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Mason Gooding is an actor who portrayed Chad Meeks-Martin in Scream (2022 film) and Scream VI (2023 film). He is also known for his roles in Love, Victor (2020—present), Let It Snow (2019) and Booksmart (2018).


He is the son of actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mason began to establish himself playing Parker Jones on the HBO sports comedy Ballers starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the 2018 episodes "Rough Ride", "Don't You Wanna Be Obama?", and "Forgiving is Living". Later that year Gooding made his network television debut on the ABC medical drama The Good Doctor, executive produced by Daniel Dae Kim, in "Empathy". Gooding followed up with the Christmas film Let it Snow with Victor Rivers. Gooding's debut as a lead in series television was as Andrew on Hulu's Love, Victor.

In September 2020, Gooding was cast in an undisclosed role in the Scream reboot, later revealed to be Chad Meeks-Martin.[1] On May 10, 2022, it was announced that he would return for the film's sequel, Scream VI.


  • He wrote a 6-page essay paper in college at NYU saying the Scream film series deserved a reboot. He would later star in that reboot.
  • Years later, he was in a meeting with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, and he mentioned this paper. They surprisingly asked to read it. "I sent it to them and heard nothing for like two weeks," Gooding said. However, it turns out it was the right move, because the filmmaking duo later reached out to Gooding with a direct offer to star in Scream. "I muted myself and screamed," Gooding recalled.
  • Unlike his on-screen sister (portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown), Mason was a fan of the franchise before being cast, ironic as their characters have the opposite dynamic in the story (Jasmin's Mindy character is the film geek).
  • Two years younger than his on-screen twin sister, portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown. Both are close to a decade older than their high school characters (in Jasmin's case, she is possibly a full 10 years older).
  • His character was kept alive due to his performance in the role, similar to David Arquette in the original film.


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