Lakewood Six

New Lakewood Five

Members of the Group:

Emma Duval
Audrey Jensen
Noah Foster
Brooke Maddox
Kieran Wilcox (Formerly) (Deceased)
Jake Fitzgerald (Deceased)

Portrayed by:

Willa Fitzgerald
Bex Taylor-Klaus
John Karna
Carlson Young
Amadeus Serafini
Tom Maden


Best Friends
Close Friends
Friendly Terms
Formerly Dated (Emma and Kieran; Formerly) (Brooke and Jake; Formerly)

Enemies (Kieran Wilcox and Everybody)


Season 1 (Origin)
Season 2 (Debut)


Lakewood Six
Lakewood Five

Group Status:


All you people who think you know everything about the Lakewood Six. You don't know us. Not really.

—- Brooke Maddox

The Lakewood Six is the name of the group of the survivors of Piper Shaw's 2015 Lakewood Murders that took place in Lakewood. The coined term was first mentioned by Noah Foster in the Season 2 premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Unofficial/Honorable Members

The Lakewood Six was about the survivors of the first murder spree that happened in Lakewood, however other individuals encountered the killer from Season 1, and survived the massacre. These include:

As another murder spree happened on early 2016, yet another set of individuals encountered the killer from Season 2 (or were in Lakewood at the time), and survived the massacre. Sadly, some of the survivors from the previous murder spree died throughout the process of the season. The new survivors include:

Official Members