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I know that everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you. Your two-faced friends, your fraud of a family, your whore of a mother. It all started with her Emma, but it's gonna end with you. See you soon.

Piper Shaw as the Lakewood Slasher to Emma Duval in Hello, Emma

The Lakewood Slasher is the main antagonist of the first two seasons of the television series Scream.

Physical Appearance

Brandon James' mask is not like the Ghostface mask, but a darker, more organic mask. It was worn by late-teen Brandon James when he (presumably) went on his killing spree. The Lakewood Slasher wears a black hooded raincoat, black gloves and pants in addition to combat boots.  

Appearances (23/24)

Season 1 (9/10)

Season 2 (14/14)


Season 1

September 28, 2015

October 1, 2015

October 7-17, 2015

October 30-31, 2015

Season 2

January 25, 2016

January 27, 2016

  • Eddie Hayes - Wine bottle smashed over his head, back impaled 5 times/throat once with corkscrew (Killed by Kieran Wilcox)

January 31, 2016

  • Seth Branson - Hand cut off with buck knife/burned with iron, stabbed in stomach, burned alive in house (Killed by Kieran Wilcox)

February 1-5, 2016

October 24, 2016


Buck 120

The Lakewood Slasher's weapon of choice is a Buck 120 bowie knife. They kill most of their victims with it, however, some victims were murdered in other ways. Piper's main weapon was a Buck 120 knife that she used on most of her victims except for Will (she used a trencher saw for Emma to run into a wire to cause his death). But unlike Kieran, he used multiple weapons to kill his victims. He used a Fireplace Poker to kill his father and he used a scythe to kill Jake and a corkscrew on Eddie and he started the house fire that Emma and Eli where in (who they didn't know was occupied) to burn Seth Branson to death and used a pitchfork from the James's Barn to kill Quinn Maddox; although Kieran has use the Buck 120 to kill Haley Meyers but used different weapons for the rest of his victims and he loved to torment his victims before killing them in brutal methods, unlike Piper.

Voice Changer

The Lakewood Slasher uses a voice changer to conceal his actual identity's voice. Similar to Roman Bridger, he can mimic several voices, as can be seen in In The Trenches when he tricks Emma into coming to Will's house so he could trick Emma into causing his death. Piper and Kieran had used the voice changer mimic several other voices to lure there victims to them.


The Lakewood Slasher uses a smartphone to contact his victims, often teasing them. He texts, calls and DM's them, typically right before committing a murder. It cannot be tracked, making the Lakewood Slasher incognito. Piper and Kieran used the phone to call numerous people Emma Audrey Noah Brooke Rachel Kristen and Sheriff Acosta.

Abilities and Attributes

The Lakewood Slasher is human, but still has many deadly skills just like their movie counterpart Ghostface. The Lakewood Slasher is very skilled in Stealth. As Seen in in Hello, Emma, They are able to sneak up behind, Rachel Murray completely undetected and wrap a noose around her neck and push her to her death. Also, in The Dance when Sheriff Clark Hudson goes to a house to find the killer, he is attacked from behind. They were also able to go undetected on a school campus on two occasions, Once during a normal school day and the other after school during the midafternoon. They are able to move the body of Jake Fitzgearld into the school auditorium and cause it to fall on Brooke Maddox. This led to a school lockdown with several deputies on Campus. During the second occasion, they are able to attack both Kristen Lang and Seth Branson without anybody witnessing either being attacked. In Halloween, just before Killing Kieran Wilcox, The Lakewood Slasher is able to sneak up on a Prison guard and kill him after hiding in the air vents. Even During Parties with dozens of people around, they can go undetected and kill as seen in Revelations, they are able to kill Grayson at Brooke Maddox's party and In The Orphanage, Haley Meyers was killed at her own party. They are able to break into homes undetected even ones with advanced security systems like Nina Patterson's house. They were able to build a lair in the abandoned hospital in aftermath with photos of Emma Duval, Riley Marra and other victims of the original Lakewood Slasher as well as a headless pig and the severed head of Tyler O'Neill. They did this without anybody ever knowing they were there, but when Emma, Noah Foster and Audrey Jensen went to investigate, Sheriff Hudson and his deputies arrived on scene saying they got a tip that there was a break in at the abandoned hospital.

