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Let The Right One In
Season 2, Episode 7
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Air date July 12, 2016
Written by Steve Yockey
Directed by Rodman Flender
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"I'm not a stranger, okay, I'm just strange."
Eli Hudson

"Let The Right One In" is the seventh episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall and it aired on July 12th, 2016.


Eli takes Emma on a heated criminal adventure, Noah and Zoë's relationship intensifies, and the killer lures Brooke and Audrey into a deadly trap.


The episode opens with Eli sneaking into a couple's house and watching them with a knife before they wake up and he leaves. Emma getting a call from Ms. Lang, which she does not answer. Sheriff Acosta and Deputy Dwayne then arrive at the house, informing Emma that they know about all the encounters she had with the killer and didn't tell them or Maggie about. He also tells them about the E-mails coming from Emma's computer. Maggie then tells them about the day at the barn where Emma found old pictures of herself and they decide to go check it out. At Noah's house, who had let Audrey stay for the night, he suggests that Audrey tell Emma about her involvement with Piper but Audrey refuses believing that Emma will not forgive her.

At the coffee shop, Eli takes over Emma's shift, much to his annoyance when Noah and Audrey arrive. Zoë and Noah meet up and decide to have a study session together at Wren lake. Emma confronts Kieran over telling the police about her encounters with the killer who tries to justify his actions by explaining he was trying to keep Emma safe and keeping things from the police is dangerous but Emma does not forgive him and leaves. Meanwhile, Brooke meets up with Audrey and tells her that she tied up Branson and left him on the bed. The two agree that they need to go to Branson's apartment and free him. Deputy Dwayne and Acosta arrive at the barn and search for evidence, with Acosta finding a picture of a dark person holding a baby Emma, whose face is scratched out. After sending Dwayne back to the station, Acosta calls someone and tells them "We have a bigger problem than we thought".

Eli talks with Emma at the coffee shop and tells her why Kieran is so protective of her; he reveals that before his step-father died in the car accident with his mother, they had gotten into a big fight and Kieran never forgave himself for it. After what happened to his real father, he can't bear to lose anyone else. At Wren Lake, Zoë tells Noah that she was at a space program during Piper's killing spree but Noah realizes she is lying. Zoë then reveals the real reason she wasn't around; her mother was getting her a therapist although she doesn't say why and changes the subject. Brooke and Audrey arrive at Branson's apartment but find no sign of Branson except for his blindfold and wristwatch, much to Brooke's surprise.

"Branson" then texts Brooke, telling her that she must meet him after school to apologize to him or he will tell the police what she did to him. Before leaving, Audrey gets a text from the killer ordering her to go to the school alone, threatening to send the photo of her with Jake's body to Brooke if she doesn't. As they leave, an hidden camera set by the killer is revealed to be recording them. Noah and Zoë begin bonding at the lake and they end up making out. Ms. Lang arrives to check on Emma but Emma doesn't want to talk to her right now. Eli offers to take Emma out for dinner to relieve her stress and she agrees. Kieran arrives at the coffee shop but upon seeing Eli and Emma flirting with each other, leaves with a jealous look on his face without making his presence known to them.

At Ms. Lang's office in the school, she is revealed to have been recording her conversations with Emma. She then hears banging noises and gets a call from the killer, who tells her that Seth Branson is waiting in the hall for her. She also finds the same pig toy that Jake found before he was kidnapped. She eventually bumps into the killer, who brandishes his knife and Branson's severed hand at her. He tries to attack Ms. Lang but she puts up enough resistance so that she is able to run away. While running, she trips over a bloodied but still alive Branson, who tells her to run as the killer returns. The killer tries to stab Ms. Lang but she evades it and Branson is stabbed instead, apparently finishing him off. Ms. Lang continues to run but she trips on the stairs, which allows the killer to throw her down the stairs, knocking her out. Before the killer can finish her off, he is interrupted when he hears a janitor coming, who finds Ms. Lang injured on the ground after the killer flees the scene.

Brooke and Audrey then arrive at the school, Audrey manages to convince Brooke to let her go into the school alone. Audrey goes inside to confront the killer and begins shouting for him to come out, only for the janitor to come instead, who is waiting for an ambulance. He shows her what happened Ms. Lang and confirms that she is still alive, with Brooke arriving soon after and finding Ms. Lang. Meanwhile, Zoë discovers Audrey's secret on Noah's podcast and E-mails it to an unknown person, presumably herself. As Zoë and Noah are about to have sex, Audrey runs in and tells Noah about Ms. Lang's attack. Eli breaks into the abandoned Wren Lake Estates (the same place where Jake was lured and captured by the killer) with Emma and they have some alone time together. While they bond, Eli reveals that he sneaks into other people's houses for the fun of it. Unknown to them, Branson's motionless body is revealed to be in a bathtub along with Eddie's corpse.

