Lakewood General1
Location Information

Emma Duval
Maggie Duval
Kevin Duval
Clark Hudson (Formerly; Deceased)
Deputy Dwayne
Cassie James
Brandon James (Formerly; Unknown)
Miguel Acosta
Gustavo Acosta
Zoë Vaughn (Formerly; Deceased)
Deputy Stevens (Formerly; Deceased)
Brooke Maddox
Kieran Wilcox (Formerly; Deceased)
Eli Hudson (Formerly; Deceased)
Tina Hudson
Haley Meyers (Formerly; Deceased)
Tyler O'Neill (Formerly; Deceased)
Kristen Lang
Eddie Hayes (Formerly; Deceased)
Will Belmont (Formerly; Deceased)
Howard Jensen
Audrey Jensen
Riley Marra (Formerly; Deceased)
Noah Foster
Rachel Murray (Formerly; Deceased)
Quinn Maddox (Formerly; Deceased)
Seth Branson (Formerly; Deceased)
Jake Fitzgerald (Formerly; Deceased)
Nina Patterson (Formerly; Deceased)
Lorraine Brock (Formerly)
Tracy Patterson
Deputy Mike Newsome
Deputy Haverland
Ava Miller
Clifton Roberts (Formerly; Deceased)
Grayson Pfeiffer (Formerly; Deceased)
Dara Alden (Formerly; Deceased)
Brett Keener (Formerly; Deceased)
Trent Price (Formerly; Deceased)
Mike Vinson (Formerly; Deceased)
Laura Cossey (Formerly; Deceased)




New Orleans

Lakewood is a fictional town in the television series Scream. It is the known residence of Emma DuvalKieran Wilcox, Brooke Maddox, Noah Foster and Audrey Jensen.


Places in Lakewood

In the television adaptation of Scream, we see that it is home to George Washington High School, which the group attends. Also, prominent places in Lakewood include the games store called Nightmare Level, the Lakewood Police Department, an abandoned hospital named Lakewood General, the infamous Zenith Theater, Crescent Palms Motel, Wren Lake and a coffee shop called the Grindhouse Cafe.


  • Although Brandon James was a resident of Lakewood, his daughter, Piper Shaw was not. Initially, she decided to come to the town under the guise of research for Audrey's documentary. This was revealed by Audrey Jensen in her conversation to Noah in Jeepers Creepers. Whilst, she committed the killings in the 2015 Lakewood Murders, she temporarily resided at Crescent Palms Motel.
  • It was originally speculated that Lakewood is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, many cars are shown to have Colorado state license plates.