The Lakewood Slasher seems to have some degree of strength as they are able to successfully kill Sheriff Hudson and several deputies as well as being able to twist the neck of a security guard. In When a Stranger Calls , they are on the road, which causes Deputy Stevens to crash his car. Stevens then attempts to fight the Lakewood Slasher and is even able to fire a couple shots from his gun, only to be killed. In Revelations, The Lakewood Slasher (reveled to be Piper Shaw) was able to attack and tie up Seth Branson in a car, in an attempt to frame him for all the killings after he had escaped custody when Piper killed Deputy Roberts.

In addition to stealth, The Lakewood Slasher is great at evasion. As seen many times they can attack or kill their victims and disappear even with multiple deputies on the scene or large crowds. When they first Attack Brooke Maddox in the auditorium, Sheriff Hudson and several of his deputies arrive on the scene, only to arrest Seth Branson with no sign of The Lakewood Slasher. When Emma Duval and her friends are attacked at the bowling alley, several deputies are on the scene and the Lakewood Slasher vanished. After Killing Haley Meyers at her party with dozens of people around, they are able to disappear.

The Lakewood Slasher is great at luring their victims just before attacking or even killing them. Jake Fitzgearld gets a message from who he thinks is Brooke Maddox wanting to meet him in a barn house and steps on a bear trap, before eventually being killed. After a failed attempt by the Sheriff's department to find Tyler O' Neill and take him into custody (Unknown to them that he was already murdered), The Lakewood slasher is able to lure Riley Marra on the roof of the Sheriff's Station and kill her, after she had been left alone at the station. Before Piper Shaw reveals herself as the killer, she managed to lure the Lakewood Survivors all outside and when Emma Duvall goes to confront her, she sees that her mother Maggie is tied up.

The Lakewood Slasher is shown to be good at setting traps as they are able to place a bear trap for Jake Fitzgearld to step on and are able to hang Rachel Murray with a noose. Also, they set a trip wire for Emma Duval to step on which causes Will Belmont to be sliced in half. The Lakewood Slasher leaves Sheriff Hudson for Maggie and Emma Duval to find tied up, Maggie attempted to free him only for his organs to fall out, not knowing, that his stomach had already been cut open and the rope was all that was holding his organs together.

The Lakewood Slasher seems to know how to work Machinery as seen with Will Belmont's death.

The Lakewood Slasher is great at manipulation. They are able to trick Emma Duval into choosing between one of her best friends, Brooke Maddox or Riley Marra to spare, only for Riley to be killed. They do that again after calling her, pretending to be her boyfriend, Will Belmont and tells her to meet at Will's house. Once she arrives, she sees Will tied up and goes to help him, only for her to step on a trip wire leading to Will's death. When Emma and her Friends find the body of their Friend, Zoe Vaughn, inside a coffin in Wren Lake after thinking they heard her voice pleading for help, only to learn they are old recordings and Zoe had long been dead before they found her.

Just like Ghostface, The Lakewood Slasher is very skilled at killing with a knife, hitting vital organs with each victim they kill with a knife. They are also skilled with using other sharp weapons as objects to attack or kill which include a scythe, pitchfork and a corkscrew. In the Season 1 Finale, Brooke Maddox tries to hide in a freezer and they are able to stab right through it, nearly killing Brooke.

Kieran Wilcox carried a firearm on him at all times even brought one to school after causing the lockdown. He eventually kills his cousin Eli with one.

Just like Ghostface, The Lakewood Slasher has been able to survive fatal attacks. After her reveal, Piper Shaw had been shot in the chest by Audrey Jensen, but was able to get back up, only to be shot again, this time in the head, killing her for good. Prior to her reveal, Piper herself had been attacked by the Lakewood Slasher (Her accomplice Kieran Wilcox) and fell onto a cement block, which only left a bruise on her.

Identities & Motives


"Hey, sis. Surprise!"-Piper Shaw

Season 1 (2015)

  • Piper Shaw: Piper came to Lakewood around the same time her teenage lover Kieran Wilcox. Despite her being an adult, she also bonded with him and manipulated him into killing together and they both became lovers, and both started a new killing spree. Piper's motive was to get revenge on her long-lost half-sister, Emma Duval, for having a perfect life, and her mother, Maggie Duval, for putting her up for adoption. She was also seeking revenge for her father's death 21 years earlier. Ultimately, Piper almost managed to kill Maggie and Emma, but was betrayed and shot by Audrey, her first alleged accomplice, falling into the lake where she had faced off and revealed herself. Piper survived and tried to get back up, but Emma took the gun and shot her in the head before she could attack again, killing her instantly as she fell dead into the water, similar to how her father had fallen down the lake before its revealed in Season 2 that he'd survived his ordeal (with the showrunners confirming he was innocent and not the killer of the 1994 murders).