Maggie, revealed to be the person Acosta called earlier, arrives at the barn to meet with Acosta, who shows her the photo he found, appearing to recognise the person in it. They both agree that Emma is being targeted and that it could be their own fault although Maggie is in some denial, telling Acosta that they handled "that situation". Audrey tells Noah that she doesn't know if Ms. Lang will live or not. They deduce what the killer was trying to do: He wanted Audrey to come and make it look like she hurt Ms. Lang but had to abort his plan thanks to the janitor. Back at the house, Eli and Emma begin to kiss but Emma stops and tells Eli that she loves Kieran. As she does, the killer finds them and sets the entire building on fire although they escape through the garage. As they run off, Eli, thinking that the fire may have been their fault, successfully begs Emma not to tell anyone about what happened, explaining that he has a "history" with the police and doesn't want be held responsible for it.

Inside the house, Branson, barely alive and too weak to move, awakens trapped inside the bathtub of the burning building. In vain, he weakly cries for help as the building collapses around him and the flames close in, carbonising him. The episode ends before Branson burns to death in the flames.


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  • The title of the episode is a homage to the 2008 romantic horror film Let the Right One In, which was directed by Tomas Alfredson. The movie is an adaptation of the 2004 novel of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.40 people.
  • Although credited, Santiago Segura (Gustavo Acosta) did not appear in this episode. This is the second time a regular cast member is listed as credit only.
  • In the episode, Brooke and Audrey have a conversation at the Grindhouse Cafe.
  • In the beginning scene of the episode, Eli sneaks into a couple's home. He grabbed a knife and looked at the couple before they woke up.
    • This particular scene is a reference to a film sequence of the killers creeping upon the couple at their home in The Strangers.
    • Later, when he goes into another person's house with Emma, he mentioned to her that he does it because he enjoys the thrill of it.
  • It was revealed that Eli works at the Grindhouse Cafe.
  • This was the first episode in the series where Kristen received a call from the killer.
  • There was a chase scene at George Washington High School in this episode. Kristen was attacked by the killer. She was thrown down the stairs by the Lakewood Slasher but survives the incident.
    • Her chase scene is similar to that of Cici Cooper's from Scream 2. Both characters used objects to cause minor damage to their "killers". In addition, they both ran up the stairs before been thrown off from a high place.
  • In the episode, Zoë discovered Audrey's secret by listening to Noah's recording.
  • This episode marked the death of Seth Branson, the third death of the season, and twelfth overall. 
  • Eli reveals that Kieran had a huge fight with his stepfather before he and his mother were killed in the car accident. Kieran had never forgiven himself for this.
  • Zoë reveals the reason why she wasn't around in Season 1.
    • Her mother bought her a therapist but she does not state why.
  • Maggie, Quinn, and Acosta apparently have a secret regarding Brandon James and events at the farmhouse when Emma was a child.

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Featured Music

  • Of Verona “Dark In My Imagination”

Eli makes himself at home in a random home. He watches a couple sleep, makes toast and coffee, the woman wakes up and heads to the kitchen but Eli is gone.

  • Glassio “Today”

Noah tells Audrey to confess to Emma but Audrey isn’t having it.

  • Jerry Williams “Mother”

Zoë asks Noah to a study date.

  • CAPPA “Hey Hi Hello”

Audrey tells Noah to bring protection to his study date with Zoë.

  • SAFIA – “Make Them Wheels Roll”

Emma confronts Kieran about ratting her out to the sheriff. Song plays as source at The Grindhouse where Brooke confessed to Audrey that she tied up and threatened Branson.

  • WILDES – “Illuminate”

Emma starts work with Eli. Eli reveals a little more about Kieran’s past.

  • Glades – “Drive”

Noah sits by Wren Lake waiting for Zoë. They kiss.

  • Astrid S “Hurts So Good”

Ms. Lang offers to help Emma again. Eli offers to reveal more about Kieran’s past if Emma will accompany him on an outing.

  • DEGA “Right Kind of Lover”

Noah shops for condoms.

  • Paul Otten “My Rope

The janitor finds Ms. Lang in the hallway.

  • Mike Posner “In The Arms Of A Stranger (Brian Kierulf Remix)”

Audrey interrupts Noah and Zoë in bed.


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