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Luke Cunningham Wilson
Luke Wilson.jpg
Luke Wilson attends the Universal Pictures and Cross Creek Pictures with The Cinema Society screening (2014)
Name Luke Cunningham Wilson
Date of Birth September 21, 1971
Age 47
Origin Dallas, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Years Active 1996-present
Occupation(s) Actor
Character(s) Billy Loomis in Stab

Luke Wilson is an American actor. He played Stab Billy in Scream 2.


He is the younger brother of Owen Wilson and Andrew Wilson. Wilson is well known for his roles in the films Idiocracy and Vacancy.

Scream 2

He portrays Billy Loomis in Stab, the film based on the events that happen in  Scream

Luke Wilson is ironically talking withTori Spelling, who plays Sidney. In Scream, Sidney complains that she would probably be played by Tori Spelling if a movie was made about her life. 

Luke, seen in Stab, portraying Billy

Wilson was a good fit for Billy, however his hair was black and a little too long. Wilson also makes a mistake by saying "that's how the cookie crumbles", when Billy actually said "that's just the way it goes". This is probably the case because Stab Billy is meant to be an exaggerated, satire of the real killers and how Hollywood fiction distorts real life events. 


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