Season 2 (2016)

Kieran - Dawn of the Dead

"You're not wrong. You know, he probably really liked you!"-Kieran Wilcox

  • Kieran Wilcox: Kieran became the lover of Piper and teamed up with her in the new killing spree they both wanted revenge for their parents' abandoning them, so Kieran got close to Emma and pretended to be in a relationship with her and The Lakewood Six. It was highlighted in Revelations that Audrey had a secret connection to Piper in the 2015 killing spree, but it was later revealed she had only brought Piper to Lakewood as part of her research documentary and therefore, did not help her in the murders. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, the second accomplice of Piper kills Jake and starts harassing Audrey in addition to Emma. In The Vanishing, Audrey highlighted to Emma that Piper was with her the night that Rachel died in Hello, Emma. She assumes that her accomplice killed her. The accomplice is revealed to be Kieran Wilcox. He dated Piper and wanted to exact revenge on the rest of the Lakewood Six as Emma and Audrey killed her. He failed to do so, as Emma and Audrey subdued him and let the police take him to prison. Eight months later, he was murdered by The 3rd Killer, who slashed his throat, and stabbed him in the back of the neck.


  • The Third Killer: The Third Killer is (presumably) to be Kevin Duvall who possibly framed Brandon James for the 1994 Lakewood Murders and who killed Kieran for trying to hurt his daughter and her friends. However, this has only been theorized and it's more of a misdirected fauxshadowing to the (supposedly) other possible suspect and possible Third Killer: Troy James, due to being Brandon's older brother, who snapped due to being jealous of his brother's fling with Maggie (Daisy) Duval and having to take care of him, in killing his bullies and framing his own blood, by using his brother's mask in the 1994 murders.
    • Little was revealed about the 3rd killer. He made his first known appearance in When a Stranger Calls, calling the then imprisoned Kieran Wilcox, telling him "Who told you, you could wear my mask?"
    • Eight months later, the killer confronts Kieran in a courthouse holding cell, snapping the neck of his Prison Guard before approaching him. Kieran asks the killer who they are, and they respond by slashing Kieran's throat open. As Kieran tries to crawl toward the guard's gun, the killer stabs Kieran in the back of the neck, then twists the knife, killing him.
    • After admiring Kieran's corpse, the third killer escapes before they could be caught. The showrunners have since commented that the third killer would have been a Tatum Riley inspired character, who they described as a cool party girl who would befriend the main characters. Also, Kieran Wilcox would have been revealed to be alive.
    • However, due to the reboot season, none of this is canon. Their identity and motive were never revealed and is the only killer to still be alive (See Season 3).

Phone Calls

Season 1

"Pilot" (First Call to Emma Duval)

  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Emma.
  • Emma: Who is this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: A friend.
  • Emma: Sorry, I'm not in the mood.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Why are you crying?
  • Emma: What?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I hate to see you so sad.
  • Emma: Are you watching me?
  • Lakewood Slasher: It's what you want, right? On Instagram and Facebook...Perfect smiles, perfect lives, but I know the truth.
  • Emma: Who the hell is this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I'm the one that's gonna lift the mask!

"Hello, Emma" (First Call to Rachel Murray)

