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We have our eyes on you.

–Lois speaking to Sidney about her invitation to the sorority house.

Sister Lois (forename unknown) is a college student and theater major who appears in Scream 2 (1997 film). She is present on campus in Ohio during the 1998 Windsor College Murders though she is not a target.

She and her college best friend, Murphy, are shown to be two of the heads of Delta Lambda Zeta, a popular sorority on Windsor College campus, during Ghostface's second murder spree. She is also a theater major, partaking in Sidney Prescott's starring role as Cassandra in the Greek Agamemnon play.

She is portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart.


The Windsor College Murders[]

Lois is a beautiful, tall brunette seen as one of the heads of Delta Lambda Zeta. She comes across to Sidney Prescott as a little fake.

She finds Sidney and her friends watching Gale Weathers give an interview to the Chief due to the murders of Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens at the theatre the prior night. She greets Hallie, referring to her as "pledge", but addresses Sidney by name.

Hardly remembering her name, Lois asks if she will be bringing Sidney to their mixer later on, expressing clear interest in Sidney joining their sorority. Sidney shows mere politeness in the gestures not really interested and feeling like they are being fake in their gestures. However, Hallie speaks for her, saying they will be there.

Once they leave, Derek teases Sidney asking if she will dress like that once she gets in, she quickly assures him that not going to happen with getting in or changing how she dresses. Mickey Altieri attempts to talk behind their back to be interrupted by Hallie who has pledged.

Hallie and Sidney are greeted by Murphy at the party, which Murphy makes a fake gesture saying, "I really mean that. "Hi"". They ask if they want a drink, but Sidney and Hallie insist on getting it on their own.

Throughout the party, Murphy and Lois really push their bias of their sorority and talk about their sexual preferences "within" the sorority. Sidney politely says she will think about it, thanks them, and walks away to find Derek to their dismay.

She later accompanies Lois and says something is up at the Omega Beta Zeta house as police are all over. After Sidney is chased by ghostface in the house, Dewey Riley attempts to track Ghostface, but only find Murphy and Lois wondering if everything is alright in their residence.

Lois and Murphy Theater Rehearsal Scene Scream 2

Both are present at Sidney's freak-out during the rehearsal for the play. They are seen once again when Derek sings to Sidney in the cafeteria. At first, they seem affronted that he would do that, but later seemed amused.

However, Murphy and Lois may have been responsible for telling Derek's fraternity that he gave his letters on his chain to Sidney as means of commitment to her. Though Mickey also likely informed the fraternity as part of his plan to frame him.

They are later seen as the frat boys kidnap Derek for giving up his letters; they accompany them at the prank party with Derek tied up in the auditorium. Unbeknownst to them, Derek is later killed after they left him tied up. It is unknown how the sorority girls were affected by this.


  • Murphy Lois Cheer Scream 2

    The girls celebrate capturing Derek as fraternity tradition.

    She and Murphy were described as "two gorgeous, sorority-type girls... All looks and attitude" in the script.
  • A deleted scene would reveal tension between Cici Cooper and the sorority sisters, particularly Lois.
  • Rebecca Gayheart played the serial killer, Brenda Bates in the Scream inspired Slasher, Urban Legend. Joshua Jackson also starred in it while Anthony Anderson starred in the sequel Urban Legends: Final Cut, which Gayheart makes a cameo at the end as Bates.


  • "Oh, good, because Sid, we have our eyes on you."
  • "You hang in there and if there is anything we can do..." Murphy finishes the sentence for Lois
  • "Do you girls want a drink?" Greeting both Sidney and Hallie
  • "Everyone thinks that sororities are just about blow jobs."
  • "Harmonica style is okay, right?"
  • "Hey, guys, something is up at Omega Beta Zeta! Police are everywhere!"