was described as "beautiful and familiar" in the Scream script.
  • Maureen was the first victim of Ghostface and the only completely off-screen kill of the series. It happened one year prior to the first Ghostface killing spree which her death was inducted and counted as the first kill/murder/casualty and fatality of.
    • She would be the only female character to be killed off-screen and the only film character and victim whose corpse is never shown afterwards (despite a recreation showing her body bag in a replica of her bedroom as a bloody crime scene after her death in Woodsboro on the set of Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro in Scream 3).
    • She would be succeeded by the first male character in the films, Greg Bruckner, in the opening of Scream VI to be killed off-screen, despite his corpse being shown after dying off-screen, as decapitated.
    • In the TV series, Maureen's death not being shown on-screen would be replicated by the off-screen deaths of unseen characters in Season 1 of the 1994 Lakewood Murders after Dara Alden and Brett Keener's on-screen deaths by Laura Cossey, Trent Price, and Mike Vinson.
      • However, unlike these specific victim characters and others from the TV series lore, similar to some in the films, Maureen, despite dying prior to the events of the first film, is shown and depicted through photographs in the first two films and through video tape and heard through past audio as well as a hallucination speaking to Sidney in the third film.
  • While in Hollywood for two years, she was represented by the SkeyFord Management Co.
  • Both her son and niece became psychotic killers.
  • Maureen has been referenced by six Ghostface killers.
  • The publicity stills of young Maureen Prescott, or "Rina Reynolds," are actually early modeling photos of a younger Lynn McRee, the actress who portrays the adult Maureen Prescott.
    • Maureen's stage name in Hollywood would then be the surname for the duo of Olivia "Liv" Reynolds and her police officer father, Officer Reynolds (first name unknown), in Season 3
    • Maureen's alias of Rina Reynolds in the third film, as an unknown Hollywood actress in the late 1960s to 1970-71, is most likely a reference to American actor, Burt Reynolds, given the timeframe as exposition given in Scream 3.
      • Despite Maureen never making a big break and retiring after being blacklisted in 1971 following her rape a year prior in 1969, and her birth to Roman in 1970, the juxtaposition and irony would be in Burt then catching his big break in the 1972 film Deliverance, just a year after Maureen's exile from Hollywood.
  • Maureen is the main reason for the killings happening in Scream (1996) due to sleeping with Billy's father thus creating a chain of events, as revealed in Scream 3.
  • In a deleted scene from Scream 4, Sidney picks up a framed picture of Maureen.
  • Maureen's maiden name is revealed to be 'Roberts' in Scream 3.
    • Coincidentally, Jill Roberts, Maureen's niece in Scream 4, was played by American actress, Emma Roberts, who is also the niece to her older aunt and also a famous actress, Julia Roberts.
  • It was implied her sister Kate was jealous of the attention Sidney received from Maureen's death. This may have influenced how Jill turned out.
  • It is unknown how she was killed, since it was never verified; Cotton's coat was said to have blood on it and in the flashback set in Scream 3, there is blood everywhere. So, it is presumed that she was stabbed to death like most of Ghostface's victims. A body bag prop for Stab 3 that is shown in Scream 3 suggests that her death involved stab wounds to the groin, chest, and head, though it is unclear if this was accurate to how she really died.
  • Maureen is the first character and victim to return as a hallucination to her relative and protagonist in the Scream franchise, appearing in a warning bode to her daughter, Sidney, in Scream 3. She would be succeeded by the hallucination of her own killer, ironically, as Billy Loomis's hallucinations appear to his daughter, Samantha, due to inherited mental health problems, in Scream (2022) and Scream VI.
    • Overall, if counting the TV series, Maureen is the first and Billy the sixth (or seventh), followed by:
      • Will Belmont as his corpse and Kevin Duval (despite latter not being dead) to his daughter/Wil's ex, Emma in Season 1,
      • Rachel Murray to her ex-Audrey Jensen in Season 2, as well as Zöe Vaughn to hers, Noah Foster.
      • Deion Elliot to Marcus Elliot as having survived and grown from his head attack in Season 3.
        • Despite it being a nightmare like Emma's from Season 1 and 2, it's debatable.
  • To date, both Maureen and her sister Kate, as well as Maureen's lover's Hank's vengeful ex-wife, Nancy Loomis, are the oldest female victims at 44 (Maureen, 1st, and Nancy, 2nd) and 56 (Kate). The Roberts sisters are killed in the Woodsboro Murders, 15-16 years apart, while Nancy would then be killed in her own copycat murder spree about 14-15 years before Kate, in the Windsor College Murders.
    • The three would all be then succeeded by Wayne Bailey/Ghostface's death in the New York Murders in 2023 who died at age 56 as the oldest male victim and by the death of Christopher Stone also in the sixth film, in his 60s; Wayne died almost 28 years after Maureen's, 25-26 yrs. after Nancy's (also as a vengeful Ghostface parent to another Ghostface to each their own), and 12 years after Kate's.
    • Maureen and Nancy each died the same age, much like Kate and Wayne.
  • Is similar to Amanda Kruger (Freddy Kruger's mother) from the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise:
    • Both are violated by multiple men and as a result give birth to a son who later goes on to become a killer
      • This is information is learned in the third film of both franchises.
    • Both give their sons up for adoption.
  • This is also shown to apply to the mother of the protagonist, Emma Duval, from the first two seasons, Maggie Duval, though she differs from Maureen, as well as both of the Carpenter sisters' mother, Christina Carpenter.
    • Unlike Maureen's story, neither Maggie or Christina was sexually assaulted or conceived their firstborn this way.
    • Each woman after having their firstborn, would marry their legitimate respective first partner and the stepfather to their firstborns, yet actual fathers to their firstborns albeit the women's second born (Maureen and Neil, Maggie and Kevin, Christina and Mr. Carpenter).
    • Maggie and Maureen are the only mothers to give their firstborns up for adoption which leads to consequences for their second born later on (Piper to Emma, Roman to Sidney).
    • Christina and Maggie are the only to birth daughters (Piper and Samantha) and whose partners were serial killer fathers (Billy to Samantha, actual; Brandon to Piper, framed) who led murder sprees in the towns who were unaware of their partners being pregnant with their firstborns and died without knowing or meeting them.
    • Christina is the only mother to not abandon her firstborn, although similar to Maggie and Maureen, lies to her husband and makes him believe Samantha is his firstborn, and doesn't disclose the origin to Sam, like Maureen and Maggie to Sidney and Emma.


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