  • Rachel: (Thinking it's Audrey) Hey, did you get home okay?
  • Lakewood Slasher: (Using Audrey's Voice) Yeah, how are you doing?
  • Rachel: Uh, your voice sounds kind of weird
  • Lakewood Slasher: Must be bad connection. How about now?
  • Rachel: Not really, but it's okay.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I've been thinking about you all night.
  • Rachel: Must be a crap TV night.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Why do you do that? Put yourself down?
  • Rachel: It's not just me. Have you been online?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Ignore them.
  • Rachel: Yeah, you don't go to a bitch-infested Catholic School.
  • Lakewood Slasher: There's a bitch infestation at my school too, trust me. So, do you want some company?
  • Rachel: No. It's late.
  • Lakewood Slasher: What if I'm already here?
  • Rachel: (Thudding) What was that? Audrey, that's not funny. My mom is gonna be home soon. (Walks to closet door) Okay, if this is a coming out of the close joke, it needs to be significantly less creepy.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Go ahead, take a look.
  • Rachel: Okay, you got me. Where are you? (Door creaks from distance) Audrey, you're scaring me.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Just playing. Come out to our spot. It's a beautiful night.
  • Rachel: Audrey? Audrey, you're not out here. Romeo, you are certifiable.
  • Lakewood Slasher: What can I say?. You make me crazy.
  • Rachel: Audrey, where are you?

"Hello, Emma" (Second Call to Emma Duval)

  • Emma: Hello?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Hi. This is GPP Security. We got an alarm notice at your house. Can you give me your name and code word.
  • Emma: Um, my name is Emma Duval and the code word is, uh, Amethyst, um, I, I just found my kitchen door open?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Just take a deep breath, Emma. We got a patrol nearby, he can be there in a few minutes.
  • Emma: Should I maybe go wait outside?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You're safer inside. If someone tried to break in, he probably took off when the alarm sounded.
  • Emma: Would you...Would you stay on the line with me? Until somebody gets here.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Sure, I can do that!
  • Emma: Sorry if I sound paranoid, it's just my family has been harassed before.
  • Lakewood Slasher: No worries! Whole town's on edge with all the Brandon James talk.
  • Emma: Um, how far away is he?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Dispatch says 3 minutes, tops. So what are you doing home tonight? Watching some TV? Anything good on?
  • Emma: Is this you're way of trying to distract me?
  • Lakewood Slasher: (chuckles) You see right through me.
  • Emma: Sorry, but it's not working.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Come on, humor me! What do you like to watch?
  • Emma: I don't know. Uh, Game of Thrones, Scandal.
  • Lakewood Slasher: How to Get Away With Murder?
  • Emma: Yeah, that one's pretty good, I guess.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I like a strong female lead. You sound pretty tough yourself. If that guy is still in the house, maybe he should be afraid.
  • Emma: Don't even joke about that.
  • Lakewood Slasher: (chuckles) Sorry, ha. So, what else do you like? Comedy? Horror?
  • Emma: Definitely not horror. Real life is scary enough these days. I can barely sleep anymore.
  • Lakewood Slasher: You do look tired.
  • Emma: What?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You sound tired.
  • Emma: What's taking him so long?
  • Lakewood Slasher: He's getting close. What you should really be asking is...Did you just lock me in, or out?
  • Emma: If you are in this house...I swear to God...
  • Lakewood Slasher: What? You gonna try a little batting practice on me?
  • Emma: Yeah! You're damn right I will!
  • Lakewood Slasher: Gotta find me first. And I could be anywhere.
  • Emma: I've got your number. I'm calling the police.
  • Lakewood Slasher: By all means. They'll reach a nice, confused man named Art, who works at GPB Security, and the cops will never get here in time. So I suggest you, Talk. To. Me!
  • Emma: What do you want from me?
  • Lakewood Slasher: To show you the truth, Emma.
  • Emma: About what?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Who you really are! And trust me, it's gonna hurt!
  • Emma: You don't know me.
  • Lakewood Slasher: But I do. And that's the real horror show! I know that everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you.
  • Emma: What are you talking about?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Your two-faced friends. Your fraud of a family. Your whore of a mother. It all started with her, Emma. But it's gonna end with you. See you soon.

"Wanna Play a Game?" (Third Call to Emma Duval)

  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Emma. I got your DM. I'll answer your questions when I'm ready! So, did mommy give you the answers you were looking for?
  • Emma: I'm calling the police!
  • Lakewood Slasher: Say anything and I will GUT her!
  • Emma: What do you want from me?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Isn't it obvious? I want your trust, Emma.
  • Emma: Why the hell would I trust you?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Cause I'm the only one around here telling you the truth.
  • Emma: You're sick! I am done playing your games and I am done with you. (hangs up)
  • Lakewood Slasher: Then I'll find someone else to play with. (text)

"Exposed" (Fourth Call to Emma Duval)

  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Emma. How does it feel to be the star of the show?

