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The Lakewood Murders is an event that is currently taking place in the small town of Lakewood. The murders started in 2015 when Piper Shaw, the daughter of Brandon James came to town, looking to get revenge. Her target was Emma Duval and her mother, Maggie Duval. After Piper was killed in Revelations, Emma took a three month retreat, eventually coming back to Lakewood, sometime in the new year in I Know What You Did Last Summer. After her arrival to town, a new killer who was an accomplice of Piper continues the killing game starting with the survivors of the Lakewood Six and the town residents. In When a Stranger Calls, it was revealed that Kieran Wilcox was Piper's accomplice. In Halloween, Kieran was murdered outside of his jail by another killer.

About Brandon James

The original Lakewood killer, Brandon James, began his killing spree in 1994 after a long history of being bullied. He and another woman, Daisy, later found out to be Emma's mom, Maggie Duval, had a child, Piper Shaw.

He, supposedly, died after being shot on the dock after Maggie and the cops had a plan to get him arrested. Instead he was shot in the back and fell into the water.

In Season 2 it is revealed Brandon James may be alive and back in Lakewood.

About Piper Shaw

Initially claiming to be a visiting pod-castor investigating the new Lakewood murders, it is revealed that Piper is the daughter of the original killer, Brandon James and his best friend Maggie Duval. After Brandon's death by police, Maggie's parents made her give up the baby for adoption, with Maggie never even knowing if the baby was a boy or a girl.

This drove Piper mad, as she believed her younger half-sister Emma had "the perfect life", while she never got to know her parents. Ultimately, upon finding out who her parents were, Piper decided to plan a "reboot" killing spree, targeting Emma's friends in order to make her suffer.

Piper carefully orchestrated everything, so that she and Emma could have a final showdown where she kidnapped her mother, Maggie. She gleefully revealed her true self to Emma when she arrived, taking in pleasure from Emma's shock and horror that someone she considered a friend was the killer. After revealing her plan, Piper managed to severely wound Emma and her mother. As she prepared to finish Emma off, she was shot in the back and fell into the water by Audrey, her accomplice who just betrayed her. She emerged a few seconds later and was shot in the head by Emma. Her corpse fell into the same lake that her father did. Later, her corpse was shortly recovered by her second accomplice from the lake and left in a freezer to slow down the decomposition. In The Orphanage, her body was taken to the orphanage that she was raised in, and was presented as a display in order to shock Emma and Audrey.

About Audrey Jensen

In Revelations, Audrey was seemingly revealed to be an accomplice of Piper Shaw. It was rumored that she might have been involved in the stabbing of Jake Fitzgerald in In The Trenches. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, the new killer who is another accomplice of Piper, tells Audrey that he (or she) knows what she did last summer, sending her threatening text messages.

In Jeepers Creepers, Audrey's full involvement is revealed: It turns out she did not play a part in the murders and only brought Piper to Lakewood. She needed her help in making a documentary for Brandon James and did not know she was the killer. When she realized it really was her, Audrey was filled with guilt about bringing her to Lakewood which caused her to hide this from everyone. This confirms she did not help Piper attack or murder anybody. In The Orphanage, her secret was exposed to the Lakewood Six from Noah's podcast. Emma, as well as Brooke and Kieran were furious at her for this and had strained friendships. They have since repaired their relationships after finding out the whole story.

About Kieran Wilcox

In When a Stranger Calls, Piper's accomplice is revealed to be Kieran Wilcox. Before the events of Pilot, his father, Clark Hudson, left him in Atlanta in order to support his addiction to pain pills. During his time in Atlanta, Kieran began stalking a girl and framed his cousin Eli for it. Kieran lived with his stepfather and mother in Atlanta until they died in a car accident, which was indirectly (or directly) caused by him. At some point, Kieran met Piper Shaw and formed a romantic bond with her through their shared hatred for the parents who abandoned them. Piper convinced Kieran to embrace his psychopathic urges and help her commit a series of murders in order to make Kieran's father, the Lakewood Sheriff and Piper's mother Maggie, the medical examiner feel helpless in stopping their rampage. Kieran moved to Lakewood after his mother and stepfather's deaths. In Lakewood, Kieran began getting close to Emma Duval, Piper's half-sister in order to gain her trust under the presence of having romantic feelings for her. After killing several people, Piper attempted to kill Emma and Maggie, only to be shot in the chest by Audrey Jensen, the person responsible for bringing Piper to Lakewood and then shot in the head by Emma. Her corpse was retrieved by Kieran and stored in The Orphanage were she was raised. Enraged by her death, Kieran was motivated to start another killing spree, now targeting not only Emma, but Audrey as well.

After having killed numerous people, including Jake Fitzgerald and Mayor Maddox, Kieran unintentionally revealed himself as the killer to Emma, by saying that "she would feel safe again", Emma had been previously called by the killer, who said "you will never feel safe again". Exposed, Kieran then shoots Eli dead when he attempted to protect Emma and Audrey from him. Despite his efforts, Kieran was subdued by Audrey and Emma, who spared him from death and let him be arrested by the police instead. Shortly after his arrest, Kieran gets a phone call from someone claiming to be the original killer, and is visibly shocked by this.

In Halloween, after Kieran's trial sentences him to 10 consecutive life terms, one for each of his murder victims, he is visited by another killer, who kills his guard and confronts him in his cell. Kieran asks him who he is; the killer responds by slitting his throat in a swift move with the hunting knife. Kieran falls and tries to crawl towards the officer's gun, but the killer pins him down and stabs him in the back of the neck, killing him.

About The 3rd Killer

The 3rd Killer is the main antagonist in the special episodes in Season 2 of Scream. In addition, he/she would have been the primary antagonist in Season 3, before the reboot happened. His/her identity and motive was never revealed.



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