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We have no evidence that this is a serial killer.

–Hartley responds to Gale Weathers' comment in Scream 2.

Chief Lewis Hartley was a minor character who appears in Scream 2 (1997 film, set in 1998). He was the police chief elected for Stone Ridge Police Department in the state of Ohio.

He led the investigations on the Windsor College Murders in the Spring of 1998. After it became clear that it was a copycat killing spree, he assigned Officers Andrews and Richards, his allegedly two best men, to protect Sidney Prescott. They failed, as both were murdered by Ghostface (Mickey Altieri).


Chief Hartley believed the murders of Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens to be isolated incidents. Later, Gale Weathers pointed out the copycat pattern to him following Cici Cooper's murder.

He later assigned Officers Andrews and Richards to protect and escort Sidney Prescott off Windsor College Campus. Both failed in their police duties, as did Chief Hartley. It is unknown how he reacted to the failure.


  • He is portrayed by Lewis Arquette, the real-life father of David Arquette, and the former father-in-law of Courteney Cox, who portrayed Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers, respectively.
  • Given his age and the actor's passing around 4 years after the release of the film, it is highly unlikely Chief Hartley is still alive.
    • He likely retired a few years after the 2nd film given his age.
  • May possibly be the first character in the franchise to die due to natural causes or old age without being a victim of a killer.
  • The oldest Sheriff in the franchise, being in his early 60s.