"Exposed" (Fifth Call to Emma Duval)

  • Lakewood Slasher (Plays a recording of Emma talking to Will): "We're not friends. We're not together. We're done!"
  • Emma: What's your point?
  • Lakewood Slasher: (laughs) There she is! The new Emma.
  • Emma: I'm not your project.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Then who are you, really?
  • Emma: How about the one who kicks your ass?
  • Lakewood Slasher: (laughs) This game is just too damn fun!
  • Emma: My life is not a game.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Yes it is! And when I say it's over, you lose!

"In The Trenches" (Sixth Call to Emma Duval)

  • Lakewood Slasher: (Will screaming in the background: "Emma, Emma help!")
  • Emma: Will? Are you okay!?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Emma. Missing something?
  • Emma: You son of a bitch! Where is he?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You broke his heart. He's moved on.
  • Emma: Oh my God! Is he dead?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Now what would be the fun in that?
  • Emma: Don't hurt him. Where is he? Where. Is. He?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I thought you were done with him?
  • Emma: That's not what I meant. Just...What do you want?
  • Lakewood Slasher: New game! Hide and seek. Just like Daisy and Brandon used to play.
  • Emma: Okay, I know about Daisy and Brandon - My mom told me everything!
  • Lakewood Slasher: Your mom's a lying whore! In time you'll know the truth, but first, you better find Will. (Will screams in the background: "Emma no! Noooo!")

"In The Trenches" (Seventh Call to Emma Duval)

  • Emma: (Thinking it's Will) Hey!
  • Lakewood Slasher: (Using Will's voice) Hey, where are you?
  • Emma: I just got here. I brought, um, really expensive candy for the full on theatrical experience.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Change of plans. Come and find me.
  • Emma: Will, this isn't funny! Will? What did we have to eat on our second date?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You know, I can't recall. (Switches back to GF's voice) But this is going to be a date to remember.
  • Emma: No!
  • Lakewood Slasher: YES! Game is still on and we're in the bonus round!
  • Emma: I played by your rules. I did everything that you wanted. Where is he?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I wanted you to have a little pride, instead you forgave his life, just like Daisy did all those years ago. I don't forgive so easily!
  • Emma: What did you do to him?
  • Lakewood Slasher: It's what you're gonna do, that's the real bitch. I suggest you run!

"Revelations" (Eighth Call to Emma Duval)

  • Emma: Hello?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Emma. Enjoying the dance?
  • Emma: Let him (Sheriff Clark) go! This is about you and me.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Oh, I don't think so. Tonight's the big finale, Emma. Gotta make sure everybody is watching the horror show. People want to see blood, and I'm going to give it to 'em.
  • Emma: I'm gonna find him! And then I'm gonna find you, you sick son of a bitch!
  • Lakewood Slasher: Then let's see what you've learned, Emma! Can you put all the pieces together in time to save him? Or will Daisy's heart be broken the way she broke Brandon's? It's up to you. But, I can promise you one thing...It's gonna be gut-wrenching!

"Revelations" (Ninth and Last Call to Emma Duval of the Season)

  • Emma: Are you calling to gloat?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Not at all. You finally got a win.
  • Emma: Just cut to the chase, OK? This is the big finale, right? So here I am. Come and get me.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Small catch Emma. It's not just you that I want.
  • Emma: What?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Yes. I told you, it started with Daisy, but it ends with you. Can't have one without the other.
  • Emma: Oh my god. Where is she?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You're a smart girl, Emma. Figure it out.
  • Emma: Where it ended... For Brandon James. The dock at Wren Lake.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Just you, Emma. Or others will die!

Season 2

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" (First Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Audrey: Hello?
  • Lakewood Slasher: How was the party?
  • Audrey: You too can menace girls for just 99 cents with this nifty voice modulator app.
  • Lakewood Slasher: You're funny.
  • Audrey: Yeah, no-I'm really just bored.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Don't hang up on me! I was nice enough to wait until you were alone. Thought you could get away with murder, didn't you? Well, you can't. Did you like the feeling of that ice pick in your hand?
  • Audrey: Do you like being a creeper?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I like torturing you. After what you did, you deserve it.

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" (Second Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Lakewood Slasher: All those love letters, written with your dirty hands. You and Piper had quite the thing going, didn't you killer?

