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Olivia "Liv" Reynolds is a main character of the third season of the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Jessica Sula.


Olivia is the new girl at school. As a member of the cheer squad and an honor roll student, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and an ideal life. But as she and Deion grow closer amid the murder and mayhem, it soon becomes clear that she has just as many secrets as everyone else does.

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  • At the start of the season, Liv is seen being close to Avery, despite not being in a relationship with him. She calls things off with him once he starts making racist comments against Deion.
  • Liv's friendship with Kym as a survivor can is similar to that of Sidney and Gale, seeing as both duo of characters didn't know each other well at first or that they even got along or liked each other (evident in the films) but after helping each other survive, bond.
  • Throughout the season, Liv and Deion grow closer and eventually hook up. By the end of the season, they get together and start dating. This is similar to the relationship between Brooke Maddox and Gustavo Acosta in Season 2, seeing as the killers spree and their connecting throughout brought them closer and helped them fall in love and survive.
  • Liv also had to deal with the death of her ex (toxic, but who she never dated) just like Brooke did when the corpse of her ex, Jake Fitzgerald, fell in front of her in "Happy Birthday to Me".
  • Her relationship with Marcus is similar to that of Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley, seeing as both duo of characters helped each other in surviving their killers spree throughout and who made a connection because of it (Scream 3).



  • Liv is a new cheerleader for the cheerleading squad at Weaver High School.
    • She is a member of The Deadfast Club.
    • She shares the same last name as Allison from the 1985 American teen comedy The Breakfast Club, despite the fact she is more like Claire Standish
    • She is the third person and also out of four, to survive Ghostface's killing spree. With the first being Marcus, the second being Kym, and the fourth being Hawkins (unbeknownst to him, seeing as he was never attacked).
  • Liv is romantic interest of Marcus Elliot.
  • In a promotional teaser, Liv is called "The New Girl".
  • Liv is the second Black female character in the franchise to overall survive Ghostface’s killer spree, the first being Kym. She survives her predecessors Maureen Evans and Hallie McDaniel from the films as well as Zoe Vaughn from the TV series.
  • Liv is a character who shares self awareness, is hard but calm spoken, and whose traits in her character share similarities to Sidney Prescott, seeing as both female leads encounter Ghostface and survive long enough to reveal their killers, the only difference being the reason why they are being pursued.
  • Liv also shares the same last name of the actress name/alias of Maureen Prescott, aka Sidney’s mother, from the Scream franchise which was Rina Reynolds which was discovered in Scream 3.
  • The trio including her, Marcus, and Kym serving at the series finale (“Endgame”) is an homage and reminiscent to the trio of Sidney, Dewey, and Gale surviving at the end of Scream 3.
  • Liv’s character is overall very commanding, yet also warming but whose demeanor can break/change when confronted, which shares similarities to various and unique characters in the franchise such as.
  • The relationship between Liv and her single father, Officer Reynolds, is an homage to Sidney and her father, Neil Prescott. Her not having a mother figure is also an reference to Sidney’s absent mother figure.
  • Liv, Kym, and Marcus surviving in the season finale is an homage to the ending scene of the original Scream, paralleling Randy Meeks, Gale Weathers, and Sidney Prescott standing over the main killer, Billy Loomis, whose presumed dead after being shot (just like Beth, who was shot down by Kym, but not as she talked before about the killer coming up for one last scare, much like in the original how Randy said, as both killers are resuscitated briefly only to be put down again, right after they said that rule).
    • This can also be a reference to Scream 2 as well, although it’s Sidney, Gale, and Cotton Weary now standing over Mrs. Loomis and their one last scare and second killer, Mickey Altieri.
    • In Scream 4, the original trio which only includes the duo Sidney and Gale, standing off with Jill Roberts (although they don’t iterate the rule), and with Sidney having the final shot while Gale distracts her long enough, just like Liv did as Marcus and Kym attacked Beth.
  • Deion refers to Liv as The 'IT' Girl, suggesting she is popular at school.


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