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Let me guess, no gays?

–Manny to Amir Ayoub as he searches up The Breakfast Club (1985) during detention, The Deadfast Club

Manuel, better known as Manny, was a recurring character of the third season of the television series Scream. Being an aspiring honor student at Weaver High School, Manny's identity consists of his academics, and who isn't a loud-mouthed stereotypical gay best friend, of whom he has with Kym, but a strong supporter and confidante. Aside his sexuality he's also an aspiring chemist and STEM major, due to being the top student in his Chemistry.

Manny's plan and goal to leave where he lives in College Park, Atlanta, Georgia to attend his dream school, Georgia Tech, with his best friend, as well as his secret relationship with football player, Hawkins and leave his impoverished past and succeed, is hindered and tested during his senior year of high school, as he befriends Marcus Elliot and becomes a member of The Deadfast Club, with Ghostface looming over and threatening his and his newfound friends futures, as well as him and his best friend, during the Atlanta Murders.

He was portrayed by Giullian Yao Gioiello.


Manny is an openly gay and loyal kid who is often the smartest person in the room. But his wits are put to the test when he suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of a killer — which makes his simple goal of surviving high school and moving on with his life seem impossible.

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  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed aunt (via mother or father)




Wednesday, October 31st, 2018


Whilst in a corn field looking for Kym, and after having found the rednecks Kym and him encountered earlier at the gas station, of whom he injures one by hitting and breaking their arm with a tire iron, Manny is searching desperately for Kym in the remote cornfields, when suddenly Ghostface appears, leading to Manny falling back. Ghostface injures Manny's leg with a tire iron, and before heading to stab Manny, is kicked down by Manny's other leg, leading him to run, albeit stumbling, and then starts to chase him. After getting into Kym's abandoned car to hide, Ghostface appears but who disappears underneath Manny, as he looks over and who makes sure to lock the car, before using the tire iron as a barricade on the driver's door. and who to Manny's horror, lights the car on fire with Manny locked inside it.


  • "Five months and a hundred blocks"


  • Manny is the fourth LGBTQ character in the series to appear in the TV series and in the overall Scream franchise.
    • The first was Audrey Jensen from Season 1-2, the second was Rachel Murray (also in Season 1), the third was Gina McLane (in Season 2 Halloween specials), and the fifth was Hawkins. He and Hawkins are the only LGBTQ characters (of who're male) to appear in Season 3.
    • Manny's relationship to Hawkins is the first between two LGBT (and) male characters, and is the third out of four LGBTQ relationships, preceded by Audrey's relationships to Rachel and Gina from the first two seasons, and is succeeded by Mindy-Anika's relationship in Scream VI.
      • Only Audrey and Gina's relationship is still active, whereas Audrey also lost her partner (Rachel), similar to Hawkins with Manny and Mindy with Anika, making the three the only LGBT characters to lose a same-sex partner to each's respective killer, who turned out to be the former's faux-friend (Rachel to Kieran/Lakewood Slasher, Manny to Beth as Ghostface, and Anika to Ethan as Ghostface).
      • Each LGBTQ victim are also residents killed in each's town and cities, and one of the first victims (Rachel from Lakewood as the third in Second Lakewood Murders (2015), Manny from Atlanta as the sixth in Atlanta Murders, Anika from New York City as the eighth in New York Murders)
    • Manny is also the first male LGBTQ character in the series to appear, following Officer Andrews's speculated sexuality by Sidney Prescott in Scream 2.
  • Manny is the first male character in the TV series and of the franchise, the first overall as depicted to have asthma and an inhaler, succeeded by:
    • Tara Carpenter as the first female character in Scream (2022) to have asthma and an inhaler and the first character in the films to have it, second overall in the franchise.
  • Manny's death via fire, due to being locked and trapped by Ghostface in his best friend Kym's broken-down car out at night in a cornfield on the rural outskirts of Atlanta and who while he had asthma, died due to asphyxiation and the car blowing up, is an homage to Tom Prinze's death in Scream 3.
    • The main difference being Tom was a smoker, contrasting Manny, who couldn't be due to having asthma, as well as their occupations and ages (Manny being a high school senior and honor student, Tom being a Hollywood actor in his 20s).
    • Similarly, both men were sort of lured to isolated locations by Ghostface, despite each's different situations and circumstances differing (Tom going back into co-star Jennifer Jolie's house due to killer faxing script changes in a ploy/trap, Manny due to managing to avoid an attack by his killer who was led to Kym's abandoned car before being trapped, due to Manny trying to go after his friend after they had an argument and were split up after Kym decided to leave and drive off, despite one of her car tires being slashed).
    • Each died after their fire ignited and blew up, killing them only as they were where they were inside, which was attested and witnessed by fellow friends/survivors in the moment. Each fire death/incident also occurred at night, prior to occurring, were during each's events
      • Dewey, Gale, and Jennifer to Tom dying via gas leak as Jennifer's home exploded in the Hollywood Hills, leading them to fall and tumble down the hills, who prior, were at Jennifer's home for a farewell party for the former cast, due to Stab 3 being canceled
      • Kym and Amir being only taken aback as Manny died in Kym's car that blew up due to the fire, due to Ghostface lighting a crop field on fire, and dropping it on a gas trail from the car, in the cornfields on the rural outskirts of Atlanta, who prior, were trying to assist their friend Marcus as part of The Deadfast Club on his investigation, before being told to stay back by him, and were separated as a result, and were stranded before being further separated as a result, with Kym then trying to leave in her car, despite one of her tires being slashed, and rednecks driving her off the road and driving away, leading to Manny going after her.
  • Manny is a high school student at Weaver High School.
  • In a promotional teaser, Manny is called "The Brains".
  • Despite being revealed as a main character after being cast, actor Giullian Yao Gioiello is credited as recurring cast.


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