"Vacancy" (Third Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello Killer, did you get my message?
  • Audrey: How could you...How could you do this to Jake?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Gonna call the police? Oh that's right, can't really, can't you? Got you in a nasty place, I guess.

"Vacancy" (Fourth Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Lakewood Slasher: You should be a better partner, Audrey. I'm doing all the work.
  • Audrey: Just tell me what you want.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I want you to finally have some answers, killer. They're waiting for you back at Crescent Palms.
  • Audrey: No. I'm not going anywhere, you freak.
  • Lakewood Slasher: If you don't go now, the video of you playing with Jake's mangled body gets posted in the comments section of your friend's podcast, it's up to you.

"Vacancy" (Fifth Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Audrey: (Thinking that it's Noah) Okay Noah, seriously, you've been excessively clingy. I told you....
  • Lakewood Slasher: I can't help it. It's so much fun imagining how your insides would look on the end of my buck knife.
  • Audrey: It's not exactly enticing.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Don't worry, it's just a fantasy. I still need your help.
  • Audrey: I'm almost there.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Better hurry, we have a guest.
  • Audrey: Guest? Wait, what guest?

"Happy Birthday To Me" (Sixth Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Lakewood Slasher: Nice try partner, but I know you better than you think.

"Dawn of the Dead" (First Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Tenth Call Overall)

  • Emma: Hello?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Emma. Did you miss me? Well, I'm coming for you!

"Jeepers Creepers" (Second Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Eleventh Call Overall)

  • Emma: What do you want?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You didn't tell anyone about our little meeting yesterday.
  • Emma: Sorry to disappoint you.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Poor, sad, awful Emma. You can't trust anyone, not even yourself.
  • Emma: You're wrong about that.
  • Lakewood Slasher: You know I'm right. I'm always right.
  • Emma: Go to hell.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I'm in your head, Emma, and you know it.

"Let The Right One In" (First Call to Kristen Lang)

  • Kristen: Hello?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Kristen.
  • Kristen: Yes? Who is this, please?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Just a fan of higher education.
  • Kristen: School's closed on Sunday, super fan. I'm hanging up now.
  • Lakewood Slasher: You seem to take a real interest in your students, don't you?
  • Kristen: Who is this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: No wonder you like Seth Branson.
  • Kristen: You know Seth?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Doesn't everybody? People love him, especially the young ladies. All of them so hot for teacher.
  • Kristen: Real mature. Good-bye.
  • Lakewood Slasher: But he's waiting for you right out in the hall, Kristen. Don't worry, he's not handsy anymore.

"Village of the Damned" (Seventh Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Audrey: What do you want?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I want to see what happens when she finds out the truth.
  • Audrey: Please don't.
  • Lakewood Slasher: You're not a victim, Audrey. You're a killer. Remember that! Call the cops? You're done. Confess to Emma? It's over. What's left? Just me.
  • Audrey: Screw you!

"Village of the Damned" (Third Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Twelfth Call Overall)

  • Emma: (Thinking it's Kieran) Hey! Uh, where are you?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I like your friend's speech. A real knife to the gut.
  • Emma: Where's Kieran? Where... Where's Kieran? What did you do to him?
  • Lakewood Slasher: He loves you, Emma. That's enough to get him hurt, isn't it? Take a look at your phone.

"The Orphanage" (Eighth Call to Audrey Jensen)

  • Audrey: What do you want now?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I'm sorry Miss Lakewood ruined your virgin, but unfortunately, that means he has to die. If you want to come pick up the pieces, here's the address.
  • Audrey: No. . .

"The Vanishing" (First Call to Noah Foster)

  • Noah: Zoë.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello, Noah
  • Noah: Who, uh...who is this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Long time listener, first time caller.
  • Noah: Why do you have Zoë's phone? Where is she?
  • Lakewood Slasher: We're having a picnic and she wanted to see you one last time.
  • Noah: If you hurt her, I swear I--
  • Lakewood Slasher: Don't you know the rules? Now that you and Zoë had sex, you're both on the slasher chopping block. Isn't it how that goes?
  • Noah: You need to update your genre references. That's a pretty outdated way of thinking.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Come into the woods Noah or I'm gonna make sure your little girlfriend needs a closed casket.
  • Noah: There are a lot of fairy tales and horror movies about going into the woods. And they usually end up with wolves, or bears, ax-wielding maniac. I mean, I am really going out on a limb here, know, why don't you give me something? Tell me, why you're doing all this murder stuff. Hello?

"The Vanishing" (Ninth Call to Audrey Jensen; Fourth Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Thirteenth Call Overall)

  • Lakewood Slasher: How are my favorite final girls?
  • Audrey: If you hurt Noah, I will come for you.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Any more threats and I light his coffin on fire and let you watch him burn.
  • Emma: Where is he?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You're gonna go on a little treasure hunt. If you tell anyone, cops, friends, strangers in a school hallway, Noah dies.
  • Emma: This is about us, It isn't about Noah. Why are you doing this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Because it's more fun this way, don't you think? If you follow my clues, maybe you can save Noah's life. He has, oh, about 5 hours of air left. Clock's ticking.

"The Vanishing" (First Call to Miguel Acosta)

  • Miguel: Acosta here.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I need to report some very suspicious activity, Sheriff.
  • Miguel: Who's this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I'd like to remain anonymous, I'd hate for this to get back to me, but something very strange has been going on here near the old horse stables on route six, you know the place?
  • Miguel: I do, what do you mean by strange?
  • Lakewood Slasher: It's abandoned, but someone has been going out there to the barn, I've heard screams, squeals, it sounds like somebody's being gutted.
  • Miguel: When did you hear all of this?
  • Lakewood Slasher: You'd better get out there now, if you can make it stop.
  • Miguel: How did you—?

"The Vanishing" (Tenth Call to Audrey Jensen; Fifth Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Fourteenth Call Overall)

  • Emma: We played your game, and we followed your rules, and you still killed Zoë.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I always win.
  • Emma: You're gonna lose in the end.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Really? Look at the evidence, you're dead in the water.

"When a Stranger Calls" (Sixth Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Fifteenth Call Overall)

  • Emma: Hello?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Oh, you must feel like a star. Everybody wants a piece of you.
  • Emma: I know you let us out of there for a reason.
  • Lakewood Slasher: I want to keep playing. So, if you turn yourselves in, or even get caught, I'm gonna gut someone you love. Better start running.

"When a Stranger Calls" (First Call to Brooke Maddox; Seventh Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Sixteenth Call Overall)

  • Brooke: What do you want?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Mm, if it isn't daddy's little girl.
  • Emma: I'm the one you should be talking to, you bastard.
  • Lakewood Slasher: So, the gang's all there. What's the occasion? Another funeral?
  • Emma: Wow, you think you are really funny, don't you? You're a coward, running around in the dark, hiding behind a mask.
  • Lakewood Slasher: Careful, Emma. You don't want to see my face.
  • Emma: I'm at the movie theater. If you want me, come and get me.

"When a Stranger Calls" (Eighth Call to Emma Duval of the Season; Seventeenth Call Overall)

  • Lakewood Slasher: I've been waiting a long time for this. I can almost taste it.
  • Emma: Then why are you hiding?
  • Lakewood Slasher: I'm not hiding, I'm savoring. The final destruction of you, Emma Duval, and all you love.
  • Emma: Why did you bring me here?
  • Lakewood Slasher: This is where Piper grew up. This place forged her.
  • Emma: Did you love Piper? Is that what this is about?
  • Lakewood Slasher: Love. . . (Scoffs) To kill with someone. Now that's a real bond, isn't it? You know, you killed with Audrey. What did that feel like?
  • Emma: We had no choice, we had to kill her.
  • Lakewood Slasher: You thought killing her made you safe? You'll never feel safe again Emma. Never!

"When a Stranger Calls" (First Call to Kieran Wilcox)

  • Lakewood Slasher: Hello Kieran. Who told you, you could wear my mask?

Text Messages/DMs

Season 1

Message Conversation between Nina Patterson and The Killer (disguised as Tyler O'Neill)

  • The Killer: How does it feel to be the star of the show.
  • The Killer: Maybe, you'll get more views than Audrey's video.
  • Nina: Was that you?
  • The Killer: Maybe. Is this where it gets interesting?
  • Nina: I may have underestimated you.
  • The Killer: You're killing me.
  • Nina: Then get over here and do something about it.
  • The Killer: Heads up.

Message Conversation between Emma and The Killer

  • Unknown: Morning sunshine. You and mom have a heart to heart yet?
  • Emma: I know you killed Rachel. Tell me, why?
  • Unknown: Then I'll find someone else to play with.
  • Emma: Please don't hurt my friends.
  • Unknown: You're the one who wanted to be done with me.
  • Unknown: Now you have to choose.
  • Unknown: The good girl or the bad girl.
  • Emma: You can't make me do that.
  • Unknown: Choose or I choose.
  • Emma: Do NOT hurt Brooke.
  • Unknown: As you wish.
  • Unknown: You tell the cops about me and you'll receive your mothers heart in a box.
  • Unknown: No cops or they will all be headline news.

Season 2

Message conversation between Audrey and The New Killer

  • Unknown: GOING TO THE PARTY?
  • Audrey: Who is this?
  • Audrey: HAHA. Funny. Not,
  • Unknown: DEAD SERIOUS.
  • Audrey: Who is this really?
  • Unknown: A friend of a friend.
  • Unknown: See ya later partner.
  • Unknown: Time to pay Piper. Stall 2.
  • Unknown: BTW, I HAVE THEM ALL.
  • Unknown: Afraid? Should be. Your friends'll turn on you when they learn the truth.
  • Unknown: A gif with Audrey over Jake's body.
  • Unknown: Look under your seat.
  • Unknown: Hey Killer. Isn't it fun to be screwed with? I got my eye on you.

Group conversation between Emma, Audrey and The New Killer

  • Unknown: CLICK HERE (A link to Noah in the box)
  • Unknown: Noah thought he had all the answers. Better find where he went wrong.

Message conversation between Emma and The New Killer

  • Unknown: Your friend was gutted like a pig and you couldn't save him. Maybe Noah's next to die?

Message conversation between Audrey and The New Killer

  • Unknown: What? Your friend didn't like my gift?
  • Unknown: She's good at cutting people off.
  • Unknown: But she better watch out...
  • Unknown: I cut deeper.


  • According to the 8-minute sneak peak, the Killer seems to have the skill of sneaking-up on his victims.
  • The Lakewood Slasher's mask evokes the hockey mask worn by Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers' mask, according to executive producer Jill Blotevogel. [1]
  • The Lakewood Slasher doesn't kill domestic animals, evident when he kills Nina Patterson but leaves her dog Sage alive.
  • Piper Shaw was revealed to be the first killer in Revelations, and was later shot to death.
  • The Lakewood Slasher's mask was originally stated by the producers to be made out of human flesh. This can vaguely be seen in promotional teasers. When the pilot was finished, the mask was redesigned and digitally altered in certain scenes to include a white mask, which slightly mirrors the original Ghostface mask. 
  • In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Audrey is harassed by the new killer who makes calls to her, threatening her about revealing the secret connection she had with Piper to her friends. 
  • In the second season, the Lakewood Slasher called in a total, seven different people.
  • Kieran Wilcox was revealed to be the second killer in When a Stranger Calls, and was arrested unharmed after a brief struggle.
  • The Brandon James/Lakewood Slasher killer does not appear in Season 3, as there will now be a new killer every season.
  • Unlike Ghostface, the Lakewood Slasher has used other equipment to kill his victims, including the original 1994 unknown (possible Third Killer) killer and Kieran Wilcox (Piper only killed one of her victims, Will, in a non-traditional way).
    • This would then occur later for two different Ghostface killers: Beth in Season 3, and Amber Freeman in Scream (2022), with the former from the TV series using various new methods of killings.
    • On March 18, 2022, the former showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register revealed an unused concept of Kieran's killer: “We had this kind of really cool, very affluent party girl character who was going to come in and kind of give them all a run for their money, but also was going to be the best possible friend you could have. It was kind of a Tatum character in some ways, but like Tatum strong, like liquor is strong. Like straight Scotch is strong. Tatum super-strong. And she was a contender to be the killer at the end of the story, but we never got to pitch it. We never even got to pitch it. We were like, ‘This ride is over!'
    • The directors of Scream VI as well as the script have confirmed that the Lakewood Slasher was in the subway scene along with other passengers dressed as Ghostface, making this the first something from the Tv series has been referenced in the movies. However, no known footage or photos of the Lakewood Slasher in that scene are known to exist. [2]


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